Composite Materials, 6th Japan/US Conference  book cover
1st Edition

Composite Materials, 6th Japan/US Conference

ISBN 9781566760218
Published January 15, 1993 by CRC Press
888 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains technical papers, presented at the Sixth Japan-U.S. Conference on Composite Materials held in Orlando in 1982, on various topics, including stress analysis, interfaces and material systems, micromechanics, structural analysis, design and optimization, and strength analysis.

Table of Contents

1. Advances in Structural Mechanics of Rubber Composites 2. The Effect of Bending-Twisting Coupling on the Critical Speed of a Oriveshaft 3. Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Structures Based on Modern Continuum Mixture Theory 4. Comparison of Two-Dimensional Continuum and Layered Beam Finite Element Models of a Composite Notched Tensile Bar 5. Modeling and Analysis of Torsion in Shafts Made of Composite Materials 6. Combined Shear- and End-Loaded Compression Strength Testing of Advanced Composite Materials 7. The Dependence of Composite Lamina Compression Strength on Matrix Modulus 8. On the Behavior of Thick-Walled Composite Rings Subjected to External Hydrostatic Compressive Loading 9. Biaxial Compression Testing of G-1O Woven Fabric Composite Laminates 10. Damping Properties of Plastic for Composites 11. Evaluation of Impact Damage in Composites by Wave Propagation Analysis 12. Geometrically Nonlinear Cylindrical Bending of Laminates 13. Stress Analysis for Twisted Cord and Rubber of FRR 14. Finite Element Analysis of Rayleigh/Lamb-Type Channel Waves in Sandwich Plates 15. Singular Stress Distribution of Fiber Reinforced Elastomer Strip under Axial Tension 16. Stress Analysis of Transverse Cracking in Cross-Ply Composite Laminates 17. Reaction Processing: Route for Controlling Composite lnterlacial Behavior 18. Interfacial Fracture Toughness of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites under Mixed Mode Loading 19. Effect of Annealing the Polymer on the Adhesion between Carbon Fibers and a Thermoplastic Matrix 20. A Homogenization Theory for Fiber Composites with Imperfect Interface at Elevated Temperatures 21. Impact Monitoring in Smart Composite Structures Using Piezoelectric Sensors 22. Molecular Design of Processable High Tg Thermoplastic Matrix 23. Peculiar Chemical Reactions of NCO-Modified and Epoxy Acrylate Resin System with Fiber Surface Treatment Agents within CFIGF Hybrid Laminates and Their Mechanical Properties 24. The Role of Partial Miscibility on the Properties of Blends of Polyetherimide and Two Liquid Crystalline Polymers 25. Toughened Bismaleimides and Their Carbon Fiber Composites for Fiber-Matrix Interphase Studies 26. Fracture and Sliding in the Fiber-Matrix Interface in Ceramic Composites 27. Transverse Cracking in a Fiber Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composite 28. Status of R&D Project on High-Performance Materials for Severe Environments 29. Development of Carbon-Carbon Composites for Primary Structure and Thermal Protection System of Space Vehicles 30. Tensile Strength of Chemical Vapor Deposited Silicon Carbide Fibers 31. Life Prediction and Cumulative Damage Analysis in Random Fiber Composites 32. Probabilistic Simulation of Multi-Scale Composite Behavior 33. Modeling Creep in Thermoplastic Composites 34. Micromechanical Foundations for Performance Simulations 35. Postbuckling Behavior of AS4/J1 Thermoplastic-Matrix Composite Panel in Vlscoelastic Creep Range 36. Pressureless Densification of Ceramic Matrix Composites: Analytical Model 37. Performance of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Mullite Matrix Composite 38. Thermomechanical Response of a Cross-Ply Titanium Matrix Composite Subjected to a Generic Hypersonic Flight Profile 39. Theoretical Analysis for Fiber Orientation Observed in One Visual Field 40. Investigating Near Tip Damage Mechanics and Crack Growth Behavior in a Particulate Composite Material 41. Fatigue Properties of Carbon/PEEK [ 1± 30] Tubes under Multiaxial Cyclic Loading 42. Effects of Layer Waviness on the Compression Fatigue Behavior of Thermoplastic Composite Laminates 43. Evaluation of Time-Dependent Thermal Deformation of Epoxy Resin and CFRP Laminated Composites 44. Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Cf/NiA1 and SiCw/NiA1 Composites 45. Preparation of SIC Whisker Reinforced Al Alloy Composites by Compocasting Process 46. The Concept and Fabrication of Secondarily Formable Continuous Fiber Reinforced Metals 47. Influence of the Thermally Induced Plasticity and Residual Stresses on the Deformation of SiC/Al Composites 48. A Plasticity Model for the Bond between Matrix and Reinforcement 49. Fabric Nesting and Some Effects on Constitutive Behavior of Plain-Weave Cloth-Reinforced Laminates 50. On Mechanics of Periodic Matrix Cracks in Brittle Matrix Fiber Reinforced Composites 51. Application of In-Situ Scanning Acoustic Microscopy to Microfracture Characterization of Fiber Reinforced Composites 52. Microstructural Design of CIC Composite 53. Approximate Stress Analysis of a Unidirectional Composite Containing a Broken Fiber 54. Corrosion of Magnesium-Matrix Composites 55. Microstructure-Property Relations in Discontinuous SiC Aluminum Composites 56. Optimization of the Fabrication Process to Improve the In-Service Loading Capacity of Metal Matrix Composites 57. Macro Finite Element for Analysis of Textile Composites 58. Micromechanical Simulation of Elastic and Fracture Behavior of 3D Woven Composites 59. Simulation and Visualization of Stress Wave Propagation in a Composite with lnterphase Layer and a Small Defect 60. Carbon-Carbon: Bringing It to the Market Place 61. Load Transfer from a Multiply-Connected Anisotropic Plane Structure to an Edge Stringer 62. Neutral Holes in Laminated Plates 63. Stiffness Design of Symmetric Laminates with Coupling 64. Minimum Weight Foam Core Composite Sandwich Shells under Axial Compression 65. Optimizing the Bi-Axial Buckling Load of a Laminated Plate by Restacking the Laminate or Adding Plies 66. Flatwise Tension Strength of Damaged Composite Laminates 67. Ultrasonic Determination of Anisotropic Elastic Constants and Flaw Sizes in Thick Composite Laminates 68. Application of Neutron Diffraction in Measuring Residual Strains in High-Temperature Composites 69. Stabilization of Mode Ii lnterlaminar Fracture Toughness Test by Means of Coordinate Conversion Control Method 70. Dynamic Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Composite Laminates: A Review 71. Measurement of Strain Field around Microdamages in Composite Materials 72. Static and Dynamic Behavior of Adaptive Aircraft Wing Structures Modelled as Composite Thin-Walled Beams 73. Development of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (CFRE) Rod for Small External Fracture Fixation Frames 74. Repair of Damaged Composite Materials 75. On Use of Joule Effects for Curing/Joining/Patching of CFRP Composites 76. Analysis and Testing of S21SP250 Glass/Epoxy Laminates under Torsion Loading 77. Failure Criterion for Thick Multi-Fastener Graphite/Epoxy Composite Joint 78. Mechanical Characterization and High Velocity Ductility of HTPB Propellant Binder 79. Tensile Strength of Unidirectional Fiber Composites at Low Temperatures 80. Standards for Computerization of Composite Material Data 81. Constructing Material Databases for CAE Systems 82. Databases in Materials Science and Engineering: An International Approach 83. Tension-Softening Relation and Fracture Energy of Short-Fiber-Reinforced Composites 84. Fiber Strength Reduction Due to Band Weaving in Filament Wound Composites 85. Stress Wave Propagation through the Thickness of Graphite/Epoxy Laminated Plates Using PVDF Sensors 86. Compact Plain Weave Fabric Laminates

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