1st Edition

Composites Innovation Perspectives on Advancing the Industry

Edited By Probir Guha Copyright 2022
    250 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Composites Innovation: Perspectives on Advancing the Industry provides a panoramic view of innovations in the composites industry, including discussions from business leaders and the university research community on advanced applications in North America, advances in recycling of composites, the use of artificial intelligence, nanocomposites, and emerging smart composites technology. The book is arranged in five key segments including: how composites fit into our world; the basics of the technology; customer insights; pushing the boundaries with concepts from outside the world of composites and emerging composites technologies; and paths forward to find competitive and effective solutions in a timely manner.

    Key Features

    • Considers sustainability and innovation as driving forces for the growth of composites
    • Explores materials and process development, including chopped and continuous fiber systems
    • Provides a landscape of the status of intellectual property and patents
    • Discusses use of artificial intelligence to improve business systems with case studies and a new disciplined approach to ideation and innovation
    • Features chapters by an accomplished group of global business and technology leaders

    With contributing authors spanning 15 time zones to pioneer new solutions with composite materials, this book provides an excellent resource for composites business leaders, researchers and educators, and industry professionals, as well as new entrants to this vibrant community.


    Chapter 1 - Introduction to Composites by Dave Reed

    Chapter 2 - Why a Book on Re-inventing the Composites Industry? by Probir Guha

    Chapter 3 - Technological History and Current Patent Landscape by Avery Goldstein, J.D., PhD

    Chapter 4 - Establishing & maintaining and Effective Composites Development Program by Mike Siwajek, PhD

    The Technology

    Chapter 5 - Testing & Characterization of Composites by Dave Krug, PhD; Michael Asuncion, PhD

    Chapter 6 - Key Innovations Through the Years - Strengths & Gaps by Probir Guha

    Chapter 7 - Applications & Product Design - Composites and Multi-material by Gajendra Pandey, PhD; Vamshi Gudapati, PhD

    Chapter 8 - Industry-University-Research Institution Partnerships - A Case Study by Selvum B. Pillay, PhD; Haibin Ning, PhD; Kipp Carlisle, PhD

    The Market-Customer

    Chapter 9 - The Customer by Jim Plaunt

    Chapter 10 - Composite Business Development - Experiences of an Automotive Product Launch by Cedric Ball

    Chapter 11 - Composites in Automotive Through the Years by Dave Reed

    Pushing the Boundary

    Chapter 12 - Recycling of Composites by Selvum B. Pillay, PhD; Kristin N. Hardin, PhD

    Chapter 13 - Using Artificial Intelligence - A Paradigm Shift in Data Management by Prateep Guha; Prabir Aditya, PhD

    Chapter 14 - Innovation & Improvement from "Inside the Box" by Amnon Levav

    Chapter 15 - Emerging New Technology of Smart Composites - Examples and Possibilities by Selvum B. Pillay, PhD; Haibin Ning, PhD; Mehrdad N. Ghasemi Nejhad, PhD; Probir Guha; Prateep Guha

    Chapter 16 - Nanocomposites: Influence of Nanotechnology on Composites by Vamshi Gudapati, PhD; Gajendra Pandey, PhD; Mehrdad N. Ghasemi Nejhad, PhD

    The Next Level

    Chapter 17 - A Path Forward for the Composites Industry by Probir Guha


    Probir's career in innovation began more than 45 years ago after graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and completing his graduate work from the Polymer Institute, University of Detroit in the USA. As Vice President of Global Composites Innovation for Coats North America, Probir currently leads the development of Coats global strategy for fiber reinforced composites and its center of excellence focused on developing light weight solutions using textile industry process driven solutions using continuous fibers for composites. Prior to that, he served as Vice President Advanced R&D, Continental Structural Plastics, where his accomplishments included building an effective research team that led to the development and launch of the TCA® and TCA UltraLite® SMCs, the development of the first automotive composite centric Carbon Fiber Recycle system. Additional accomplishments also included coordinating developments between the US and European teams that led to a JEC Innovation Award for the Development of a Lightweight Automotive Hybrid Decklid.

    Immediately before joining Coats he worked at Continental Structural Plastics, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of composites materials, where he was Vice President, Advanced R&D. Prior to that he worked at ThyssenKrupp Budd for 35 years where his work led to many innovations that helped the company establish itself as an international leader in automotive composites.  

    He was also the recipient of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) 2019 Pioneer Award, which celebrated his achievements in composite developments for the automotive market. Some of his achievements included being awarded over 150 patents issued, with many patents pending globally, in addition to being recognized as for being a leader in composites innovations over his career.

    Between 1998 and 2006, Probir served as the Technology Committee Chairman for the Automotive Composites Alliance (ACA) in Detroit.

    Probir is based in the US and currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with his wife Sri and is the proud father of two sons.