1st Edition

Composites in Biomedical Applications

Edited By S. M. Sapuan, Y. Nukman, N.A. Abu Osman, R.A. Ilyas Copyright 2020
    318 Pages 150 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Composites in Biomedical Applications presents a comprehensive overview on recent developments in composites and their use in biomedical applications. It features cutting-edge developments to encourage further advances in the field of composite research.

    • Highlights a completely new research theme in polymer-based composite materials
    • Outlines a broad range of different research fields, including polymer and natural fiber reinforcement used in the development of composites for biomedical applications
    • Discusses advanced techniques for the development of composites and biopolymer-based composites
    • Covers fatigue behavior, conceptual design in ergonomics design application, tissue regeneration or replacement, and skeletal bone repair of polymer composites
    • Details the latest developments in synthesis, preparation, characterization, material evaluation, and future challenges of composite applications in the biomedical field

    This book is a comprehensive resource for advanced students and scientists pursuing research in the broad fields of composite materials, polymers, organic or inorganic hybrid materials, and nano-assembly.


    Chapter 1 The Hip Joint and Total Hip Replacement

    Chapter 2 A Review of Biocomposites in Biomedical Application

    Chapter 3 Biocomposites in Advanced Biomedical and Electronic Systems Applications

    Chapter 4 Resin-Based Composites in Dentistry—A Review

    Chapter 5 Classifications and Applications of Biocomposite Materials in Various Biomedical Fields

    Chapter 6 Conceptual Design of Composite Crutches

    Chapter 7 Conceptual Design of Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Chair with Input from Anthropometric Data

    Chapter 8 A Review on Nanocellulose Composites in Biomedical Application

    Chapter 9 Medical Rubber Glove Waste As Potential Filler Materials in Polymer Composites

    Chapter 10 Fabrication and Properties of Polylactic Acid/Hydroxyapatite Biocomposites for Human Bone Substitute Materials

    Chapter 11 Hydrogel-Based Composites in Perfusion Cell Culture/Test Device

    Chapter 12 Nanocomposites for Human Body Tissue Repair

    Chapter 13 Advances in Marine Skeletal Nanocomposites for Bone Repair

    Chapter 14 Magnesium Metal Matrix Composites for Biomedical Applications



    S. M. Sapuan, Y. Nukman, N.A. Abu Osman, R.A. Ilyas