1st Edition

Compound Semiconductor Photonics Materials, Devices and Integration

Edited By Chua Soo-Jin, Aaron Danner, Teng Jinghua Copyright 2010
    229 Pages
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This proceeding is a collection of selected papers presented at Symposium O of Compound Semiconductor Photonics in the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT), which was held in Singapore from 28 June to 3 July 2009. The symposium covers a wide range of topics from fundamental semiconductor materials study to photonic device fabrication and application. The papers collected are of recent progress in the active and wide range of semiconductor photonics research. They include materials-related papers on III-As/P, III-nitride, quantum dot/wire/dash growth, ZnO, and chalcogenide, and devices-related papers on photonic crystals, VCSEL, quantum dot/dash lasers, LEDs, waveguides, solar cells and heterogeneous integration.

    Investigation of White LED Performance with Multi-Layer Phosphors
    Yiting Zhu and Nadarajah Narendran
    Huge Gain for Transmission Spectra in I D Photonic Crystal with
    Complex Dielectric

    Gao Ying-Jun, Chen Hai-Bo, Lu Qiang-Hua and Huang Chang-Gao
    Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods Array by Hydrothermal Method for
    Enhancement of Light Extraction from GaN Blue LEDs

    Chew Beng Soh, Hong Quang Le, Norman Soo Seng Ang, Soo Jin Chua,
    Mona Suryana, Rayson Jen Ngee Tan and Jinghua Teng
    Complexities in the Interpretation of the Optical Measurements on
    In.Ga1 .• N/GaN Quantum Wells of High Indium Content

    Sanjib Kabi, Tapas Das and Dipankar Biswas
    Striking Information from the Photoluminescence of Annealed and
    Non Annealed III-V Nanostructures

    Sanjib Kabi, Siddhanha Panda, Subindu Kumar and Dipankar Biswas
    Effects of Interdiffusion on the Band Profiles of InGaAs/ InP
    Quantum Wells
    Tapas Das and Dipankar Biswas
    New Functions of VCSEL-Related Photonic Devices
    Fumio Koyama
    Solitons Emission from a Semiconductor Circular Ring Resonator
    Wei Chun Su and Ming Chang Shih
    Temperature Dependence of Intrinsic Dynamics of Quantum-Dash Lasers
    C. Chen, Y. Wang, H. S. Djie, B. S. Ooi and J. C. M. Hwang
    MOCVD Growth of GaN on Patterned Sapphire Substrates
    Wei Liu, Chew Beng Soh and Soo Jin Chua
    Analysis of Novel Phenomenon in Reverse Leakage Current of GaN

    Wei Liu, Jiaxiu Ye and Soo Jin Chua
    Room Temperature Cathodoluminescence of Aluminum Nitride
    Y. Y. Hui, S. P. IAu and X. H. Ji
    The Deposition of ZnO Thin Film on Poly (Propylene Carbonate) (PPC)
    Substrate by De-Sputtering

    N. N. Jandow and K. Ibrahim
    Structural and Optical Properties of Well-Aligned ZnO Nanowires
    Grown on Buffer Layer for Photonic Applications

    Wei Li Ong, Andrew See Weng Wong and Ghim Wei Ho
    Compact Silicon Electro-optic Modulator Based on a Cross Waveguide

    Maoqing X in, Aaron J. Danner, Ching Eng Png and Soon Thor Lim
    Photonic Crystal Polarizer Element on InP/ Air Membranes for Optical
    MEMS Applications

    Thomas Kusserow, Matthias Wulf. Ricardo Zamora,
    Balasubramanian Vengatesan. Bernd Witzigmann and
    Hartmut Hillmer
    Progress in Quantum Dash Semiconductor Broadband Emitters
    C. L Tan, C. E. Dimas, C. Chen, H. S. Djie, J. C. M. Hwang and B. S. Ooi
    Inductively-Coupled Argon Plasma-Enhanced Quantum Well/Dot
    Intermixing: A Promising Post-growth Processing Technique for
    Photonic Integration

    T. Mei, Y. C. Li, Q. J. Zhao and C. D. Xu
    Ab Initio
    Calculation of Lattice Relaxation around Ga in CdTe:
    Evidence of the DX and A Centers
    V. Koteski, H. E. Mahnke, J. Belolevic-Cavor and P. Fochuk
    Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth of Dilute InAsN Layers from Bi Solvents
    M. De La Mare, T. D. Das, S. Dhar and A. Krier
    Growth and Characterisation of lnAsN Dilute Nitride Semiconductor
    Alloys for the Mid-Infrared Spectral Range

    M. De La. Mare, Q. Zhuang, A. Krier, A. Patane and S. Dhar
    Analysis of AI Incorporation in GaSB Grown By MOCVD
    Ari H. Rame/an, Harjana. P. Arifin and Ewa M. Goldys
    Metamorphic InGaAs Materials and Telecom Lasers
    S. M. Wang, Y. X. Song, I. Tangring, Z H. IAi, M. Sadeghi and
    A. lArsson
    Carrier and Thermal Induced Index Variations in InP Waveguide Diodes
    D. Decoster, M. Zegaoui, N. Saadsaoud, E. Dogheche and J. Chazelas
    A Si-Based AUAlN/Si MIS Device and Its Photo Responsivity
    Ming Chang Shih, Sheng Tsung Chen and Wei Chun Su
    Quantum Confinement and Morphology of Nano ZnO at Various
    Preparatory Conditions

    Rita John, S. Sasi Florence, V. Blessy Suganthi and R. Rajaku11Uiri
    Novel Photonic Crystals Based Nanocavity Resonators
    Fu-I.i Hsiao and Chengkuo Lee
    Integrated Waveguide Photodetector for DWDM Fiber-optic

    G. Ding, C. Chen, B. S. Ooi, J. C. M. Hwang, G. Xu and S.-T. Ho
    Two-Dimensional Magneto-Electronic Transport in CdSe Single
    Quantum Wells
    P. K. Ghosh, Anup Dey, Amir Nath and Rajdeep Ray
    Electron Transport in Highly Ordered Anatase Nanotube Arrays for
    Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

    l.i Kangle, Xie Zhibin and Stefan Adams
    Controllable Nanoparticle Size, Optical Properties and Growth
    Mechanism of ZnS Synthesized by Sonochemical Method

    Raghvendra S. Yadav, Shiv K. Pandey, Rupali Mishra and
    Avinash C. Pandey
    Optical Properties of Methylene Blue Encapsulated in Nano Matrix
    Umesh Gupta, D. Mohan, S. K. Ghoshal, Vandana Nasa, Sunita Sharma
    Study of Third Order Nonlinear Properties of Rhodamine6G Doped in
    Silica Matrices
    Sunita Sharma, Devendra Mohan and S. K. Ghoshal
    Synthesis of ZnS (II-VI) Nanostructures for Gas Sensors and Effect of
    Growth Conditions

    M. Hafeez. U. Manzoor and A. S. Bhatti
    Recent Development of Nanophotonic Integrated Devices and Materials
    Y. Sugimoto, N. Ikeda, D. Tsuya, H. Oda, K. Inoue, A. Miura,
    D. Inoue, T. Nomura, H. Fujikawa, K. Sato, N. Ozaki, S. Ohkouchi,
    Y. Watanabe, Y. Koide and K. Asakawa
    Study of Strain Effects in Multi-Quantum Well Structures of
    AlGalnP-Based Light Emitting Diodes
    Hwa-Sub Oh, Jee-Hue Joo, Jin-Hong Lee, Joon-Seop Kwak and
    Jong-Hyeob Baek
    A Si-doped GaAs/AIGaAs Solar Cell on (311) A GaAs Substrate
    Ong-Arj Tangmettajitakul, Supachok Thainoi, Somsak Panyakeow
    and Somchai Rathanathamapan
    InGaAs Ring-shaped Nanostructures Grown by Droplet Epitaxy
    Narapom Pankaow, Somsak Panyakeow and
    Somchai Ratanathammaphan
    Mesoporous Ti02 Film for Solar Cell Application
    Shweta Agarwala, Ho Ghim Wei and G. K. Dalapati
    Effect of Substrate Temperature on Ino. 1sGao.85As/GaAs (001) Nanohole
    Templates Grown by Droplet Molecular Beam Epitaxy
    P. Boonpeng, S. Panyakeow and S. Ratanathammaphan
    Dependency of In Thickness on the Properties of Self-Assembled InP
    Ring-Shaped Nanostructures Grown by Droplet Molecular Beam Epitaxy

    W. Jewasuwan, S. Panyakeow and S. Ratanathammaphan
    Properties of Dilute InPN Alloys Grown by Liquid Phase Epitaxy
    Tushar Dhabal Das, Sunanda Dhar and Brij Mohan Arora
    Determinants of Bandgap Energies in Semiconductor Nanoalloys
    C. C
    . Yang and S. Li
    Fabrication of Iron Silicide Photonic Crystals and Properties of Light

    Yoshihito Maeda and Yoshikazu Terai
    Multilayered Structures of Doped and Undoped ZnO
    Saraswathi Chirakkara and S. B. Krupanidhi
    Effect of Thickness of GaP Ultra-thin Insertion Layer on the Structural
    and Optical Properties of InP Quantum Dots

    Soe Soe Han, Somsak Panyakeow, Somchai Rathanathamapan
    Determination of Electron Trap Density in Dilute Nitride GaNAs and
    InGaNAs Semiconductors
    H. Eshghi and M. Ameri
    Fabrication and Properties of Non-Stoichiometric Nickel Oxide Films by
    Radio Frequency Sputtering

    S. C. Chen, T. Y. Kuo, W H. Hong, Y. R. Lin and P. C. Kuo
    Nanoheteroepitaxy of GaN on Nanoporous Sapphire Substrate
    K. Y. Zhang, Y. D. Wang and S. J. Chua
    Role of Hydrogen in Optical Properties of CdTe/Mn Bilayer Thin Films
    of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor

    S. P. Nehra, M. K. Jangid, M. Singh and Y. K. Vijay
    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Analysis of Plasma-Treated n-GaN
    Surfaces in Relation to Ohmic Contact Formation
    L K. Li, L S. Tan and E. F. Chor
    Application of Fourier Transform-based K · P Method to Semiconductor

    Q. J. Zhao, X. G. Tu and T. Mei
    Nonlinear Properties and Optical Limiting Performance of 20 I
    Sulforhodarnine-B Doped Silica and Polymeric Matrices
    Sunita Sharma, Devendra Mohan, S. K. Ghoshal and Umesh Gupta
    White Light Emitting from Ba3MgSi2 •• Al.08: yEu2
    •, zMn2+ Phosphor

    Changyu Shen, Yi Yang and Shangzhong Jin
    Quantum Dot Laser Diodes with Native Oxide Injection Current
    Confinement: Static and Dynamic Properties

    H. X. Zhao, R. Wang, Q. Cao, C. Y. Liu, C. Z Tong, S. M. L Nai,
    J. Wei and S. F. Yoon

    Transmission Electron Microscope Study of Interdiffused InAsllnAIGaAs
    Quantum-dash-in-well Structure

    V. Hongpinyo, S. Nakahara, J. C. M. Hwang and B. S. Ooi
    Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals at Different Annealing Time
    Sanjeev K. Gupta, Rucha Desai and Prafulla K. Jha
    Ultra-compact Multimode Interference Optical Power Splitter Using
    Submicron Waveguide

    R. Yin. J. H. Teng. C. C. Chum, S. S. Ang. M. Zegaoui, D. Decoster
    and E. Dogheche
    A Raman Study of Er20 3-Doping Effects on the Structure of
    [(80x)Te02+xPbCix+IOMo0+10Zr20 3], with 0 S x S 15 mol% Glasses

    I. Shaltouti, S. Salem, Y. Badr, E. E. Sshaisha and A. A. Bag hat


    Chua Soo-Jin (Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), Singapore) (Edited by) , Aaron Danner (National University of Singapore) (Edited by) , Teng Jinghua (Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), Singapore) (Edited by)