1st Edition

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours A Psycho-Sexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians

By Silva Neves Copyright 2020
    200 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    200 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Compulsive Sexual Behaviours offers a unique approach to the struggles people face with their out-of-control sexual behaviours.

    This comprehensive guide is deeply rooted in the science of sexology and psychotherapy, demonstrating why it is time to re-think the reductive concept of ‘sex addiction’ and move towards a more modern age of evidence-based, pluralistic and sex-positive psychotherapy. It is an important manual for ethical, safe and efficient treatment within a humanistic and relational philosophy.

    This book will be an important guide in helping clients stop their compulsive sexual behaviours as well as for therapists to self-reflect on their own morals and ethics so that they can be prepared to explore their clients’ erotic mind.

    Introduction; Part 1: Understanding compulsive sexual behaviours; 1: A pluralistic perspective beyond the addiction thinking; 2: The diagnosis of compulsive sexual behaviour disorder; 3: The Science of Sexology; 4: Compulsive watching of pornography and masturbating; 5: Being ethical. First Do No Harm; Part 2: The pluralistic and sex-positive approach: Assessment of the diverse population; 6: Assessments; 7: The RAW Assessment; 8: Client stories: Assessment and formulation; Part 3: Pluralistic Treatment for Compulsive Sexual Behaviours; 9: The Three Phase Treatment Approach; 10: Phase 1: Emotional Regulation. Impulse control; 11: Phase 2: Reprocessing. Treating compulsivity; 12: Phase 3: Reconstruction. Meaning Making; 13: Clients stories. Treatment; 14: Working online; Part 4: Working with partners of people with CSB; 15: Assessment and Formulation; 16: Grief; 17: Trauma; 18: Clinical interventions: Phase 1; 19: Clinical interventions: Phase 2; 20: Clinical interventions: Phase 3


    Silva Neves is a COSRT accredited and UKCP registered psychotherapist , specialising in sexology, relationships and trauma. He is a course director for CICS (Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology), an international speaker and an editorial board member of the journal Sex and Relationship Therapy.

    'Silva Neves brings the understanding of compulsive sexual behaviors into the 21st century with a rigorous review of the past and latest literature and research. His argument that correct language dictates correct treatment is spot on and provides an exhaustive and comprehensive list of action steps for the initial assessment to ensure accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment. His clinical examples bring all this to life through his clients. His plea for therapists to be not only sex positive but also pleasure positive is timely in a world that is missing proper sex education. I highly recommend this book.'

    Joe Kort, PhD is a sex and relationship therapist and co-Director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.  

    'Compulsive Sexual Behaviours is a much-needed book taking a sensible, critical, and pragmatic approach to the topic of 'sex addiction'. Silva's book offers an alternative model which puts pleasure, consent, and self-understanding at the heart of the therapeutic endeavour with people who struggle with their sexual behaviour. It contains everything you need to know about the theory and research in this area, plus a helpful and practical guide for practitioners about how to work around this theme with clients. The book is friendly, accessible, and engaging throughout, drawing pluralistically on relevant therapeutic and sexological approaches, and providing nicely inclusive examples of work with clients from across gender, sex, and relationship diversity.' 

    Meg-John Barker, author of Sexuality: A Graphic Guide, Enjoy Sex, and The Psychology of Sex.

    'This pioneering textbook for therapists provides a wonderfully creative set of tools and techniques for how to work with people who feel their sexual behaviour is compulsive or out of control. This is a timely book. Just as the World Health Organisation has decided to include, for research purposes, a new diagnostic category to try to help clinicians assist patients who are concerned with their sexual behaviours. I am delighted to recommend the first European textbook to tackle Compulsive Sexual Behaviour (CSB) from a sex-positive perspective. Informed as it is, by the latest sexual science into the neurobiology of sex, Neves also delivers a powerful critique of the sex addiction movement in the UK and beyond. However, he offers us much more than this. He packs this book with tools, theories and metaphors for understanding and working with CSB. It will become an invaluable treatment manual for sexologists to help them help their patients decode their erotic templates and work towards a holistic model of biopsychosocial sexual health.'

    Dominic Davies, Fellow National Council of Psychotherapists, Founder of Pink Therapy

    "Silva Neves takes a modern perspective on the treatment of compulsive sexual behaviours that moves away from the traditional single framework ‘sex addiction’ model to a more pluralistic approach. He deals respectfully with the difference of opinion between professionals working within the field and clearly articulates for the reader the distinctions between addiction and compulsivity, as well as the clinical issues with applying the addiction model to treatment. At all times the welfare of his client is central to his thinking and the chapter on Ethics challenges us all to reflect on our thinking about ethics, sex and sexual behaviour. There is good coverage of assessment, formulation and treatment with excellent case studies to illustrate the process. Interventions are drawn from the field of sexology and utilise variety of psychotherapy modalities including a consideration of the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy and the dangers the clinician faces in accidental conversion therapy. What shines through this book is Silva’s passion for his subject and his compassion for his clients. It is an excellent, clearly written book that is essential reading for experienced clinicians as well as those in training."

    Jo Coker. COSRT Professional Standards Manager and Chair of the Professional Standards Board. HCPC Counselling Psychologist and a COSRT senior accredited psychosexual therapist, accredited clinical supervisor and accredited mediator. Fellow of COSRT. 


    "After years of study and clinical practice with the presenting issue of unwanted sexual behaviours, Silva Neves is clear that the sex addiction approach is inadequate. In this much needed book he refocuses the therapist to explore the client’s erotic template and the drivers behind their compulsivity, rather than on behavioural prevention. He offers a trauma informed, three phase treatment approach to the resolution of compulsivity, that honours the unique sexuality and sexual expression of the client. This book is a generous sharing of Silva’s experience with the evident intention to help its reader to provide a sexology informed, non-shaming service to clients presenting with the  complex experience of sexual compulsivity. It is research based, contemporary, inclusive and pluralistic. It is a must read for all professionals working with the themes of sex, relationships, addiction and compulsion."

    Julie Sale. Director of The Institute of Clinical Sexology. COSRT Senior Accredited Sex and Relationship Therapist and Supervisor. UKCP Registered and Accredited Psychotherapist