2nd Edition

Computational Heat Transfer

By Yogesh Jaluria Copyright 2003

    This new edition updated the material by expanding coverage of certain topics, adding new examples and problems, removing outdated material, and adding a computer disk, which will be included with each book. Professor Jaluria and Torrance have structured a text addressing both finite difference and finite element methods, comparing a number of applicable methods.

    Part 1:Mathematical Background
    2. Governing Equations
    3. Finite Differences
    4.Finite Elements
    Part 2: Simulation of Transport Processes
    5.Numerical Methods for Conduction Heat Transfer
    6. Numerical Methods for Convection Heat Trasnfer
    7.Numerical Methods for Radiation Heat Transfer
    Part 3: Combined Modes and Process Applications


    Professor Jaluria has been teaching at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 1980. He is currently the Boards of Governors Professor at Rutgers.
    After receiving his doctoral degree, Kenneth Torrance held a joint appointment with the Fire Research Section of the National Bureau of Standards and the Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation, in Norwood Massachusetts.

    The second edition updates information and terminology to reflect changes over the past 15 years. SciTech Book News, March 2003 Book News, Inc..
    'The second edition of Computational Heat Transfer is, as the authors state, an updated and extended version of the first edition...The character of the book remains a survey of numerical methods, primarily finite differences and finite element, for solution of heat transfer problems... The emphasis is on conduction and convection, although radiation is treated in its own chapter and there are interesting case studies of multinode processes, some of importance in manufacturing. The presentations are good, and the references from the literature are well selected to direct independent readings for those who wish to delve deeper.' Louis C. Burmeister, University of Kansas, AIAA Journal, Vol. 41,No , June 2003.