1st Edition

Computational Inverse Techniques in Nondestructive Evaluation

By G.R. Liu, X. Han Copyright 2003

    Ill-posedness. Regularization. Stability. Uniqueness. To many engineers, the language of inverse analysis projects a mysterious and frightening image, an image made even more intimidating by the highly mathematical nature of most texts on the subject. But the truth is that given a sound experimental strategy, most inverse engineering problems can b

    Introduction. Fundamentals of Inverse Problems. Computational Optimization Techniques. Neural Networks. Inverse Identification of Impact Loads on the Surface of Beams. Inverse Identification of Impact Loads on the Surface of Composite Laminates. Inverse Determination of Material Constants of Composites. Inverse Determination of Material Property Variation in Functionally Graded. Inverse Determination of Cracks in Beams Using Flexural Waves. Inverse Characterization of Cracks in Composite laminates. Inverse Detection of Flaws in Sandwich Plates. Total Solution for Engineering Systems: Future Direction. Application to Electronic system, MEMS, Interatomic Potential and Protein Structure Prediction. Index.


    G.R. Liu, X. Han