1st Edition

Computational Methods in Surface and Colloid Science

Edited By Malgorzata Borowko Copyright 2000
    984 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This volume presents computer simulation methods and mathematical modelling of physical processes used in surface science research. It offers in-depth analysis of advanced theoretical approaches to behaviours of fluids in contact with porous, semiporous and nonporous solid surfaces. The book also explores interfacial systems for a wide variety of phenomena, including: absorption, flotation, osmosis, and colloidal stability.

    Quantum effects in adsorption at surfaces; modern theories of classical fluids; non-uniform associating fluids; water at surface; computer simulations and theory of adsorption on energetically and geometrically heterogeneous surfaces; adsorption in random porous media; structure and phase behaviour of confined soft condensed matter; computer simulations of polymers; conformational and dynamic properties of polymer chains, adsorbed on hard surfaces; systems involving surfactants; ordering in microemulsions; simulations of systems with colloidal particles; fluids in contact with semi-permeable membranes; electrical double-layer - theory and simulations; surface chemical reactions; crystal growth processes; models of particle deposition on solid surfaces; theoretical approaches to the kinetics of adsorption, desorption and reactions at surfaces.


    Malgorzata Borowko

    "Prof. Borowko has compiled a volume focusing on computational methods applied to surface and colloid science....We have to praise her ability to put together such a large amount of high-quality articles, which begin with a discussion of the fundamentals ideas, followed by a digestible, though complete mathematical description of the models, and end with simple to more advanced applications. This book is a must for any practitioner in surface science....The way the articles are written allows the interested and casual reader to be immediately updated on cutting-edge research in the exciting field of surface and colloid science."
    ---Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2000