1st Edition

Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images III Fundamentals, Methods and Applications

    Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications III contains all contributions presented at the International Symposium CompIMAGE 2012 - Computational Modelling of Object Presented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications (Rome, Italy, 5-7 September 2012). The contributions cover the state-of-art and new trends in the fields of:

    - 3D Vision;
    - Biometric Recognition;
    - Computational Bioimaging and Visualization;
    - Computer Vision in Robotics and Automation;
    - Data Acquisition, Interpolation, Registration and Compression;
    - Image Enhancement and Restoring;
    - Image Processing and Analysis;
    - Image Segmentation;
    - Medical Imaging;
    - Modeling and Simulation;
    - Motion and Deformation Analysis;
    - Remote Sensing;
    - Scientific Visualization

    Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications III addresses different techniques, such as optimization methods, geometry, finite element method, principal component analysis, stochastic methods, neural networks and fuzzy logic. The book is useful to researchers and students with multidisciplinary interests related to Computational Vision, Computational Mechanics, Medicine, Engineering and Architecture.

    Invited lectures
    Thematic sessions
    Scientific committee

    3D modelling to support dental surgery
    D. Avola, A. Petracca & G. Placidi

    Detection system from the driver’s hands based on Address Event Representation (AER)
    A. Ríos, C. Conde, I. Martin de Diego & E. Cabello

    Quantitative analysis on PCA-based statistical 3D face shape modeling
    A.Y.A. Maghari, I. Yi Liao & B. Belaton

    Ordinary video events detection
    H. Uddin Sharif, S. Uyaver & H. Sharif

    Sclera segmentation for gaze estimation and iris localization in unconstrained images
    M. Marcon, E. Frigerio & S. Tubaro

    Morphing billboards for accurate reproduction of shape and shading of articulated objects with an application to real-time hand tracking
    N. Petersen & D. Stricker

    Independent multimodal background subtraction
    D. Bloisi & L. Iocchi

    Perception and decision systems for autonomous UAV flight
    P. Fallavollita, S. Esposito & M. Balsi

    Flow measurement in open channels based in digital image processing to debris flow study
    C. Alberto Ospina Caicedo, L. Pencue Fierro & N. Oliveras

    Incorporating global information in active contour models
    A. Vikram, A. Yezzi

    Hexagonal parallel thinning algorithms based on sufficient conditions for topology preservation
    P. Kardos & K. Palágyi

    Evolving concepts using gene duplication
    M. Ebner

    FPGA implementation of OpenCV compatible background identification circuit
    M. Genovese & E. Napoli

    Fourier optics approach in evaluation of the diffraction and defocus aberration in three-dimensional integral imaging
    Z.E. Ashari Esfahani, Z. Kavehvash & K. Mehrany

    Intensity and affine invariant statistic-based image matching
    M. Lecca & M. Dalla Mura

    Recognition of shock-wave patterns from shock-capturing solutions
    R. Paciorri &A. Bonfiglioli

    Fast orientation invariant template matching using centre-of-gravity information
    A. Maier &A. Uhl

    Evaluation of the Menzies method potential for automatic dermoscopic image analysis
    A.R.S. Marcal, T. Mendonca, C.S.P. Silva, M.A. Pereira & J. Rozeira

    Application of UTHSCSA-Image Tool™ to estimate concrete texture
    J.S. Camacho, A.S. Felipe & M.C.F. Albuquerque

    Texture image segmentation with smooth gradients and local information
    Isabel N. Figueiredo, J.C. Moreno &V.B. Surya Prasath

    Unsupervised self-organizing texture descriptor
    M. Vanetti, I. Gallo &A. Nodari

    Automatic visual attributes extraction from web offers images
    A. Nodari, I. Gallo & M. Vanetti

    Segmenting active regions on solar EUV images
    C. Caballero & M.C. Aranda

    Automated Shape Analysis landmarks detection for medical image processing
    N. Amoroso, R. Bellotti, S. Bruno, A. Chincarini, G. Logroscino, S. Tangaro &A. Tateo

    Bayesian depth map interpolation using edge driven Markov Random Fields
    S. Colonnese, S. Rinauro & G. Scarano

    Man-made objects delineation on high-resolution satellite images
    A. Kourgli & Y. Oukil

    A hybrid approach to clouds and shadows removal in satellite images
    D. Sousa, A. Siravenha & E. Pelaes

    Wishart classification comparison between compact and quad-polarimetric SAR imagery using RADARSAT2 data
    B. Souissi, M. Ouarzeddine &A. Belhadj-Aissa

    Land cover differentiation using digital image processing of Landsat-7 ETM+ samples
    Y.T. Solano, L. Pencue Fierro &A. Figueroa

    Comparing land cover maps obtained from remote sensing for deriving urban indicators
    T. Santos & S. Freire

    Extraction of buildings in heterogeneous urban areas: Testing the value of increased spectral information ofWorldView-2 imagery
    S. Freire &T. Santos

    An energy minimization reconstruction algorithm for multivalued discrete tomography
    L. Varga, P. Balázs & A. Nagy

    Functional near-infrared frontal cortex imaging for virtual reality neuro-rehabilitation assessment
    S. Bisconti, M. Spezialetti, G. Placidi & V. Quaresima

    Mandibular nerve canal identification for preoperative planning in oral implantology
    T. Chiarelli, E. Lamma & T. Sansoni

    Biomedical image interpolation based on multi-resolution transformations
    G. Xu, J. Leng, Y. Zheng & Y. Zhang

    A spectral and radial basis function hybrid method for visualizing vascular flows
    B. Brimkov, J.-H. Jung, J. Kotary, X. Liu & J. Zheng

    Identification of models of brain glucose metabolism from 18F – Deoxyglucose PET images
    P. Lecca

    Dynamic lung modeling and tumor tracking using deformable image registration and geometric smoothing
    Y. Zhang, Y. Jing, X. Liang, G. Xu & L. Dong

    Motion and deformation estimation from medical imagery by modeling sub-structure interaction and constraints
    G. Sundaramoorthi, B.-W. Hong & A. Yezzi

    Automated and semi-automated procedures in the assessment of Coronary Arterial Disease by Computed Tomography
    M.M. Ribeiro, I. Bate, N. Gonçalves, J. O’Neill & J.C. Maurício

    Image-analysis tools in the study of morphofunctional features of neurons
    D. Simone, A. Colosimo, F. Malchiodi-Albedi, A. De Ninno, L. Businaro &A.M. Gerardino

    GPU computing for patient-specific model of pulmonary airflow
    T. Yamaguchi, Y. Imai, T. Miki &T. Ishikawa

    Bone volume measurement of human femur head specimens by modeling the histograms of micro-CT images
    F. Marinozzi, F. Zuppante, F. Bini, A. Marinozzi, R. Bedini & R. Pecci

    Stress and strain patterns in normal and osteoarthritic femur using finite element analysis
    F. Marinozzi, A. De Paolis, R. De Luca, F. Bini, R. Bedini & A. Marinozzi

    A new index of cluster validity for medical images application
    A. Boulemnadjel & F. Hachouf

    Knowledge sharing in biomedical imaging using a grid computing approach
    M. Castellano & R. Stifini

    Modeling anisotropic material property of cerebral aneurysms for fluid-structure interaction computational simulation
    H. Zhang, Y. Jiao, E. Johnson, Y. Zhang & K. Shimada

    Analysis of left ventricle echocardiographic movies by variational methods: Dedicated software for cardiac ECG and ECHO synchronizations
    M. Pedone

    A survey of echographic simulators
    A. Ourahmoune, S. Larabi & C. Hamitouche-Djabou

    Hip prostheses computational modeling: Mechanical behavior of a femoral stem associated with different constraint materials and configurations
    I. Campioni, U. Andreaus, A. Ventura & C. Giacomozzi

    Histogram based threshold segmentation of the human femur body for patient specific acquired CT scan images
    D. Almeida, J. Folgado, P.R. Fernandes & R.B. Ruben

    A hybrid sampling strategy for Sparse Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    L. Ciancarella, D. Avola, E. Marcucci & G. Placidi

    Two efficient primal-dual algorithms for MRI Rician denoising
    A. Martin, J.F. Garamendi & E. Schiavi

    Graph based MRI analysis for evaluating the prognostic relevance of longitudinal brain atrophy estimation in post-traumatic diffuse axonal injury
    E. Monti, V. Pedoia, E. Binaghi, A. De Benedictis & S. Balbi

    Hemispheric dominance evaluation by using fMRI activation weighted vector
    V. Pedoia, S. Strocchi, R. Minotto & E. Binaghi

    An automatic unsupervised fuzzy method for image segmentation
    S.G. Dellepiane, V. Carbone & S. Nardotto

    Machining process simulation
    C.H. Nascimento, A.R. Rodrigues & R.T. Coelho

    A least square estimator for spin-spin relaxation time in Magnetic Resonance imaging
    F. Baselice, G. Ferraioli & V. Pascazio

    Numerical modelling of the abdominal wall using MRI. Application to hernia surgery
    B. Hernández-Gascón, A. Mena, J. Grasa, M. Malve, E. Peña, B. Calvo, G. Pascual & J.M. Bellón

    A splitting algorithm for MR image reconstruction from sparse sampling
    Z.-Y. Cao & Y.-W.Wen

    A look inside the future perspectives of the digital cytology
    D. Giansanti, S. Morelli, S. Silvestri, G. D’Avenio, M. Grigioni, MR. Giovagnoli, M. Pochini, S. Balzano, E. Giarnieri & E. Carico

    Radial Basis Functions for the interpolation of hemodynamics flow pattern: A quantitative analysis
    R. Ponzini, M.E. Biancolini, G. Rizzo & U. Morbiducci

    A software for analysing erythrocytes images under flow
    G. D’Avenio, P. Caprari, C. Daniele, A. Tarzia & M. Grigioni

    Flow patterns in aortic circulation following Mustard procedure
    G. D’Avenio, S. Donatiello, A. Secinaro, A. Palombo, B. Marino, A. Amodeo & M. Grigioni

    A new workflow for patient specific image-based hemodynamics: Parametric study of the carotid bifurcation
    M.E. Biancolini, R. Ponzini, L. Antiga & U. Morbiducci

    Radial Basis Functions for the image analysis of deformations
    M.E. Biancolini & P. Salvini

    Movement analysis based on virtual reality and 3D depth sensing camera for
    whole body rehabilitation 367
    M. Spezialetti, D. Avola, G. Placidi & G. De Gasperis

    People detection and tracking using depth camera
    R. Silva & D. Duque

    Selected pre-processing methods to STIM-T projections
    A.C. Marques, D. Beaseley, L.C. Alves & R.C. da Silva

    Affine invariant descriptors for 3D reconstruction of small archaeological objects
    M. Saidani & F. Ghorbel

    Establishment of the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy of sandwich plates with metal foam core by using an image correlation procedure
    H. Mata, R. Natal Jorge, M.P.L. Parente, A.A. Fernandes, A.D. Santos, R.A.F. Valente & J. Xavier

    Morphological characterisation of cellular materials by image analysis
    A. Boschetto, F. Campana, V. Giordano & D. Pilone

    Computational modelling and 3D reconstruction of highly porous plastic foams’ spatial structure
    I. Beverte & A. Lagzdins

    Circularity analysis of nano-scale structures in porous silicon images
    S. Bera, B.B. Bhattacharya, S. Ghoshal & N.R. Bandyopadhyay

    Determination of geometrical properties of surfaces with grids virtually applied to digital images
    S. Galli, V. Lux, E. Marotta & P. Salvini

    On the use of a differential method to analyze the displacement field by means of digital images
    V. Lux, E. Marotta & P. Salvini

    Image processing approach in Zn-Ti-Fe kinetic phase evaluation
    V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello & D. Iacoviello

    Quantitative characterization of ferritic ductile iron damaging micromechanisms: Fatigue loadings
    V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, A. Rossi & D. Iacoviello

    Interpretative 3D digital models in architectural surveying of historical buildings
    M. Centofanti & S. Brusaporci

    Digital integrated models for the restoration and monitoring of the cultural heritage: The 3D Architectural Information System of the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Penne (Pescara, Italy)
    R. Continenza, I. Trizio & A. Rasetta

    Cosmatesque pavement of Montecassino Abbey. History through geometric analysis
    M. Cigola

    Laser scanner surveys vs low-cost surveys. A methodological comparison
    C. Bianchini, F. Borgogni, A. Ippolito, Luca J. Senatore, E. Capiato, C. Capocefalo & F. Cosentino

    From survey to representation. Operation guidelines
    C. Bianchini, F. Borgogni, A. Ippolito, Luca J. Senatore, E. Capiato, C. Capocefalo & F. Cosentino

    Images for analyzing the architectural heritage. Life drawings of the city of Venice
    E. Chiavoni

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    Paolo Di Giamberardino, Daniela Iacoviello, João Manuel R.S. Tavares (Dept. de Engenharia Mecanica), R.M. Natal Jorge