1st Edition

Computational Neuroscience A Comprehensive Approach

Edited By Jianfeng Feng, Jianfeng Feng Copyright 2003

    How does the brain work? After a century of research, we still lack a coherent view of how neurons process signals and control our activities. But as the field of computational neuroscience continues to evolve, we find that it provides a theoretical foundation and a set of technological approaches that can significantly enhance our understanding.

    Signal Channel Activity. Calcium Signalling: Biology. Calcium Signalling: Modeling. Beyond Ion Channel. Cell Physiology. Multi-Compartment Models. From Ion Channels to Single Cell. Impact of Correlated Inputs. A Novel Mechanism for Ultrafast Neuronal Communication. Working Memory. Information Processing in Somatosensory Cortex. Learning in Time Domain. Discrimination Tasks: A Biology Approach. Discrimination Tasks: A Modeling Approach. Function Role of Inhibitory Interactions. Attention. Learning and Memory. Ant Nevigation. Spatial-Temporal Patterns in Neuronal Systems.


    Jianfeng Feng