1st Edition

Computational Optical Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging

Edited By Sarhan M. Musa Copyright 2015
    476 Pages
    by CRC Press

    476 Pages 244 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Computational Optical Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging covers recent discoveries and research in the field by some of the best inventors and researchers in the world. It also presents useful computational methods and applications used in optical biomedical spectroscopy and imaging.

    Topics covered include:

    • New trends in immunohistochemical, genome, and metabolomics imaging
    • Computer-aided diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases based on CT image analysis
    • Functional near-infrared spectroscopy and its applications in neurosciences
    • Applications of vibrational spectroscopic imaging in personal care studies
    • Induced optical natural fluorescence spectroscopy for Giardia lamblia cysts
    • Nanoimaging and polarimetric exploratory data analysis
    • Fluorescence bioimaging with applications to chemistry
    • Medical imaging instrumentation and techniques

    The book also discusses future applications, directions, opportunities, and challenges of optical biomedical spectroscopy and imaging in technical industry, academia, and government. This valuable resource introduces key concepts of computational methods used in optical biomedical spectroscopy and imaging in a manner that is easily understandable to beginners and experts alike.

    Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopic Imaging in Personal Care Studies; Guojin Zhang, Roger L. McMullen, Richard Mendelsohn, and Osama M. Musa

    Fluorescence Bioimaging with Applications to Chemistry; Ufana Riaz and S.M. Ashraf

    New Trends in Immunohistochemical, Genome, and Metabolomics Imaging; G. Livanos, Aditi Deshpande, C. Narayan, Ying Na, T. Quang, T. Farrahi, R. Koglin, Suman Shrestha, M. Zervakis, and George C. Giakos

    Developing a Comprehensive Taxonomy for Human Cell Types; Richard Conroy and Vinay Pai

    Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Its Applications in Neurosciences; Fengmei Lu, Xiaohong Lin, Jing Li, and Zhen Yuan

    Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Diseases Based on Computed Tomography Image Analysis; M. Anthimopoulos, S. Christodoulidis, A. Christe, and S. Mougiakakou

    Induced Optical Natural Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Giardia lamblia Cysts; Sarhan M. Musa and Kendall T. Harris

    Strong Interaction between Nanophotonic Structures for Their Applications on Optical Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging; Y. Yi, P. Pignalosa, K. Broderick, B. Liu, and H. Chen

    Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Devices: Simulations, Design, and Applications; Mina Ray, Mahua Bera, Kaushik Brahmachari, Sharmila Ghosh, and Sukla Rajak

    Nanoimaging and Polarimetric Exploratory Data Analysis; Suman Shrestha, Aditi Deshpande, Tannaz Farrahi, Yinan Li, Stefanie Marotta, and George C. Giakos

    Medical Imaging Instrumentation and Techniques; Viroj Wiwanitkit

    Appendix A: Material and Physical Constants

    Appendix B: Photon Equations Index of Refraction, Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Wavelength of Commercially Available Lasers

    Appendix C: Symbols and Formulas


    Sarhan M. Musa, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Engineering Technology at Prairie View A&M University in Texas, USA. He is the founding director of the Prairie View A&M University AVAYA Networking Academy. As a frequent speaker on imaging and computational optical spectroscopy, he has provided consultation for multiple organizations both nationally and internationally, and has written and edited several books. Dr. Musa is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a Local Telecommunications Division (Sprint) and a Boeing Welliver Fellow.

    "... a comprehensive and state-of-the-art reference on computational optical biomedical spectroscopy and imaging. Researchers and graduate students who are actively involved in this field would benefit greatly from reading this book."
    —Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, 21st Century Data Analysis, a division of Koenig & Associates, Inc., Portland, Oregon, USA, from Optics & Photonics News, June 2015

    "… the main strengths of this book is related to the fact that it provides an interest insider viewpoints about computational methods in optical biomedical spectroscopy and imaging. It also included interesting reviews about modern approaches, methods, and techniques. Interesting perspectives are also clearly delineated. The instrumentation used for spectroscopy and imaging is also reviewed. This seems to me very interesting, too."
    —Matteo Pastorino, DITEN-University of Genoa