1st Edition

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing IV VIPIMAGE 2013

Edited By Joao Manuel R.S. Tavares, Jorge R.M. Natal Copyright 2014

    Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing. VIPIMAGE 2013 contains invited lectures and full papers presented at VIPIMAGE 2013 - IV ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing (Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, 14-16 October 2013). International contributions from 16 countries provide a comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art in the fields of: 3D Vision; Computational Bioimaging and Visualization; Computational Vision and Image Processing applied to Dental Medicine; Computational Vision; Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy, and Treatment; Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression; Image Processing and Analysis; Image Segmentation; Imaging of Biological Flows; Medical Imaging; Physics of Medical Imaging; Shape Reconstruction; Signal Processing; Simulation and Modeling; Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis; Telemedicine Systems and their Applications; Trabecular Bone Characterization; Tracking and Analysis of Movement; Virtual Reality.

    Related techniques covered in this book include the level set method, finite element method, modal analyses, stochastic methods, principal and independent components analysis and distribution models. Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing. VIPIMAGE 2013 is useful to academics, researchers and professionals in Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Vision (image processing and analysis), Computer Sciences, Computational Mechanics and Medicine.

    Invited lectures

    Machine learning meets medical imaging: Learning and discovery of clinically useful information from images
    D. Rueckert, R. Wolz & P. Aljabar

    Seeing and understanding people
    R. Bowden

    Contributed papers

    On the strain–line patterns in a real human left ventricle
    S. Gabriele, L. Teresi, V. Varano, A. Evangelista, P. Nardinocchi, P.E. Puddu & C. Torromeo

    MR-T2-weighted signal intensity: A new imaging marker of prostate cancer aggressiveness
    V. Giannini, A. Vignati, S. Mirasole, F. Russo, D. Regge, S. Mazzetti, C. Bracco & M. Stasi

    Dimensionality reduction through LDA and bag-of-features applied to image retrieval
    R.E.G. Valenzuela, H. Pedrini & W.R. Schwartz

    Prediction-assisted moving objects tracking in severe occlusions and background clutters
    M. Ahmed, Y. Ahn & J. Choi

    Scale and orientation adaptive histogram-based object tracking in video sequences
    Z. Ren, Y. Ahn & J. Choi

    Wavelet approach for studying motor strategy patterns of diabetic neuropathic individuals in gait cycle
    C.G.F. Pachi, H.A. Weiderpass, J.F. Yamamoto, I.C.N. Sacco, A. Hamamoto & A.N. Onodera

    Fully discrete, nonlocal models for image processing: Properties and applications
    E. Cuesta & A. Durán

    Image smoothing using the Perona-Malik equation with a new estimation method of the contrast parameter
    M. Borroto-Fernández, A. León-Mecías & M. González-Hidalgo

    Speckle ultrasound image filtering: Performance analysis and comparison
    R. Rosa & F.C. Monteiro

    A study of the complexity of respiratory signals during wake and sleep
    C.H. González & G.A. Sánchez

    Model-based extraction of input and organ functions in dynamic medical imaging
    O. Tichý, V. Šmídl & M. Šámal

    A study on clustering for colour image quantisation
    H. Palus & M. Frackiewicz

    Sparse and robust signal reconstruction algorithm
    S.V.B. Jardim

    An empirical study of algebraic-reconstruction techniques
    E.M. Kazemi & N.S. Nedialkov

    Fast soft switching impulsive noise removal in color images
    B. Smolka

    Analysis of the retinal nerve fiber layer texture related to the thickness measured by optical coherence tomography
    J. Odstrcilik, R. Kolar, R.P. Tornow, A. Budai, J. Jan, P. Mackova & M. Vodakova

    A selective denoising method to remove speckle noise
    A.F. de Araujo, J.M.R.S. Tavares & C.E. Constantinou

    Registration of the long-term autofluorescence retinal images taken from glaucomatic patients
    R. Kolar, J. Odstrcilik, R. Laemmer & P. Mackova

    Simplified and labelled bone model reconstruction for interactive environments
    R. Pulido, J.J. Jim´enez & F. Paulano

    Fringe projection measurement of highly specular objects in presence of multi-reflection
    A. Poesch, M. Kaestner & E. Reithmeier

    Pretreatment and reconstruction of three-dimensional images applied in a locking reconstruction plate for structural analysis with FEA
    J.P.O. Freitas, E.A.C. Sousa, C.R. Foschini, R.R. Santos & S.C. Rahal

    Vision-based gesture recognition system for human-computer interaction
    P. Trigueiros, F. Ribeiro & L.P. Reis

    A fast and accurate algorithm for detecting and tracking moving hand gestures
    W.C.S.S. Simões, R. da S. Barboza, V.F. de Lucena Jr. & R.D. Lins

    Sensor Kinect in a telepresence application
    A.D.F. Martins, J.M.A. Lourenço, T.R. Patrício & A.R. de Alexandria

    VIFTrack!–visual-inertial feature tracking based on affine photometric warping
    D. Aufderheide, W. Krybus & G. Edwards

    Creation of patient specific finite element models of bone-prosthesis—simulation of the effect of future implants
    J.J. Ródenas, L. Giovannelli, E. Nadal, J.M. Navarro & M. Tur

    Direct creation of finite element models from medical images using Cartesian grids
    L. Giovannelli, O. Marco, J.M. Navarro, E. Giner & J.J. Ródenas

    An out-of-core volume rendering architecture
    P.H.J. Amorim, T.F. de Moraes, J.V.L. da Silva & H. Pedrini

    The Numeric Simulator of Human Body (NSHB)—a future scientific research tool in Medicine
    P. Ciobanu & S.V. Ciobanu

    Distribution of the pelvic floor muscle fibers: Comparison between magnetic resonance tractography and finite element method representation
    S. Brandão, T. Mascarenhas, I. Ramos, M. Parente, T. Roza, R.N. Jorge & H. Ferreira

    Data quality estimation from interdependencies for structured light scanners
    M. Krauss, M. Kaestner & E. Reithmeier

    3D scanning using RGBD imaging devices: A survey
    E.E.A. Hitomi, J.V.L. da Silva & G.C.S. Ruppert

    Detection of power lines by image processing
    P. Seibold, M. Gerke, I. Masár, F. Jelenčiak, P. Bahnik & L. Bahr

    A study of a firefly meta-heuristics for multithreshold image segmentation
    H. Erdmann, L.A. Lopes, G.A. Wachs-Lopes, M.P. Ribeiro & P.S. Rodrigues

    Use of a webcam for movement detection
    W.R.S. Silva, N.C. Pereti, J.G. Rogeri, A.S. Pereira, N. Marranghello, A.F. Araújo & J.M.R.S. Tavares

    A computed tomography based orthopedic surgery planning solution
    J. Ribeiro & V. Alves

    An intelligent system for polyp detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images
    I.N. Figueiredo, S. Kumar & P.N. Figueiredo

    An automatic blood detection algorithm for wireless capsule endoscopy images
    I.N. Figueiredo, S. Kumar, C. Leal & P.N. Figueiredo

    Fuzzy reference data estimation in brain tumor segmentation studies
    E. Binaghi, V. Pedoia, D. Lattanzi, E. Monti, S. Balbi & R. Minotto

    SVM based pattern recognition of microscopic liver images
    S. Canale, L. D’Orsi & D. Iacoviello

    Towards automated image mining from reported medical images
    N. Gonc¸alves, G. Vranou & R. Vigario

    Trends on identification of fractured bone tissue from CT images
    F. Paulano, J.J. Jim´enez & R. Pulido

    3D shape prior active contours for an automatic segmentation of a patient specific femur from a CT scan
    D. Almeida, J. Folgado, P.R. Fernandes & R.B. Ruben

    TV-H-1 variational inpainting applied to metal artifact reduction in CT images
    E. Faggiano, T. Lorenzi & S. Perotto

    An architecture for content-based diagnostic image retrieval in a radiology PACS environment
    C.A. Berni, J.C.A. Berni & J.A.T.B. da Costa

    Quantifying the regeneration of bone tissue in biomedical images via Legendre moments
    J.A. Lachiondo, M. Ujaldón, R. Berretta & P. Moscato

    CAS tool for DICOM segmentation and analysis
    P. Teodoro, P. Pires, D. Osório, J. Martins, J.S. da Costa & P. Rego

    Pattern recognition framework based on the best rank-(R1, R2, …, RK) tensor approximation
    B. Cyganek

    Classification performance of data mining algorithms applied to breast cancer data
    V. Santos, N. Datia & M.P.M. Pato

    Evaluation of the robustness of a CAD method aimed at detecting circumscribed nodules in mammographic images
    R.R. Rodrigues & L.C. Freire

    Analysis of pancreas histological images for glucose intolerance identification using ImageJ—preliminary results
    L.M. Rato, F.C. e Silva, A.R. Costa & C.M. Antunes

    Classification of microcalcifications on digital mammograms based of FPGA
    T.A. Dócusse, A.C.R. da Silva, A.S. Pereira & N. Marranghello

    Fixation procedure for bone reconstruction in maxillo-faxial surgery
    M. Majak, E. Swiatek-Najwer, M. Popek, J. Jaworowski & P. Pietruski

    Navigated surgical tools calibration issue in computer aided tumor resection procedures
    M. Popek, E. Swiatek-Najwer, M. Majak, J. Jaworowski & D. Szram

    Morphometric analysis of the skull shape in children with hydrocephalus
    D. Larysz, P. Larysz, J. Filipek, W. Wolański, M. Gzik & E. Kawlewska

    Computer-aided correction of pectus carinatum
    B. Gzik-Zroska, W. Wolański, E. Kawlewska, M. Gzik, K. Joszko & J. Dzielicki

    Preoperative planning the lumbar spine stabilization with posterior intervertebral systems
    W. Wolański, M. Gzik, E. Kawlewska, E. Stachowiak, D. Larysz, A. Rudnik, I. Krawczyk & P. Bazowski

    Engineering support for the spine with spondylolisthesis treatment
    M. Gzik, K. Joszko & J. Pieniążek

    Influence of microtomography spatial resolution in mesiovestibular root analysis
    A.C. Machado, A.S. Machado, R.T. Lopes, I. Lima, B.C. Santos & J.C.M. Oliveira

    Scanning electron microscope analysis of occlusal rest seats in premolars
    J.C.R. Campos, A. Correia, M.H. Figueiral, P. Fonseca, F.M. Branco & F. Rodrigues

    3D finite element analysis of an all-zirconia dental implant rehabilitation
    A. Correia, J.C.R. Campos, N.V. Ramos, M. Vaz, J.P.C. Viana & Z. Kovacs

    Bioturbation structures of polychaetes in muddy sediments
    A.S. Machado, A.C. Machado, K.N. Suzuki, I. Lima, R.T. Lopes & S.F. Pennafirme

    Visualization of red blood cells flowing through a PDMS microchannel with a microstenosis: An image analysis assessment
    F.C. Monteiro, B. Taboada & R. Lima

    Red blood cell motion in experimental micro-circulation and simulations
    A. João, A. Gambaruto & R. Lima

    Structural determinants of mechanical behavior of whole human L3 vertebrae—an ex vivo μCT study
    Z. Latała, E. Czerwiński, Z. Tabor, R. Petryniak & T. Konopka

    Mechanical characterization of trabecular bone applied to MRI examinations: In vivo results from 100 patients
    A. Alberich-Bayarri, W.L. Roque, K. Arcaro & M.A. Pérez

    An investigation of the mechanical competence parameter to grade the trabecular bone fragility
    W.L. Roque, K. Arcaro, A. Alberich-Bayarri & Z. Tabor

    Correlations between fabric tensors computed on cone beam and micro computed tomography images
    R. Moreno, M. Borga, E. Klintström, T. Brismar & Ö. Smedby

    Influence of beam hardening artifact in bone interface contact evaluation by 3D X-ray microtomography
    I. Lima, M. Marquezan, M.M.G. Souza, E.F. Sant’Anna & R.T. Lopes

    Exploring 3D structure analysis for a simulated remodeling process
    N. Mellouli & A. Ricordeau

    Automatic thresholding method for 3D X-ray microtomography analysis
    E. Sales, W.C.A. Pereira, W. Gómez, I. Lima & R.T. Lopes

    Influence of mesh size and element type on apparent yield properties of microCT based finite element models of human trabecular bone
    T. Gross & D.H. Pahr

    Challenges for bone mineral density calibration on micro-CT
    R. Stoico, S. Tassani, L. Mecozzi, S. Falcioni, C. Fersini & F. Baruffaldi

    Trabecular bone: From 2D texture analysis to 3D microarchitecture organization
    P. Bléry, Y. Amouriq, E. Freuchet, E. Crauste & Jp. Guédon

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    Joao Manuel RS Tavares, Jorge R.M. Natal