Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing V : Proceedings of the 5th Eccomas Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing (VipIMAGE 2015, Tenerife, Spain, October 19-21, 2015) book cover
1st Edition

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing V
Proceedings of the 5th Eccomas Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing (VipIMAGE 2015, Tenerife, Spain, October 19-21, 2015)

ISBN 9781138029262
Published October 14, 2015 by CRC Press
374 Pages

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Book Description

VipIMAGE 2015 contains invited lectures and full papers presented at VIPIMAGE 2015 - V ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 19-21 October, 2015). International contributions from 19 countries provide a comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art in the fields of: 3D Vision; Computational Bio-Imaging and Visualization; Computational Vision; Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy and Treatment; Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression; Industrial Inspection; Image Enhancement; Image Processing and Analysis; Image Segmentation; Medical Imaging; Medical Rehabilitation; Physics of Medical Imaging; Shape Reconstruction; Signal Processing; Simulation and Modelling; Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis; Telemedicine Systems and their Applications;
Tracking and Analysis of Movement and Deformation; Virtual Reality.

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing. VipIMAGE 2015
will be useful to academics, researchers and professionals in Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Vision (image processing and analysis), Computer Sciences, Computational Mechanics, Signal Processing, Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Table of Contents

Invited lectures
An adaptive non-rigid image registration technique using hierarchical B-splines
A. Pawar, Y. Zhang, X. Wei, Y. Jia, T. Rabczuk, C.L. Chan & C. Anitescu
Medical image segmentation using Object Shape Models: A critical review on recent trends,
and alternative directions
A.X. Falcao, T.V. Spina, S.B. Martins & R. Phellan
Primal-dual method for continuous max-flow approaches
K. Wei, X.-C. Tai, T.F. Chan & S. Leung
Image restoration using variational approaches: Some recent advances
A. Lanza, S. Morigi & F. Sgallari
Virtual and augmented medical imaging environments: Applications to simulation, training,
surgical planning and interventional guidance
C.A. Linte
Contributed papers
The fast method of creating High Dynamic Range image for fluorescent microscopy applications
A. Bal
Automatic cheek detection in digital images
M. Frackiewicz, H. Palus & K. Radlak
A variational model for image fusion with simultaneous cartoon and texture decomposition
M. Dodangeh, I.N. Figueiredo & G. Goncalves
Image contrast enhancement using split Bregman method
S.Gh. Bardeji, I.N. Figueiredo & E. Sousa
Extraction of spectral drowsy component from the resting electroencephalographic signal
for quick, objective and direct testing of sleepiness in absolute terms
A.A. Putilov, O.G. Donskaya & E.G. Verevkin
The illusion of a blackbody at the human ear and the human temperature measurement
A. Cardoso
Video-based Turkish Sign Language recognition systems
M. Aktaş & E.B. Sonmez
A nonsmooth nonconvex sparsity-promoting variational approach for deblurring images
corrupted by impulse noise
A. Lanza, S. Morigi & F. Sgallari
Classification-based blood vessel segmentation in retinal images
J. Odstrcilik, R. Kolar, V. Harabis & R.P. Tornow
Line extraction via phase congruency with a novel adaptive scale selection for Poisson
noisy images
V.A. Krylov & J.D.B. Nelson
Diagnosis of human intestinal parasites by deep learning
A.Z. Peixinho, S.B. Martins, J.E. Vargas, A.X. Falcao, J.F. Gomes & C.T.N. Suzuki
Texture-energy features for microaneurysms detection
D. Veiga, N. Martins, C. Pereira, M. Ferreira & J. Monteiro
An iterative algorithm for Total Variation minimization in DBT imaging
A.M. Mota, N. Matela, N. Oliveira & P. Almeida
No-reference wavelet based Retinal Image Quality Assessment
L.S. Abdel Hamid, A. El-Rafei, S. El-Ramly, G. Michelson & J. Hornegger
Vessel segmentation of retinal images with fuzzy morphology
P. Bibiloni, M. Gonzalez-Hidalgo & S. Massanet
Identification of subendocardial infarction—a feasibility study using synthetic ultrasonic
image data of a left ventricular model
J. Żmigrodzki, S. Cygan, B. Leśniak-Plewińska & K. Kałużyński
Microcalcification segmentation in full field digital mammography
N. Martins, D. Veiga, C. Pereira, M. Ferreira, N. Alves & M. Delgado
Unsupervised delineation of the vessel tree in retinal fundus images
N. Strisciuglio, M. Vento, G. Azzopardi & N. Petkov
A registration algorithm for microscopy images of the capillary bed
H. Rieiro, J.L. Alba Castro, S. Martinez-Conde & S.L. Macknik
Bilateral filtering based biomedical image colorization
A. Popowicz & B. Smolka
Comparison of the internal structures of bones by microtomography
J.C.L. Stutz, J.S. Dominguez & J.T. de Assis
Model adaptation for mesh generation of biological structures
A. Ramos-de-Miguel, R. Montenegro & J.M. Escobar
Medical volume rendering based on gradient information
T.F. de Moraes, P.H.J. Amorim, J.V.L. da Silva, H. Pedrini, M.I. Meurer
Chaos theory-based quantification of ROIs for mammogram classification
J. Kurek, B. Świderski, S. Dhahbi, M. Kruk, W. Barhoumi, G. Wieczorek & E. Zagrouba
M5L: A web-based Computer Aided Detection system for automated search of lung
nodules in thoracic Computed Tomography scans
A. Traverso, M. Agnello, P. Cerello, M. Saletta, S. Bagnasco, C. Peroni, E. Fiorina,
M.E. Fantacci, A. Retico & E. Lopez Torres
Non-intrusive and calibration free visual exploration analysis in children with Autism
Spectrum Disorder
D. Cazzato, F. Adamo, G. Palestra, G. Crifaci, P. Pennisi, G. Pioggia, L. Ruta,
M. Leo & C. Distante
Semi-automatic tumor contouring method using PET and MRI medical images
S. Urban, L. Rusko & A. Nagy
Automatic detection of bones based on the confidence map for Rheumatoid Arthritis analysis
K. Radlak, N. Radlak & B. Smolka
Improved computer recognition of Fuhrman grading system in analysis
of Clear-Cell Renal Carcinoma
M. Kruk, J. Kurek, S. Osowski & R. Koktysz
A proof of concept of an augmented reality system for Nuss surgery
A. Ferreira, P. Morais, S. Queiros, F. Veloso, N.F. Rodrigues,
J. Correira-Pinto & J.L. Vilaca
Usage of mobile devices in a bone fracture reduction process
J.R. Jimenez, F. Paulano, J.M. Noguera & J.J. Jimenez
Automated peritumoral edema segmentation in preoperative brain MRI scans
E. Binaghi, P. Melchiorre, L. Romitelli, S. Balbi & D. Lattanzi
Evaluation of segmentation techniques for wound area identification
G. Zhang, P. Xiberta, A. Bardera, I. Boada & A. Romero
Automated image segmentation based on multiobjective optimization and machine
S.M. Shontz, J.S. Tahara, D.O. McLaurin, D.J.L. Colbry & B. Parikh
Fractal descriptor on holographic images of cervical cells
M. Mihailescu, E.I. Scarlat, I.A. Paun, I. Grigorescu, R. Radu & O.T. Nedelcu
An integrated two Time-of-Flight camera system to determine knee flexion movement:
Comparison with standard motion analysis system
E. Veron-Tocquet, V. Burdin, J. Savean, J. Leboucher & O. Remy-Neris
Mechanics–based analysis of the left atrium via echocardiographic imaging
S. Gabriele, L. Teresi, V. Varano, P. Nardinocchi, P. Piras, G. Esposito,
P.E. Puddu, C. Torromeo & A. Evangelista
A new thick-walled conical model of the Left Ventricle
B. Leśniak-Plewińska, S. Cygan, J. Żmigrodzki & K. Kałużyński
Augmented Reality in radiofrequency ablation of the liver tumors
L.T. De Paolis & F. Ricciardi
Anthropomorphic robot forefinger virtually simulated
H.J. Rabiela, B.V. Gonzalez & G.D.A. Miranda
CT based identification problem for the multicompartment model of blood perfusion
E. Rohan, V. Lukeš & J. Brašnova
A study on discrimination of SIFT feature applied to binary images
I. Setitra & S. Larabi
Time-constrained detection of colored objects on raw Bayer data
A.J.R. Neves, A. Trifan & J.L. Azevedo
Image scanning techniques for speeded-up color object detection
A. Trifan, A.J.R. Neves & B. Cunha
Improving deep neural networks classification by preprocessing images
H. Erdmann, F.T. Ito, D. Takabayashi & D.N. dos Santos
Surface reconstruction of bone fragments: A comparative study
F. Paulano, J.J. Jimenez & J.R. Jimenez
Towards a robust patch based multi-view stereo technique for textureless and occluded
3D reconstruction
B. Haines & L. Bai
Forming tool inspection using fiber-optic sensor heads
S. Matthias, M. Kastner, E. Reithmeier, P. Sieczkarek & A.E. Tekkaya
Navigation of robotics platform using advanced image processing navigation methods
L. Beran, P. Chmelar & L. Rejfek
SNIP: Smile—neutral facial display intensity predictor
K. Nurzynska & B. Smolka

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