Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing: VipIMAGE 2009, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing

VipIMAGE 2009, 1st Edition

Edited by João Manuel R.S. Tavares, R.M. Natal Jorge

CRC Press

464 pages

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Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing, VIPIMAGE 2009 contains the full papers presented at VIPIMAGE 2009 - Second ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing, held in Porto, Portugal, on 14-16 October 2009. International contributions from twenty countries provide a comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art in the fields of:

Image Processing and Analysis;

Tracking and Analyze Objects in Images;

Segmentation of Objects in Images;

3D Vision;

Signal Processing;

Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression;

Objects Simulation;

Virtual Reality;

Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis;

Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy and Treatment;

Computational Bioimaging and Visualization;

Telemedicine Systems and their Applications.

Related techniques covered in Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing, VIPIMAGE 2009 include the level set method, finite element method, modal analyses, stochastic methods, principal and independent components analyses and distribution models. The volume will be useful to academics, researchers and professionals in Computational Vision (image processing and analysis), Computer Sciences, Computational Mechanics and Medicine.

Table of Contents



Invited lectures

Thematic sessions

Scientific committee

Regular sessions

Spatial distribution of mechanical vaginal closure pressures using quadrant probe in comparison to ultrasound imaging, S. Omata & C.E. Constantinou

From medical images to simulations: 4D MRI flow analysis, E. Soudah, J. Penneçot, J.S. Perez & E. Oñate

Numerical simulation of blood flow, L.C. Sousa, C.F. Castro & C.C. António

Segmentation of thermal liver lesions for CT-based radiofrequency ablation assessment, J.H. Moltz, B. Geisler, L. Bornemann, A. Weihusen & H.-O. Peitgen

Photoacoustic tomography of small animals and organs, M. Holotta, R. Esterhammer, P. Torbica, J. Völkl, C. Kremser, W. Jaschke, H. Grossauer, M. Haltmeier, O. Scherzer, R. Nuster, G. Paltauf & P. Burgholzer

Fusion of high spatial and spectral resolution CBERS-2B data for a better knowledge of urban area in South Portugal, A.M. Santos, J.P. Monteiro, R. Hugman & E.R.S. Santos

Performance of undecimated filter banks for microcalcifications detection, H. de Jesús Ochoa Domínguez, O.O.V. Villegas, L.O. Máynez, D.E.G. Casas & V.G.C. Sánchez

Development of an Image Cleaner Software to eliminate reflections for PIV applications, A.A. Pineda-Hernández, C.C. Gutiérrez-Torres, J.A. Jiménez-Bernal, E.E. Domínguez-Ontiveros & Y.A. Hassan

A complex network approach to texture applied to medical image classification, W.N. Gonçalves, B.B. Machado, João do E.S.B. Neto & O.M. Bruno

Model-based segmentation and image fusion of 3D computed tomography and 3D ultrasound of the eye for radiotherapy planning, M.B. Cuadra, S. Gorthi, F.I. Karahanoglu, F. Salvador, A. Pica, H.P. Do, A. Balmer, F. Munier & J.-Ph. Thiran

Automated detection of clustered microcalcifications on mammograms with heterogeneous image properties, P. Bosco

Femur surface reconstruction and compression using curved Point-Normal triangles, P. Teodoro, P. Pires, J. Martins & J. Sá da Costa

A robust edge detection algorithm based on a fuzzy mathematical morphology using uninorms (3MM-U morphology), M. González-Hidalgo, A.M. Torres & D. Ruiz-Aguilera

A novel approach to the generation of hippocampal templates for the automatic analysis of the hippocampal region, M. Aiello, M. Esposito, F. Isgrò, M. Santoro, P. Calvini, A. Chincarini, G. Gemme, S. Squarcia & S. Tangaro

Automatic nuclei cell counting in low-resolution fluorescence images, T. Brouard & A. Chantôme

Fractal based dimensionality reduction of Hyperspectral data using power spectrum method, J.K. Ghosh & K. Mukherjee

Effective computer driven tracing of retinal vessel network, N. Egidi, P. Maponi, R. Giansanti & A. Zaia

Volume measurement and center detection of liver tumor from CT-scans, T.B. Saïd, F. Chaieb, F. Ghorbel, V. Burdin & O. Azaiz

A three-dimensional geometric model of a hip joint presenting a femoral head deformity based on radial magnetic resonance arthrography images, D.S. Lopes, J.P. Jorge, E.B. Pires, F.M.F. Simões & P.A. Rego

Thresholding of Micro-CT images for morphological analysis of trabecular bone specimens, F. Marinozzi, D. Iacoviello, A. Marinozzi, F. Bini, E. Pepe, L. Angeloni & R. Bedini

Improving spatial and spectral resolution of satellite images, M. Abadi, E. Grandchamp & M. Khoudeir

Nuclear segmentation for high magnification of histology samples, A. Nedzved & V. Starovoitov

Integration of a 3D medical visualization system and a robotic system to support orthopaedic surgery, F. Blanco, P.J.S. Goncalves, J.M.M. Martins & J.R.C. Pinto

Error analysis on curvature-based crest lines extraction on iso-surface of medical CT data, I.Y. Liao, P. Zheng & B. Belaton

Amputee skin deformation maps using Dynamic Roentgen Stereogrammetric imaging, G. Papaioannou, G. Fiedler, C. Mitrogiannis & G. Nianios

Stochastic modelling of diffusion systems. Video image simulation of tubulin diffusion in cytoplasm: A case study, P. Lecca, L. Dematté, M. Lecca & C. Priami

KM and KHM clustering techniques for colour image quantisation, M. Fr¸ackiewicz & H. Palus

Multicriterion segmentation for lung nodule detection in computed tomography, V.O. Campos, R.Q. Feitosa, A.C. Silva & R.A. Nunes

Handwriting spirals and human hand movement analysis, S.M.V. Semedo, F. Vistulo de Abreu & A. Veiga

The effect of hinged ankle-foot orthoses on the gait cycle in children with cerebral palsy. An EMG, kinetic and three-dimensional kinematical analysis—three clinical studies, A.F. Antunes, J.P. Vilas-Boas & F. Sousa

Validation of a complete human model using gait simulation, N.M.J. Oliveira, I.M.S. Vieira & M.A. Marques

Simulation of a frontal kick using SIMTK, N.T.P.A. Fernandes, M. Andrade & M.A. Marques

An analysis on segmentation methods for skin lesions, A.F. de Araújo, A.S. Pereira, N. Marranghello, T. Dócusse & João Manuel R.S. Tavares

Referential geometrical entities for reverse modeling of geometry of femur, M. Stojkovic, M. Trajanovic, N. Vitkovic, J. Milovanovic, S. Arsic & M. Mitkovic

Synthetic 4D phase contrast MRI datasets: A CFD-based approach for the validation of advanced fluid-dynamics calculations in vivo, R. Ponzini, U. Morbiducci, G. Rizzo, M. Cadioli, F. Iannaccone, R. Vismara & A. Redaelli

Biomechanics of handwriting, G.M. Azeredo, T. Pereira & M.A. Marques

Dynamic evaluation and comparative analysis in ballet step sequences using ‘‘OpenSim’’, C.G. Silva, M.V. Almeida & M.A. Marques

Automatic detection and tracking of handball players, A. Sousa, C. Santiago, L.P. Reis & M.L. Estriga

Anatomic model study of a patient with muscular dysfunction on lower limbs, D.M. Correia, J.A. Araújo, R.S. Pinho & M.A. Marques

An interactive system for content-based image retrieval, J.M. Torres, L.P. Reis & D. Hutchison

Applications of machine learning algorithms for individual recognition and facial expressions classification, B.M. Faria, N. Lau & L.P. Reis

Finite element modeling of scaffolds for minor maxillofacial bone augmentation, F.V. Antunes, M.C. Gaspar, A.I. Silva, C. Calado & J. Julião

Semi-automatic quantification of the epicardial fat in CT images, B. Figueiredo, J.G. Barbosa, N. Bettencourt & João Manuel R.S. Tavares

On building photographic portraits using statistical techniques, R. Roque, A. Puga, E. Carrapatoso & F. Barbosa

Geometric analysis of female pelvic floor muscles by using manual segmentation, T.H. Da Roza, R.M. Natal Jorge, M. Parente, João Manuel R.S. Tavares, C. Saleme, M.P. Barbosa, A.L.S. Filho, T. Mascarenhas & J. Loureiro

Analysis of the fibers direction in the tympanic membrane, C. Garbe, F. Gentil, M.P.L. Parente, P. Martins, R.M. Natal Jorge & S. Santos

Construction of a 3D model for the female pelvic organs, A.J.C. Arteiro, M.P.L. Parente, R.M. Natal Jorge, A.A. Fernandes & T. Mascarenhas

A versatile matching algorithm based on dynamic programming with circular order preserving, Francisco P.M. Oliveira, João Manuel R.S. Tavares & Todd C. Pataky

Construction of a 3D model from medical images: Application to knee joint, H. Mata, R.M. Natal Jorge, S. Santos, A. Sousa & F. Raposo

A novel method to segment the levator ani muscles in MR images, Zhen Ma, João Manuel R.S. Tavares & R.M. Natal Jorge

3D reconstruction of human temporomandibular structure, V.L. Trindade, R.M. Natal Jorge & S. Santos

Spectral imaging of retinal tissue oxygenation, E. Ohel, S. Rotman, D.G. Blumberg & N. Belfair

Automatic segmentation of the optic radiation using DTI in glaucoma patients, A. El-Rafei, J. Hornegger, T. Engelhorn, A. Dörfler, S. Wärntges & G. Michelson

Comparison between Kalman and unscented Kalman filters in tracking applications of computational vision, Raquel R. Pinho & João Manuel R.S. Tavares

Thematic session on computer vision in robotics

Model based localization for a mobile robot in an indoor environment, F. Valente & M. Ramalho

Obtaining the distance map for perspective vision systems, A.J.R. Neves, D.A. Martins & A.J. Pinho

Real-time vision in the RoboCup—Robotic Soccer international competitions, L.P. Reis, A.J.R. Neves & A. Sousa

Thematic session on imaging of biological flows trends and challenges

Diffusion in concentrated suspensions of biological cells, T. Ishikawa

X-ray micro-imaging of various bio-fluid flows, S.J. Lee

Patient-specific blood flow analysis of pulmonary artery affected by severe

deformations of the lung 335

J.-J. Christophe, N. Matsuki, T. Yamaguchi, T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai, M. Thiriet & K. Takase

Motions of particles and red blood cells in a bifurcation: Comparison between experiments and numerical simulations, M. Lagoela, B. Oliveira, D. Cidre, C. Fernandes, C. Balsa, R. Lima, R. Dias, T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai & T. Yamaguchi

In silico multiscale study of the hemodynamics in a human carotid bifurcation model, D. Gallo, D. Massai, F. Consolo, A. Satriano, F.M. Montevecchi, U. Morbiducci, R. Ponzini, L. Antiga & A. Redaelli

Influence of blood rheology on bulk flow in carotid bifurcation: A numerical study, D. Massai, D. Gallo, A. Satriano, F.M. Montevecchi, U. Morbiducci, R. Ponzini, L. Antiga & A. Redaelli

Helical blood flow in the human aorta quantified by Phase Contrast MRI, U. Morbiducci, F.M. Montevecchi, R. Ponzini, G. Rizzo, M. Cadioli, A. Esposito, F. De Cobelli, A. Del Maschio & A. Redaelli

Determination of the cell-free layer in circular PDMS microchannels. T. Cerdeira, F. Monteiro, R. Lima, M. Oliveira, T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai & T. Yamaguchi

Flow of a blood analogue solution through microfabricated hyperbolic contractions, P.C. Sousa, I.S. Pinho, F.T. Pinho, M.S.N. Oliveira & M.A. Alves

Thematic session on processing and classification of satellite imagery Texture analysis of SPOT5 data for land cover mapping on the metropolitan area of Lisbon, N. Gaspar, J.A. Tenedório, L. Dias, T. Santos & J. Rocha

Evaluating the effectiveness of Landsat TM images classification for Pittosporum undulatum mapping in Pico da Vara Protected Area (S. Miguel Island, Azores Archipelago), A. Gil

High-level geospatial modeling of population patterns for exposure and impact assessment, C. Aubrecht, M. Köstl & K. Steinnocher

Thematic session on small animal imaging trends and techniques

Molecular optical imaging of hypoxia using genetic biosensors, P. Iglesias & J.A. Costoya

Evaluation of the respiratory motion effect on small animal PET images, S. Branco

3D volume modeling of fossil small mammal teeth using micro CT and object based image analysis, P. Hofmann, R. Marschallinger & G. Daxner-Höck

Thematic session on texture image analysis methods and applications

Fast texture analysis via Zernike moments on graphics processors, M.J. Martín-Requena & M. Ujaldón

Clinical applicability of MRI texture analysis, L. Harrison, K.K. Holli, A.-L. Lääperi, S. Soimakallio, P. Dastidar & H. Eskola

Texture analysis of microscopic liver images by a level set approach, D. Iacoviello

Fractal’s lacunarity analysis of trabecular bone in RM images, A. Zaia, R. Rossi, N. Egidi & P. Maponi

Identification of suspicious masses in mammography, D. Iacoviello & P. Pellegrini

Fractal, multifractal and lacunarity measurement in image texture analysis: A short review, R. Lopes, N. Betrouni & P. Dubois

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