1st Edition

Computer Analysis of Skeletal Structures

By T. Johns, C T F Ross Copyright 1982

    This book presents five computer programs in FORTRAN together with descriptions of how to use them for static analysis of skeletal structures. It includes several worked examples, including pin-jointed plane and space trusses, continuous beams, and two and three dimensional rigid-jointed frames.

    1 Plane pin-jointed truss
    2. Continuous beams
    3. Rigid-jointed plane frames
    4. Pin-jointed space truss
    5. Rigid-jointed space frames
    Appendix A. Computer program for plane trusses
    Appendix B. Computer program for continuous beams
    Appendix C. Computer program for rigid-jointed plane frames
    Appendix D. Computer program for rigid-jointed space frames
    Appendix F. Subroutines


    T. Johns, C T F Ross