1st Edition

Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics

    Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics contains the proceedings (abstracts book 472 pages + full paper USB-drive 2052 pages) of the 14th International Conference of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (Kyoto, Japan, 22-25 September, 2014). The contributions cover computer methods, material modeling and testing, applications to a wide range of geomechanical issues, and recent advances in various areas that may not necessarily involve computer methods, including:

    - Development and usage of new materials;

    - Constitutive modeling of materials including deformation, damage and failure;

    - Verification of existing and new constitutive models;

    - Micro-macro correlations of material response including non-destructive testing;

    - New techniques for material and site characterization;

    - Computer-aided engineering and expert system;

    - Innovative construction using new materials and computer methods;

    - Design and rehabilitation of infrastructure;

    - Use of system and optimization procedures, and

    - Remote sensing.

    Computer Methods and Recent Advances in Geomechanics will be of interest to researchers and engineers involved in geotechnical mechanics and geo-engineering.

    Committee members


    Measuring stiffness of soils in situ
    G. Biscontin & J. Ahn

    Strain localization in porous materials with spatially varying density and degree of saturation
    R.I. Borja & X. Song

    Consolidation-induced transport of contaminants in compressible porous media
    P.J. Fox

    The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster and integrated earthquake simulation for earthquake hazard and disaster estimate
    M. Hori

    Ground improvement in transport geotechnics – from theory to practice
    B. Indraratna, S. Nimbalkar, C. Rujikiatkamjorn &A. Heitor

    Carbon dioxide injection into deep aquifers: A geomechanical perspective
    L. Laloui & C. Li

    Parameter and model identification using the particle filter for geotechnical applications
    A. Murakami, K. Fujisawa, S. Ohno, T. Shuku & S. Nishimura

    Characterization of geotechnical variability – a multivariate perspective
    K.K. Phoon & J. Ching

    Finite element analysis of tunnel excavation and ground improvement techniques employing a new constitutive model for shotcrete
    H.F. Schweiger, B. Schädlich, P. Sedighi, E. Saurer, T. Marcher, S. Henke & K.-M. Borchert

    A theory of plasticity with generalized hardening for natural geomaterials under mechanical and environmental loading: Constitutive modeling and numerical implementation
    C. Tamagnini & M.O. Ciantia

    Geomaterial plasticity and thermodynamic stability of equilibrium
    Q. Yang, Y.R. Liu & K.D. Leng


    Computational advances in numerical and analytical methods

    Penetration simulation for an open caisson using mesh-free SPH method
    J.Wang, H. Hua & W.P. Lian

    Simulation of granular materials under continuously varying intermediate principal stress ratio using DEM
    D. Phusing & K. Suzuki

    Assessment of applicability of the material point method in offshore geotechnical engineering
    Y. Dong, J. Ma, D.Wang & M.F. Randolph

    Numerical assessment on some preconditioners for elasto-plastic geotechnical finite element analysis
    X. Chen,W. Dong, Y. Yu & K.K. Phoon

    Application of the generalised-α method in dynamic analysis of partially saturated media
    J. Ghorbani, M. Nazem & J.P. Carter

    Local calibration of MEPDG rut models: Oklahoma’s experience from an instrumented pavement section
    N. Hossain, D. Singh, M. Zaman & SM.S. Rassel

    Discontinuity layout optimization with adaptive node refinement
    M. Crumpton, A.J. Abbo & S.W. Sloan

    Decision of the concrete parameters and fracture analysis of concrete for interactive analysis of soils and concrete structures
    K. Okajima &T. Tanaka

    High Performance Computing preconditioners for the efficient solution of geomechanical models
    M. Ferronato, C. Janna, G. Gambolati & F. Sartoretto

    A numerical approach for modelling the ploughing process in sands
    E. Kashizadeh, J.P. Hambleton & S.A. Stanier

    Development and its validation of Rigid Plastic Moving Particle Simulation method
    K. Isobe, S. Ohtsuka & T. Hoshina

    Material point method simulation of triaxial shear tests
    W.T. Sołowski, S.W. Sloan & D.Wang

    The effect of consolidation path on undrained behaviour of sand – a DEM approach
    H.B.K. Nguyen, M.M. Rahman, D.A. Cameron & A.B. Fourie

    A new stability analysis method of slopes considering progressive failure
    K. Onishi & J.-C. Jiang

    Numerical implementation of a non-local Mohr-Coulomb model
    X. Qu, M.-S. Huang, X. Gu & X.-L. Lu

    A numerical study of the penetration test at constant rod velocity
    Q.A. Tran, B. Chevalier & P. Breul

    Numerical simulation of spudcan penetration using coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian method
    H.D.V. Khoa

    Computational and reliability aspects of micro-geomechanics
    R. Blaheta, R. Kohut, J. Starý & S. Sysala

    Numerical study on the influence of traditional soil foundation on the stability of masonry structure in Angkor with NMM-DDA
    R. Hashimoto, T. Koyama, M. Mimura, M. Kikumoto, T. Saito, S. Yamada, M. Araya &Y . Iwasaki

    Constitutive modelling

    Analytical solution of a dynamical systems soil model
    P.G. Joseph & J. Graham-Eagle

    The effect of constitutive modelling on estimates of the short-term response of squeezing ground to tunnel excavation
    W. Dong & G. Anagnostou

    A semi-analytical procedure for circular opening in strain-softening rock mass with the unified strength criterion
    L. Cui, J. Zheng & R. Zhang

    On the compression behaviour of structured soils
    C. Yang, J.P. Carter & D. Sheng

    A viscoplastic subloading overstress model with a moving centre of homothety
    J.R. Maranha, C. Pereira & A. Vieira

    A numerical model for the long-term stability of jointed rock slope
    H.B. Bian, L.F. Zheng & J.F. Shao

    On plasticity-damage modeling of shales
    F. Parisio, S. Samat & L. Laloui

    Numerical and analytical modeling of particle degradation
    S. Nimbalkar & B. Indraratna

    Explicit finite deformation stress integration of the elasto-plastic constitutive equations
    L. Monforte, M. Arroyo, A. Gens & J.M. Carbonell

    Modeling soil behaviors under principal stress rotations
    Y. Yang, Z.Wang & H.-S. Yu

    Nonlinear strength criterion for municipal solid waste
    X. Lu, H. Lai & M. Huang

    Propagation of seismic waves through saturated soft clay deposits: Constitutive and numerical modeling
    G. Seidalinov & M. Taiebat

    Equivalent continuum model accounting for anisotropy in chalk by means of embedded joint sets
    F. Rafeh, H. Mroueh & S. Burlon

    Numerical analysis and its verification of Azad earth dam in the period of construction
    M. Karami, A. Aminjavaheri & A. Mazaheri

    Failure of geomaterials

    Experimentally observed shear bands in a Scandinavian soft clay subjected to an undrained shearing under the plane strain condition
    V. Thakur

    Fatigue of geomaterials
    R. Pytlik & S.V. Baars

    Punching shear coefficients for the design of working platforms
    S.N.S. Eshkevari & A.J. Abbo

    A practical use of the finite element with an embedded interface for simulating the direct shear on brittle materials
    T. Nishiyama &T. Hasegawa

    Failure propagation and mesh-dependency in coupled hydraulic-mechanical transient problems
    R. Schuerch & G. Anagnostou

    Modeling of Excavation Damaged Zone through the strain localization approach in Boom clay
    F. Salehnia, R. Charlier, X. Sillen & A. Dizier

    Experimental study of trapdoor problem in 3 dimensions with X-ray CT – transition from plane strain to 3D behavior
    B. Chevalier, J. Otani & T. Mukunoki

    Strain localization of a soil column due to seismic loading
    I. Rapti, A. Foucault, F. Voldoire, F. Lopez-Caballero & A. Modaressi-Farahmand-Razavi

    Centrifuge model experiments and granular element simulation on deformation of surface soil layer caused by the large displacement of reverse fault
    K. Sassa, K. Kaneko, S. Nozoe, A. Yamamoto, N. Oyama & Y. Hashizume

    Characteristics of shear band in granular materials by discrete element modeling
    X.Q. Gu, M.S. Huang & J.G. Qian

    Effect of confining pressure on strain localization of a sand specimen under plane strain condition
    M. Mukherjee, A. Gupta & A. Prashant

    Coupled phenomena

    Salt domes deformation coupled to the flow of geothermal brine and oil
    M.C. Suárez, F. Samaniego & X. Shen

    Numerical simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanically coupled processes during ground freezing and thawing
    H. Kyokawa & Y.W. Bekele

    Predictable coupled behavior of buffer material in HLW repository
    Y. Tsukada, A. Kobayashi & M. Chijimatsu

    Liquefaction of fluid-saturated soils
    W. Ehlers & M. Schenke

    On spherically symmetric problems in thermo-poromechanics
    A.P.S. Selvadurai &A.P. Suvorov

    Expression of the pore-pressure coefficient B with numerical simulation
    Y. Sugiyama, H. Tanaka, K. Kawai & A. Iizuka

    Numerical simulation of saturation process in TRU disposal facility
    Y. Takayama, R. Hino, A. Iizuka & K. Kawai

    Numerical experiments on freeze-thaw of soils with coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical FE analysis
    T. Ishikawa, I. Kijiya, T. Tokoro & M. Sato

    Instability analysis and numerical simulation of the dissociation process of methane hydrate bearing soil
    H. Iwai, S. Kimoto, T. Akaki & F. Oka

    Testing and modelling

    Prediction of the shear modulus at small strains for fine-grained unsaturated soils
    S. Han & S.K. Vanapalli

    Evaluation of settlement behaviors of the improved ground by using floating type cement-treated columns during consolidation
    Z.B. Jiang, R. Ishikura & N. Yasufuku

    On the influence of loading frequency on the pore-water dissipation behavior during cyclic consolidation of soft soils
    N. Müthing, T. Schanz & M. Datcheva

    Undrained stability of tall tunnels
    D.W.Wilson, A.J. Abbo & S.W. Sloan

    Effects of RAP binder on moisture-induced damage potential of asphalt mixes with limestone aggregates
    R. Ghabchi, D.V. Singh & M. Zaman

    Evaluation of fatigue resistance of asphalt mixes using Four Point Beam Fatigue and Semi-Circular Bend test methods
    M. Barman, R. Ghabchi, D.V. Singh, M. Zaman, S. Commuri & K. Hobson

    Correlations between swelling and suction properties of expansive soils
    B.H. Rao, R.L. Sahu & S.K. Das

    Assessment of pipe-jacking forces through direct shear tests on tunneling rock spoils
    C.S. Choo & D.E.L. Ong

    Estimation of consolidation properties and the settlement of Pleistocene clay layer at Kobe Port Area
    E.K. Ha, S. Kataoka, S. Nonami, T.N. Lohani & S. Shibuya

    Validation of porosity in 2D-DEM CPT model using large scale shaking table tests in saturated sands
    P. Bakunowicz & N. Ecemis

    Recent design strategies adapted for foamed bituminous stabilisation in flexible pavement rehabilitation works in Queensland
    R.L. Logitharan, K. Somasundaraswaran & J.M. Ramanujam

    3D Simulation of an actual snow avalanche
    K. Sawada, S. Moriguchi & K. Oda

    Design and assessment of a new model device for testing internal erosion and piping
    M. Caruso, D. Sterpi & C. Jommi

    Influence of aspect ratio on crushing strength characteristics of sand and granite saw dust materials
    B.H. Rao, R.Ch. Meena, N. Meena & R.L. Sahu

    Numerical lower bound limit analyses of sand heap subjected to basal settlement with hysteretic reversals
    T. Pipatpongsa, J. Nakamura, C. Borely & M.H. Khosravi

    Numerical and field analysis of interaction of piling foundations with soil ground
    A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, Y.B. Utepov & I.O. Morev

    Modifying the Casagrande curve-fitting method to account for 3D axisymmetric consolidation
    J. Lovisa, N. Sivakugan, S. MacDonald, S. Thomas & W.W. Read

    Volume change behavior of an unsaturated soil – a numerical investigation
    M.W. Gui, S.S. Ketsu, C.H. Chen & C.W. Lu

    Shear strength and dilatancy of unsaturated silica sand in triaxial compression tests 131
    J. Fern, K. Soga, D.J. Robert &T. Sakanoue

    Reliability, data mining, artificial intelligence techniques/methods

    Availability of artificial neural network to estimating soil properties of Holocene clays in Osaka Bay
    K. Oda, K. Yokota & M.S. Lee

    Stochastic consideration of consolidation settlement of Holocene clay layer in Osaka Bay
    K. Oda, K. Yokota & M.S. Lee

    A new optimization approach for calibrating the parameters of the hyperbolic soil constitutive model
    Y.T. Yeung & J.P.Wang

    An expert technique for optimization of underground mine support system
    S.K. Kashyap, Md. Tanweer, A. Sinha & D.R. Parhi

    Computers and information technology

    Forecasting of vibration parameters and optimization of the design of pile foundations operated under dynamic loads
    L.V. Nuzhdin & M.L. Nuzhdin

    Development of computer software based on RMR, Q and M-RMR classification systems used for rock mass characterization: ROCKMASS V2.0
    Ö. Inik, I. Özkan & E. Ünal

    A study on photogrammetric algorithm for crack width measurement
    S. Nishiyama, T. Tsubosaka, T. Kikuchi & T. Yano

    Hybrid parallelization of earthquake response analysis using K computer
    Y. Shigeno, Y. Hamada & N. Nakamura

    The development of mobile application for debris flow disaster prevention – the case of Kaohsiung City
    S.-H. Chang & M.-H.Wu

    Geoenvironmental engineering

    Municipal solid wastes landfills slopes: A reliability based approach
    B.M. Basha, S. Mahapatra & B. Manna

    Random walk particle tracking for quantifying anomalous transport in laboratory-scale, heterogeneous porous formations
    K. Inoue, T. Fujiwara & T. Tanaka

    Groundwater modeling of pressure effect on deep open-pit mining against floor heaving at the Mae Moh mine, Thailand
    S. Touch, T. Pipatpongsa, J. Takemura & P. Pongpanlarp

    Building wastes and cement clinker using in the geoecoprotective technologies in transport construction
    A.S. Sakharova, L.B. Svatovskaya, M.M. Baidarashvilly & A.V. Petriaev

    Modeling of mineral fouling in an alkaline permeable reactive barrier in Australia
    U. Pathirage, B. Indraratna, G. McIntosh & L. Banasiak

    Earthquake engineering and soil dynamics

    Simulation analysis of grid-form ground improvement for preventing liquefaction among existing small houses
    S. Tsukuni & T. Namikawa

    Dynamic analysis of river embankments during earthquakes using a finite deformation FE analysis method
    H. Sadeghi, S. Kimoto, F. Oka & B. Shahbodagh

    Dynamic response of vertically oscillating foundations at large strain
    C.Wersäll, S. Larsson & A. Bodare

    Finite element analysis of vibration screening techniques using EPS geofoam
    M. Majumder & P. Ghosh

    Numerical modelling of offshore pipe-seabed interaction problems
    H. Sabetamal, M. Nazem, S.W. Sloan & J.P. Carter

    Stability analysis for local liquefaction initiation of plane wave type
    J. Chen, H. O-tani & M. Hori

    Calculation method for vibration-sliding displacement of reinforced soil retaining wall during earthquake
    K. Miura, T.A. Quang, Y. Saitoh, T. Konami, T. Hayashi & M. Kobayashi

    Liquefaction analysis of a damaged river levee during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
    H. Ishikawa, K. Saito, K. Nakagawa & R. Uzuoka

    Verification of numerical modeling for nonlinear seismic analysis of a structure considering liquefaction
    N.M. Syed & B.K. Maheshwari

    Applicability of effective stress analysis for prediction of deformation during strong motion with long duration
    S. Tsuboi, T. Ohsumi, R. Uzuoka & N. Sento

    State of art of modeling of soil-pile interaction in liquefiable soils
    P. Bandyopadhyay, S.R. Dash & S. Haldar

    Seismic analysis of a rather complex ornamental commemorative structure in Mexico City
    E. Boteroo & M.P. Romo

    Effect of grain-size distribution on cyclic strength of granular soils
    J.H. Lee, S. Shibuya, T.N. Lohani, T.Wakamoto & S. Kataoka

    Three-dimensional analysis of a reinforcement method for an existing embankment on a liquefiable ground
    M. Kobayashi, A. Tateishi, T. Fujiwara & T. Aoki

    Analytical study on levees reinforced by double sheet-piles with partition walls
    K. Fujiwara, A. Yashima, K. Sawada, Y. Abe & K. Otsushi

    Numerical analysis on seismic response of piled raft foundation with ground improvement based on seismic observation records
    J. Hamada, Y. Shigeno, S. Onimaru, T. Tanikawa, N. Nakamura & K. Yamashita

    Comparison of interpolation methods to evaluate depths of bedrock from a limited number of boring data
    J. Taniguchi & A. Mikami

    Seismic analysis of Goucham earth dam based on the Newmark and non-linear approaches
    M. Karami, A. Aminjavaheri & A. Mazaheri

    Experimental and theoretical studies of bearing capacity and deformation of reinforced soil foundations under cyclic loading
    I.T. Mirsayapov & I.V. Koroleva

    Evaluation of dynamic behavior of culverts and embankments through centrifuge model tests and a numerical analysis
    Y. Sawamura, K. Kishida & M. Kimura

    Attenuation of blasting induced peak particle velocity: Constructing a new empirical formula
    K.M. Cheng & K.T. Chau

    A numerical simulation of seismic behavior of highway embankments considering seepage flow
    R. Kato, F. Oka & S. Kimoto

    Seismic assessment of river embankments with cut-off wall constructed on the alternatively layered soft ground
    T. Noda, K. Nakai & K. Kato

    Evaluation of seismic behavior of model earth dams in geotechnical centrifuge
    T. Kawai, M. Ishimaru & T. Noda

    Seismic analysis of piled raft foundations of tall chimneys considering the effect of SSI
    B.R. Jayalekshmi, S.V. Jisha & R. Shivashankar

    Seismic performance of a wharf dyke
    J.C. Huertas & C. Romanel

    Assessment of dike stability under earthquakes induced by gas extraction
    B.Z. Coelho, M. Visschedijk, M. Korff & P. Meijers

    Application of DSC model for offshore pile foundations
    M.J.K. Essa & C.S. Desai

    Evaluation of interaction forces for coupled rigorous-substructure SSI analysis using SBFEM
    H. Rahnema, A. Baghlani, B. Javidsharifi & S. Mohasseb

    Distribution of seismic loads in large pile groups
    W.D.L. Finn, J. Dowling, M. Taiebat & G.Wu

    Pseudo dynamic analysis of battered retaining structures to determine the passive earth pressure of dry and submerged c-φ backfill
    V. Srinivasan & P. Ghosh

    Simple and practical analysis of effect of soil liquefaction on response of structure-pile system
    K. Kojima, K. Fujita & I. Takewaki

    Analysis of liquefaction behavior during the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake
    S. Kamagata & I. Takewaki

    Some methods of modeling damping ratio for an equivalent homogeneous ground
    X.R. Chen, A. Mikami & J. Taniguchi

    Geo-hazard mitigation

    Identification of sensitive clays susceptible to flow slides using remolding energy concept
    V. Thakur & S.A. Degago

    Case study on evaluating the groundwater seepage flow by using a 3D ground model prepared from soil borehole and GIS data
    J.M. Baek, S. Shibuya, M. Furumiya, M. Saito, T.N. Lohani & J.S. Hur

    Numerical simulation of centrifuge tests on seismic behavior of residential building on liquefiable foundation soil
    N. Marasini & M. Okamura

    Experimental model on tsunami inundation force for geo-structures
    T. Tada, Y. Miyata & R.J. Bathurst

    Correlations between earthquake magnitudes and fault rupture parameters with multiple regression analysis
    Y. Xu & J.P.Wang

    Extraction of embankments on mountain roads using the digital elevation model
    K. Sawada, S. Moriguchi & N. Asano

    A Bayesian approach to estimate the probability distribution of earthquake size of a given active fault

    Foundation engineering

    Coupled large deformation consolidation analysis of a spudcan footing penetrating into Kaolin clay
    D.Wang & B. Bienen

    Numerical analysis of large penetration of a cone and a large diameter footing into dense sand overlying clay
    B. Bienen & G. Qiu

    3D Finite Element analysis of a RCC dam employing a concrete model with tension softening
    F. Tschuchnigg, B. Schaedlich, H.F. Schweiger & S. Pausz

    CPT based direct design approach for spudcan penetration in non-uniform clay with an interbedded stiff layer
    J. Zheng, M.S. Hossain & D.Wang

    Nonlinear elastic solutions for axially and laterally loaded single pile by transfer matrix method
    M. Zhu, X. He & W. Gong

    Experiment and numerical simulation of pile stress on pile and piled raft foundations subjected to ground deformation during earthquakes
    K. Kaneda, J. Hamada & T. Tanikawa

    Large penetration FE analysis of stiffened caissons in NC clays with a sandwiched stiff clay layer
    M. Zhou, M.S. Hossain & Y. Hu

    Modelling installation of helical anchors in clay
    C. Todeshkejoei, J.P. Hambleton, S.A. Stanier & C. Gaudin

    Dynamic behavior of monopile supported offshore wind turbine system
    S. Bisoi & S. Haldar

    Vertical transient loading of a suction caisson in dense sand
    B. Cerfontaine, F. Collin & R. Charlier

    Bearing capacity of reinforced sandy ground
    H.M. Shahin, Y. Morikawa, S. Masuda, T. Nakai & S. Mio

    Load transfer mechanism for the composite piled raft foundation under consolidation
    Z. Song, F. Liang & M. Huang

    Estimation of ultimate lateral resistance of pile in clayey ground
    S. Koumura, Y. Shiratori, S. Ohtsuka & T. Hoshina

    Nonlinear dynamic response of floating piles under vertical vibration
    S. Kumar, S. Biswas & B. Manna

    Considerations when dislocation theory is used for evaluation of ground deformations by reverse fault displacements
    K. Tani & Y. Okusa

    Physical and numerical modelling of pile foundations subjected to vertical and horizontal loading in dry sand
    Y.S. Ünsever, M.Y. Özkan, T. Matsumoto, S. Shimono & K. Esashi

    Research on the influence of reclamation project on the pile foundation of newly built bridge
    S. Huo, M. Zhu, H. Deng & W. Gong

    Numerical modeling of piles in sandy soils considering stress dependent modulus of elasticity
    M.M. Ahmadi & S.M.S. Abadi

    Parametric FEM analysis on mechanical behavior of incompletely end-supported pile
    S. Teramoto, M. Kimura & T. Boonyatee

    Numerical modelling of pile jacking in a soft clay
    N. Sivasithamparam, H.K. Engin & J. Castro

    Experimental research on vertical bearing behavior of composite foundation constructed by caisson and piles
    L.Wang, B. Mu,W. Gong & A. Xia

    Soil-water coupled finite deformation analysis on subgrade reaction force acting on the underground pile
    K. Nakai, T. Noda, S. Komura & Y. Shiratori

    Numerical optimisation of geotechnical structures using finite element analysis
    A. Spetz, O. Dahlblom & P. Lindh

    Response of tall chimneys with piled raft and annular raft foundation under wind loads considering SSI
    B.R. Jayalekshmi, S.V. Jisha & R. Shivashankar

    Effect of superstructure rigidity on the contact stress and differential settlement under isolated footings using 3D Finite Element analysis
    H.F. Shehata & M.F. Shehata

    The effect of soil model on the differential settlement under strip foundations
    H.F. Shehata & M.F. Shehata

    Geotechnical structures and slope stability

    An analytical solution to anchored sheet piles retaining cohesion less backfill
    I. Chowdhury

    A numerical study on the response and stability of abandoned lignite mines in relation to the excavation of a large underground opening below
    Ö. Aydan & M. Genis

    Numerical evaluation of the deformation of earth retaining wall reinforced by soil buttress method during the excavation in soft soil
    N. Takada, K. Shimono, F. Oka, S. Kimoto & Y. Higo

    Sensitivity analysis of slope stability based on orthogonal designs
    T. Shuku, S. Nishimura & T. Shibata

    Centrifuge modeling and finite element analysis for moisture and stress conditions in an embankment with deformation of foundation ground
    Y. Ikami, T. Shimokawa & R. Uzuoka

    Integrated modeling and monitoring for real time stability assessment of flood defense systems
    J.M. van Esch

    Delayed failure identification by coupled hydraulic-mechanical numerical analyses
    R. Schuerch & G. Anagnostou

    Study on the distribution of the lateral force loading on stabilizing piles in sandy slope
    Y. He, H. Hazarika, N.Watanabe & H. Sugahara

    Comparison on usefulness of two buried pipeline retrofitting methods in earthquake induced landslides with numerical modeling
    F. Jafarzadeh, S. Yoosefi, H.F. Jahromi & M. Samadiyan

    Explanation of seismic response of geosynthetic reinforced slope
    S.J. Chao & H. Hwang

    A discrete model for rock impacts on muckpiles
    A. Effeindzourou, K. Thoeni, A. Giacomini & S.W. Sloan

    Finite element simulation for an earthquake-induced landslide considering strain-softening characteristics of sensitive clays
    A.Wakai, F. Cai, K. Ugai & T. Soda

    Numerical simulation of landslide due to excavation of soft rock using an elasto-viscoplastic water-soil coupled FEM
    T. Takyu, S. Kimoto & F. Oka

    Granular mechanics of the lateral earth pressure in plane stress state
    C. Yanqui

    Analysis of failure mechanism of submarine slope under linear wave loading
    T.K. Nian, B. Liu, D.Wang & P. Yin

    Numerical study for wave-induced pore pressure accumulations around buried pipeline: Effects of back-fill trench layer
    H. Zhao & D.-S. Jeng

    Numerical analysis of MSE wall considering wall friction and reinforcement stiffness
    S.S. Mouli & B. Umashankar

    Probabilistic slope stability analysis considering spatial variability of soil properties: Influence of correlation length
    C.P. Sarma, A.M. Krishna & A. Dey

    Evaluation of rainfall infiltration and induced instability of tumulus mounds
    M. Sawada, M. Mimura & M. Yoshimura

    Soil improvement

    Approximations of the macroscopic strength criterion of reinforced soils, with application to structural stability analyses
    M. Gueguin, G. Hassen & P. de Buhan

    Numerical analysis of improvement effect on peaty ground by vertical drains/vacuum consolidation based on a new macro-element method
    H.S. Nguyen, M. Tashiro, T. Noda & S. Yamada

    Reduction of expansive index and free swell of Kaolinite and Bentonite clay using sand and Class C fly ash
    P.K. Kolay & K.C. Ramesh

    Application of geosynthetic vertical drains under cyclic loads for track stabilization
    B. Indraratna, C. Rujikiatkamjorn, J. Ni & J. Carter

    Radial consolidation model incorporating the effects of vacuum preloading and non-Darcian flow
    C. Rujikiatkamjorn, B. Indraratna & K. Kianfar

    Evaluation of enzyme mediated calcite grouting as a possible soil improvement technique
    D. Neupane, H. Yasuhara & N. Kinoshita

    Freeze-thaw durability of lime stabilized clayey subgrade soils
    Md.T. Rahman & R.A. Tarefder

    Analytical study on the consolidation of soft soil under vacuum preloading combined with fill surcharge
    W.H. Zhou, X.B. Li & C.Y. Hong

    Infrastructure geomechanics

    Application of shakedown analysis in pavement engineering
    J.Wang & H.S. Yu

    Validation of a reduced model of railway track allowing long 3D dynamic calculation of train-track interaction
    E. Arlaud, S. Costa D’Aguiar & E. Balmes

    Thawing railroad bed and methods of its reinforcing
    A.V. Petriaev

    Case histories

    Real-time monitoring and assessment of groundwater responses due to dewatering of an abandoned 7m deep excavation pit in Kuching City
    L.T. Ng, D.E.L. Ong,W.S.H.Wong, D.A. Gannilegedera, B.F. Jong & H.S. Chua

    Effects of localized dewatering and corner on the behavior of tied-back Contiguous Bored Piled (CBP) wall in Kuching City
    E.E.M. Chong & D.E.L. Ong


    Inverse problems in geomechanics

    Prediction of the ground and dyke behavior with vacuum consolidation
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