1st Edition

Computer Methods in Structural Masonry - 4 Fourth International Symposium

Edited By Gyan Pande, J. Middleton, B. Kralj Copyright 1998

    The proceedings of the fourth symposium on this topic examine the rapid advances and innovations being made in the theoretical and applied aspects of structural masonry. Focusing on the integration of computer modelling with experimental methods, assessment techniques, restoration and retro-fitting procedures, this is a thorough examination of the subject by leading international experts. Contains numerous graphs and tables.

    Preface. Numberical Modelling and Experimental Verification of the Mechanical Behaviour of Masonry Wallets. An Elastic-Plastic Model with Damage for Cyclic Analysis of Masonry Panels. Numerical Validation of a Close-Form approach to Localization in Linear Elastic Homogenization of Masonry. Faliure Process of Vertical joints between Composite Prefabricated Masonry Wall Elements. Longitudinal Vibrations of Masonry Beams. Stress-Strain Relationships of Masonry made from Czech Clay Units produced between 1955 and 1992. Damage and Fracture in Brittle Materials. A Macroelememt Dynamic Model for Masonry Shear Walls. Analysis of Masonry Structures Modelled by a Set of Rigid Blocks and Elastic Unilateral Contact Constraints. Numerical Analysis of Masonry Structures with Homogenised Cosserat Continuum Model. Towards Numerical Prediction of Cracking in Masonry Walls. Experimentally-based Computational Modelling of Masonry. Dry Block Assembly Continuum modelling for the In-Plane Analysis of Shear Walls. FE Prediction of Brickwork Panel Shear Strength. Mechanical Characterization of Stone Masonry Panels and Effectiveness of Strengthening Techniques. Cyclic Modelling of Reinforced masonry Shear Walls for Dynamic Analysis: Indications coming from Experiments. Numerical Modeling of Shear Bond Tests on Small Brick-Masonry Assemblages. Finite Element Analysis of Model Shear Tests. Numerical Modelling of Masonry Structures Reinforced or Repaired. Measurement of Tensile Strain Softening and its Influence on bond Tensile Results. Influence of Modified Mortars on Mechanical Properties of Masonry. Mechanical Characteristics of Modified Lime Mortar. Estimation of the In Situ Strength of Mortars. A Finite Element Model of Arch Ring Behaviour. Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Masonry Structures Using Homogenization: Application to Arch Structures. Discrete Element Modelling of the Seismic Behaviour of Stone Masonry Arches. Shape Optimization Problems of Masonry Domes. The Behaviour of Ancient Masonry Towers under Long-Term and Cyclic Actions. Limit Analysis of Masonry Domes. Earthquake Performance of St Constantinos Church in Kozani, Greece: Correlation of Observed Damage with Numerical Predictions. Mechanical Behaviour of Thick Mortar Joints under Compression: Experimental and Analytical Evaluation. Structural Characterisation of Reinforced Masonry Structures. Non-Linear Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings under Horizontal Loads. Modelling of Stone Masonry Walls Strengthened by RC Jackets. Crack Patterns in Masonry Infilled RC Frames Under Horizontal Loading. Dynamic Response of Multi-Storey RC Framed Structures with Masonry Infills: Laboratory and In-Situ Investigations. A Computer Program for the Seismic Analysis of Complex Masonry Buildings. The Measured Response of Partially Reinforced Masonry Piers Subjected to Combined Horizontal Cyclic and Compressive Loads. Statistical Analysis of Partial Safety Factors for Structural Masonry. Reliability Analysis of a Masonry Wall. Computer-Aided Design of Structural Masonry Elements. Index.


    G.N Pande, J. Middleton, B. Kralj

    'A very nicely produced book...Structural engineers involved in computer-aided analysis of masonry structures will find this book extremely useful, especially in cases where validation with codes is necessary. This book has exemplary methods to adopt.' - The Structural Engineer