Computerized Tomography for Scientists and Engineers  book cover
1st Edition

Computerized Tomography for Scientists and Engineers

Edited By

Prabhat Munshi

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ISBN 9781420047936
Published January 4, 2007 by CRC Press
240 Pages

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Book Description

Computerized Tomography for Scientists and Engineers is a collection of state-of-the-art articles on computerized tomography (CT). Each article covers a broadband spectrum of CT applications that are related to non-destructive testing (NDT), measurements of solid objects and non-invasive measurements (NIM) in fluids/gases/plasmas.

The book addresses essential topics such as:
þ Non-destructive testing of solid cross-sections
þ Non-invasive measurements in fluid/gas flows/plasmas
þ Classical techniques vs. tomographic techniques
þ Gamma-ray, X-ray, laser, and ultrasonic tomography
þ Data collection techniques
þ Tomographic inversion methods
þ Error analysis of CT images
þ Measurement of density/temperature/time-of-light
þ Application of CT in multi-phase flows
þ Tomographic extension of classical NDT methods

Computerized Tomography for Scientists and Engineers is a thorough, essential reference that provides an excellent account of the present developments in engineering imaging.

Table of Contents

Process Tomography: Development and Application of Non-intrusive Measuring Techniques for Multiphase Flows, M. Behling and D. Mewes

Impedance Techniques for the Measurement of Two Phase Flow Parameters: Possibilities and Challenges, P.K. Das, G. Das, S. Sen, and K. Biswas

X-Ray Computed Tomography for Solid Objects, A.K. Jena, N.K. Das, S.J. George, B. Venkataraman, C. Babu Rao, K. Kasiviswanathan, T. Jayakumar, P. Kalayanasundaram, and Baldev Raj

Steady-State Multi-Phase Flow Measurement Facility at FCRI, M. Suresh, R.V. Rajesh, M. Viswanathan, and M.S. Konnur

Bone Imaging Using Compound Ultrasonic Tomography, P. Lasaygues and P. Laugier

Challenges in Quantitative Ultrasound Bone Strength Assessment: Status and Perspectives, P. Laugier

Computerized Tomography in Blast Furnace, S.K. Mandal

Electrical Process Tomography: Imaging Fluid Mixing Processes Inside Stirred Vessels, R. Mann
Convection in Differently Heated Fluid Layers and Its Reconstruction Using Radial Tomography in an Octagonal Cavity, Sunil Punjabi

Tomography in Fusion Plasma Research, C.V.S. Rao

Tomographic Reconstructive Techniques for Void Fraction Distribution in Heavy Density Liquid Metal Two-phase Flows, P. Satyamurthy, N.S. Dixit, R. Chaudhary, and P. Munshi

Imaging of Buoyancy-Driven Convective Field Around a KDP Crystal Using Schlieren Tomography, Atul Srivastava, K. Muralidhar, and P.K. Panigrahi

Development of Computer Aided Tomography Systems in DRDL, S. Vathsal, C. Muralidhar, G.V. Siva Rao, K. Kumaran, M.P. Subramanian, M.R. Vijaya Lakshmi, Sijo N. Lukose, and M. Venkata Reddy

Determination of the Concentration Field Around a Growing Crystal Using Laser Shadowgraphic Tomography, Sunil Verma, K. Muralidhar, and V.K. Wadhawan

Digital Radiography for Non-destructive Testing, Debasish Mishra, Rajashekar Venkatachalam, and V. Manoharan

3D Tomography Using Neutrons and X-Rays, Amar Sinha and P.S. Sarkar

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