1st Edition

Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices

By Richard C. Dorf Copyright 2006
    570 Pages 332 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    In two editions spanning more than a decade, The Electrical Engineering Handbook stands as the definitive reference to the multidisciplinary field of electrical engineering. Our knowledge continues to grow, and so does the Handbook. For the third edition, it has expanded into a set of six books carefully focused on a specialized area or field of study. Each book represents a concise yet definitive collection of key concepts, models, and equations in its respective domain, thoughtfully gathered for convenient access.

    Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices examines digital and logical devices, displays, testing, software, and computers, presenting the fundamental concepts needed to ensure a thorough understanding of each field. It treats the emerging fields of programmable logic, hardware description languages, and parallel computing in detail. Each article includes defining terms, references, and sources of further information.

    Encompassing the work of the world's foremost experts in their respective specialties, Computers, Software Engineering, and Digital Devices features the latest developments, the broadest scope of coverage, and new material on secure electronic commerce and parallel computing.

    Logic Elements
    . IC Logic Family Operation and Characteristics; Gregory L. Moss
    . Logic Gates (IC); Peter Graham
    . Bistable Devices; Richard S. Sandige and Lynne A. Slivovsky
    . Optical Devices; H.S. Hinton
    Memory Devices
    . Integrated Circuits (RAM, ROM); W. David Pricer
    . Magnetic Tape; Peter A. Lee
    . Magneto-Optical Disk Data Storage; M. Mansuripur
    Logical Devices
    . Combinational Networks and Switching Algebra; Franco P. Preparata
    . Logic Circuits; Richard S. Sandige and Albert A. Liddicoat
    . Registers and Their Applications; B.R. Bannister, D.G. Whitehead, and James M. Gilbert
    . Programmable Arrays; George A. Constantinides
    . Arithmetic Logic Units; Bill D. Carroll
    . Programmable Logic; Albert A. Liddicoat and Lynne A. Slivovsky
    . Practical Microprocessors; John Staudhammer
    . Applications; Phillip J. Windley and James F. Frenzel
    . Light-Emitting Diodes; James E. Morris
    . Liquid-Crystal Displays; James E. Morris
    . Plasma Displays; Larry F. Weber
    Data Acquisition; Dhammika Kurumbalapitiya
    . Digital IC Testing; Michaela Serra
    . Design for Test; Bulent I. Dervisoglu

    . Number Systems; Richard F. Tinder
    . Computer Arithmetic; S.N. Yanushkevich
    . Architecture; Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vranesic, and Safwat Zaky
    . Microprogramming; Jacques Raymond
    . Assembly Language; James M. Feldman and Edward W. Czeck
    . High-Level Languages; Ted G. Lewis
    . Data Types and Data Structures; Johannes J. Martin
    . The Use of Hardware Description Languages in Computer Design; Michael D. Clietti
    Input and Output; Solomon Sherr
    Secure Electronic Commerce; Mostafa Hashem Sherif
    Software Engineering
    . Tools and Techniques; Carl A. Argila
    . Software Testing; Paul C. Jorgensen
    Computer Graphics; Nan C. Schaller and Evelyn P. Rozanski
    Computer Networks; Matthew N.O. Sadiku and Cajetan M. Akujuobi
    Fault Tolerance; Barry W. Johnson
    Knowledge Engineering
    . Databases; M. Abdelguerfi and R. Eskicioglu
    . Rule-Based Expert Systems; Jay Liebowitz
    Parallel Processors
    . Parallel Processors; Tse-yun Feng and Miro Kraetzl
    . Parallel Computing; Young Choon Lee and Albert Y. Zomaya
    Operating Systems; Raphael Finkel
    Computer and Communications Security; J. Arlin Cooper and Anna M. Johnston
    Computer Reliability; Chris G. Guy

    Introduction; Ronald J. Tallarida
    . Greek Alphabet
    . International System of Units (SI)
    . Conversion Constants and Multipliers
    . Physical Constants
    . Symbols and Terminology for Physical and Chemical Quantities
    . Credits
    . Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers; Charles W. Therrien


    Richard C. Dorf