3rd Edition

Computing Handbook Information Systems and Information Technology

Edited By Heikki Topi, Allen Tucker Copyright 2014
    1524 Pages 228 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Computing Handbook, Third Edition: Information Systems and Information Technology demonstrates the richness and breadth of the IS and IT disciplines. The second volume of this popular handbook explores their close links to the practice of using, managing, and developing IT-based solutions to advance the goals of modern organizational environments. Established leading experts and influential young researchers present introductions to the current status and future directions of research and give in-depth perspectives on the contributions of academic research to the practice of IS and IT development, use, and management

    Like the first volume, this second volume describes what occurs in research laboratories, educational institutions, and public and private organizations to advance the effective development and use of computers and computing in today’s world. Research-level survey articles provide deep insights into the computing discipline, enabling readers to understand the principles and practices that drive computing education, research, and development in the twenty-first century.

    Disciplinary Foundations and Global Impact
    Evolving Discipline of Information Systems Heikki Topi
    Discipline of Information Technology Barry M. Lunt and Han Reichgelt
    Information Systems as a Practical Discipline Juhani Iivari
    Information Technology Han Reichgelt, Joseph J. Ekstrom, Art Gowan, and Barry M. Lunt
    Sociotechnical Approaches to the Study of Information Systems Steve Sawyer and Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi
    IT and Global Development Erkki Sutinen
    Using ICT for Development, Societal Transformation, and Beyond Sherif Kamel

    Technical Foundations of Data and Database Management
    Data Models Avi Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth, and S. Sudarshan
    Tuning Database Design for High Performance Philippe Bonnet and Dennis Shasha
    Access Methods Apostolos N. Papadopoulos, Kostas Tsichlas,Anastasios Gounaris, and Yannis Manolopoulos
    Query Optimization Nicolas Bruno
    Concurrency Control and Recovery Michael J. Franklin
    Distributed and Parallel Database Systems M. Tamer Özsu and Patrick Valduriez
    Multimedia Databases Vincent Oria, Ying Li, Chitra Dorai, and Michael E. Houle

    Data, Information, and Knowledge Management
    Building Conceptual Modeling on the Foundation of Ontology Andrew Burton-Jones and Ron Weber
    Data and Information Quality Research Hongwei Zhu, Stuart E. Madnick, Yang W. Lee, and Richard Y. Wang
    Knowledge Management Sue Newell and Marco Marabelli
    Digital Libraries Edward A. Fox, Monika Akbar, Sherif Hanie El Meligy Abdelhamid, Noha Ibrahim
    Elsherbiny, Mohamed Magdy Gharib Farag, Fang Jin, Jonathan P. Leidig, and Sai Tulasi Neppali
    Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Jennifer Jie Xu
    Big Data Stephen Brobst and Bill Franks
    Governance of Organizational Data and Information Walid el Abed and Paul Brillant Feuto Njonko

    Analysis, Design, and Development of Organizational Systems
    Design Science Research Alan R. Hevner
    Identifying Opportunities for IT-Enabled Organizational Change Matti Rossi and Juho Lindman
    Deconstructing Enterprise Systems Paul Devadoss
    Enterprise Architecture Martin Meyer and Markus Helfert
    Business Process Management and Business Process Analysis Jan vom Brocke and Christian Sonnenberg
    Information Requirements Determination Glenn J. Browne
    From Waterfall to Agile Joey F. George
    Human-Centered System Development Jennifer Tucker
    Developing and Managing Complex, Evolving Information Infrastructures Ole Hanseth
    Impact of Culture on Information Systems Design and Use Dianne Cyr

    Human–Computer Interaction and User Experience
    Usability Engineering John M. Carroll and Mary Beth Rosson
    Task Analysis and the Design of Functionality David Kieras and Keith A. Butler
    Designing Multimedia Applications for User Experience Alistair Sutcliffe
    Applying International Usability Standards Tom Stewart
    Designing Highly Usable Web Applications Silvia Abrahão, Emilio Insfran, and Adrian Fernandez
    Transforming HCI William M. Gribbons and Roland Hübscher

    Using Information Systems and Technology to Support Individual and Group Tasks
    Individual-Level Technology Adoption Research Viswanath Venkatesh, Michael G. Morris, and Fred D. Davis
    Computer Self-Efficacy George M. Marakas, Miguel I. Aguirre-Urreta, and Kiljae Lee
    Developing Individual Computing Capabilities Saurabh Gupta
    Role of Trust in the Design and Use of Information Technology and Information Systems Xin Li
    Impacts of Information Systems on Decision-Making Emre Yetgin, Matthew L. Jensen, and Teresa Shaft
    Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Steven E. Poltrock
    Information Technology for Enhancing Team Problem Solving and Decision Making Gert-Jan de Vreede, Benjamin Wigert, Triparna de Vreede, Onook Oh, Roni Reiter-Palmon, and Robert Briggs
    Organizational Adoption of New Communication Technologies Jonathan Grudin
    Social Media Use within the Workplace Ester S. Gonzalez and Hope Koch

    Managing and Securing the IT Infrastructure and Systems
    Virtualization of Storage and Systems Yang Song, Gabriel Alatorre, Aameek Singh, Jim Olson, and Ann Corrao
    Cloud Computing Sharon E. Hunt, John G. Mooney, and Michael L. Williams
    Enterprise Mobility Carsten Sørensen
    Sustainable IT Edward Curry and Brian Donnellan
    Business Continuity Nijaz Bajgoric
    Technical Foundations of Information Systems Security Daniela Oliveira and Jedidiah Crandall
    Database Security and Privacy Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Sara Foresti, Sushil Jajodia, and Pierangela Samarati
    Behavioral Information Security Management Merrill Warkentin and Leigh Mutchler
    Privacy, Accuracy, and Accessibility of Digital Business Ryan T. Wright and David W. Wilson
    Digital Forensics Vassil Roussev

    Managing Organizational Information Systems and Technology Capabilities
    Organizing and Configuring the IT Function Till Winkler and Carol V. Brown
    Topics of Conversation: The New Agenda for the CIO Joe Peppard
    Information Technology Management Frameworks Hillol Bala and V. Ramesh
    Sourcing Information Technology Services Mary Lacity and Leslie Willcocks
    IS/IT Project Management Laurie J. Kirsch and Sandra A. Slaughter
    IS/IT Human Resource Development and Retention Thomas W. Ferratt and Eileen M. Trauth
    Performance Evaluation/Assessment for IS Professionals Fred Niederman
    Financial Information Systems Audit Practice Micheal Axelsen, Peter Green, and Gail Ridley

    Information Systems and the Domain of Business Intertwined
    Strategic Alignment Maturity Jerry Luftman
    Process of Information Systems Strategizing Anna Karpovsky, Mikko Hallanoro, and Robert D. Galliers
    Information Technology and Organizational Structure M. Lynne Markus
    Open Innovation Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa
    Inter-Organizational Information Systems Charles Steinfield
    Future of Information Systems Success William DeLone, Ephraim McLean, and Darshana Sedera
    Business Value of IS Investments Ellen D. Hoadley and Rajiv Kohli
    Information Technology and Firm Value Sunil Mithas and Henry C. Lucas, Jr.



    Heikki Topi, Allen Tucker