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Concepts for Critical Psychology: Disciplinary Boundaries Re-thought

About the Series

Developments inside psychology that question the history of the discipline and the way it functions in society have led many psychologists to look outside the discipline for new ideas. This series draws on cutting edge critiques from just outside psychology in order to complement and question critical arguments emerging inside. The authors provide new perspectives on subjectivity from disciplinary debates and cultural phenomena adjacent to traditional studies of the individual.

The books in the series are useful for advanced level undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and lecturers in psychology and other related disciplines such as cultural studies, geography, literary theory, philosophy, psychotherapy, social work and sociology.

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Marxism and Psychoanalysis In or against Psychology?

Marxism and Psychoanalysis: In or against Psychology?

1st Edition

By David Pavon-Cuellar
January 06, 2017

The methods developed by Freud and Marx have enabled a range of scholars to critically reflect upon the ideological underpinnings of modern and now postmodern or hypermodern western societies. In this intriguing book, the discipline of psychology itself is screened through the twin dynamics of ...

Developing Minds Psychology, neoliberalism and power

Developing Minds: Psychology, neoliberalism and power

1st Edition

By Elise Klein
September 29, 2016

Development policy makers and practitioners are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to target ‘development’ interventions and the psychological domain is now a specific frontier of their interventional focus. This landmark study considers the problematic relationship between ...

Rethinking Education through Critical Psychology Cooperative schools, social justice and voice

Rethinking Education through Critical Psychology: Cooperative schools, social justice and voice

1st Edition

By Gail Davidge
August 29, 2016

Since the very first ‘co-operative’ school opened its doors in 2008, the complicated relations between ‘co-operative’ approaches to schooling and democratic subjectivity remain unexplored. This ground breaking book considers the role of ‘voice’ in co-operative schooling and its place in radical ...

Deleuze and Psychology Philosophical Provocations to Psychological Practices

Deleuze and Psychology: Philosophical Provocations to Psychological Practices

1st Edition

By Maria Nichterlein, John R. Morss
July 26, 2016

An increasing number of scholars, students and practitioners of psychology are becoming intrigued by the ideas of Gilles Deleuze and of Felix Guattari. This book aims to be a critical introduction to these ideas, which have so much to offer psychology in terms of new directions as well as critique....

Ethics and Psychology Beyond Codes of Practice

Ethics and Psychology: Beyond Codes of Practice

1st Edition

By Calum Neill
May 02, 2016

This highly original book explores the idea and potential of psychology in the context of ethical theory, and the idea of ethics in the context of psychology. In so doing, it not only interrogates how we come to understand ethics and notions of right behaviour, but also questions the discipline of ...

Religion and Psychoanalysis in India Critical Clinical Practice

Religion and Psychoanalysis in India: Critical Clinical Practice

1st Edition

By Sabah Siddiqui
April 22, 2016

Religion and Psychoanalysis in India questions the assumptions of an established scientific, evidence-based global mental health paradigm by examining the practices of faith-based healing. It proposes that human beings demonstrate a dual loyalty: to science as faith and faith as science, both of ...

Radical Inclusive Education Disability, teaching and struggles for liberation

Radical Inclusive Education: Disability, teaching and struggles for liberation

1st Edition

By Anat Greenstein
June 24, 2015

Many people who work in education start out with enthusiastic ideals about education as a positive force that can spur change in the life of the learner and in society at large, yet find themselves frustrated with a bureaucratic system that often alienates and excludes many of its students. This is...

Race, Gender and the Activism of Black Feminist Theory Working with Audre Lorde

Race, Gender and the Activism of Black Feminist Theory: Working with Audre Lorde

1st Edition

By Suryia Nayak
September 03, 2014

Beginning from the premise that psychology needs to be questioned, dismantled and new perspectives brought to the table in order to produce alternative solutions, this book takes an unusual transdisciplinary step into the activism of Black feminist theory. The author, Suryia Nayak, presents a close...

Perverse Psychology The pathologization of sexual violence and transgenderism

Perverse Psychology: The pathologization of sexual violence and transgenderism

1st Edition

By Jemma Tosh
July 16, 2014

Psychology defines people who take pleasure in the suffering of others as having a form of mental illness, while media representations frame such behaviour as ‘evil’. This is hotly contested territory, not least where sexual violence is concerned – violence which feminist voices argue is related to...

The Therapeutic Turn How psychology altered Western culture

The Therapeutic Turn: How psychology altered Western culture

1st Edition

By Ole Jacob Madsen
June 02, 2014

In what ways has psychology become more influential in Western society? In this book author Ole Jacob Madsen considers the notion of a ‘Therapeutic Turn’ in Western culture – the tendency for psychology to permeate ever new spheres within society. The Therapeutic Turn evaluates the increasing ...

Decolonizing Global Mental Health The psychiatrization of the majority world

Decolonizing Global Mental Health: The psychiatrization of the majority world

1st Edition

By China Mills
November 11, 2013

Decolonizing Global Mental Health is a book that maps a strange irony. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Movement for Global Mental Health are calling to ‘scale up’ access to psychological and psychiatric treatments globally, particularly within the global South. Simultaneously, in the ...

Self Research The intersection of therapy and research

Self Research: The intersection of therapy and research

1st Edition

By Ian Law
December 11, 2013

‘Self research’ is both a therapeutic and a research endeavour that enables the subject of the research to interpret and validate their own data. In Self Research, Ian Law outlines and draws together the theoretical, institutional and practice elements of this work, and offers illustrative examples...

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