1st Edition

Conceptual Representation A Special Issue of Language And Cognitive Processes

Edited By James A. Hampton, Helen Moss Copyright 2004
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    Concepts lie at the heart of our mental life, supporting a myriad of cognitive functions - including thinking and reasoning, object recognition, memory, and language comprehension and production. The nature of concepts and their representation in the mind and brain has been studied from many different perspectives and so provides valuable opportunities for integrative, interdisciplinary discussions.
    This special issue on conceptual representation contains invited papers from leading researchers across the range of cognitive science disciplines, addressing the nature of semantic and conceptual representation in the mind and brain. Contributions include both empirical reports and theoretical reviews, from the fields of cognitive and developmental psychology, neuropsychology, philosophy and linguistics.

    J.A. Hampton, Helen E. Moss, Concepts and Meaning: Introduction to the Special Issue on Conceptual Representation. L. W. Barsalou, Situated Simulation in the Human Conceptual System. S.A. Sloman, B.C. Malt Artifacts are not Ascribed Essences, Nor are they Treated as Belonging to Kinds. E.J. Wisniewski, C.A. Lamb, E.L. Middleton, On the Conceptual Basis for the Count and Mass Noun Distinction, T.T. Rogers, J.R. Hodges, M.A. Lambon Ralph, K. Patterson, Object Recognition Under Semantic Impairment: The Effects of Conceptual Regularities on Perceptual Decisions. F.C. Keil, Categorisation, Causation, and the Limits of Understanding. D.K. Levy, Concepts, Language, and Privacy: An Argument "Vaguely Viennese in Provenance", E.M. Saffran, H. Branch Coslett, N. Martin, C.B. Boronat, Access to Knowledge from Pictures but Not Words in a Patient with Progressive Fluent Aphasia. G. Diesendruck, Categories for Names or Names for Categories? The Interplay between Domain-Specific Conceptual Structure and Language.


    James A. Hampton, Helen Moss