1st Edition

Conceptualisation and Exposition A Theory of Character Construction

By Lina Varotsi Copyright 2019
    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    While the concept of the fictional character has been widely discussed at interdisciplinary level, a foundational theory of character creation is yet to follow. As a result, creative writing students and beginner writers refer to post-construction analysis, as well as the step-by-step advice often suggested by popular writing manuals. Aiming to fill this gap and at the same time reconcile approaches in writing and criticism, this book proposes a theory of character creation based on the in-depth analysis of the concept, as well its place within the narrative. The approach suggested herein consists of two interrelated stages: conceptualisation and exposition.

    Conceptualisation entails the in-depth understanding of what constitutes the fictional character, as well as the dynamics of its correlation with the reader, the author and its real counterpart, the human person; Exposition refers to the conveyance of such understanding on paper. Viewing creative writing as an art and craft, the author builds her theory on the notion that comprehension of the world and the concept of character itself is an essential prerequisite in order to construct consistent and believable fictional persons.

    Varotsi also introduces her four stages of creation: Observation, Perception, Empathy and Imagination to inspire a method of work according to which personal craftsmanship and artistry can be successfully combined with pedagogic technique.



    Dr Lina P Varotsi is an independent academic researcher, novelist and creative writing instructor. She holds a PhD in English & Creative Writing, a Master’s Degree in Practical Filmmaking, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Media Communications. Her areas of interest lie within creative writing and literary theory; screenwriting and film narratology; creative processes; and the implementation of creative writing in education, cultural studies, socio-linguistics and theory of mind.

    She is also the Editorial Director of Poua Publications, specialising in parenting education and children’s fiction.

    Her debut novel is due to be published in late 2019.