1st Edition

Concise Notes in Oncology for MRCP and MRCS

By Kefah Mokbel Copyright 2005

    This new updated and expanded edition challenges many widely held views on the links between poverty and child health. It brings together new evidence, both historical and current, and considers the practical implications for health and social policy, outlining innovative approaches to future development. Poverty and Child Health is vital reading for paediatricians and child health workers, doctors and health service managers, social service professionals, social scientists and everyone with an interest in shaping health and social policy.

    Oncogenesis. Growth and metastases. Principles of chemotherapy. Principles of radiotherapy. Cancer of the lip. Oral cancer. Salivary glands. Retinoblastoma. Laryngeal cancer. Lung cancer. Breast cancer. Oesophageal cancer. Gastric cancer. Gastrointestinal lymphoma. Small bowel carcinoma. Colorectal carcinoma. Anal cancer. Gall bladder cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma. Hepatocellular carcinoma. Carcinoma of the pancreas. Multiple endocrine neoplasia. Insulinom. Gastrinoma. Thyroid cancer. Cerebral metastases. Acute leukaemia. Chronic leukaemia. Cutaneous T-Cell lymphoma. Merkel cell tumour. Neuroblastoma. Long-term venous access. Indications. Catheters. Insertion techniques. Complications. Principles of catheter care. Pain control in advanced cancer. Symptom control in advanced cancer.


    Kefah Mokbel