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    Written specifically for the young professional and addressing a growing need for a long service life with minimal maintenance, Concrete Durability takes a whole new look at the whole-life performance of structures. This text examines physical and chemical issues that can threaten the durability of concrete.

    It explores available options for achieving appropriate durability, examining how durable concrete can be specified and designed, with emphasis placed on the European standards. The author brings together methods and procedures needed for durability assessment and testing, as well as repair and rehabilitation. The book introduces an approach that identifies what causes deterioration, what factors influence deterioration, and what is required to minimize the rate of deterioration.

    The author also:

    • Considers the aspects of the construction process, which can influence durability

    • Factors in technologies that can be employed at the start of a structure’s service life to enhance resistance to deterioration

    • Explores the issue of service life and serviceability

    • Observes how durability problems in a structure can be identified

    • Suggests how future deterioration might be predicted and how deteriorated concrete can be repaired

    This text promotes an understanding of how concrete elements in structures deteriorate. It also determines what must be done to protect structures from rapid deterioration and how existing durability problems can be identified and resolved.

    Introduction. Physical mechanisms of concrete degradation. Chemical mechanisms of concrete degradation. Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. Specification and design of durable concrete. Construction of durable concrete structures. Serviceability, repair and maintenance of concrete structures. References. Index.


    Thomas Dyer is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Dundee, UK. He delivers on Civil Engineering Materials and on Civil Engineering Materials and the Environment

    "Concrete Durability by Thomas Dyer is a must-have guide for all professionals working in a concrete-related field. … Overall, this is a great book written in a coherent and logical format; it offers a substantial review of the subject, exploring many of the wide-ranging issues that are related to the durability of concrete."
    Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 2016

    "This book is a treasure trove of information, and will appeal to all with a genuine interest in the use and versatility of this amazing material we call concrete."
    Magazine of Concrete Research

    "… an up-to-date reference encompassing recent standard changes this publication is useful to all parties concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of concrete structures, but is written in a literary style that makes it particularly suited to non-concrete specialists and graduate or postgraduate students. …Though slightly academic in flavour, it supplies clear explanations of typical deterioration mechanisms and provides a structured approach to design, assessment and repair."
    Concrete Journal, November 2015

    "The book provides a detailed and comprehensive treatment on the subject of concrete durability and, as such, is entirely suitable as a single text for an advanced level course on this subject. Proper scientific explanations are provided for each deterioration process covered and the book also gives information on how to ‘design for durability’ in new construction and how to fix (repair) durability problems in existing structures."
    —Michael Thomas, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada

    "This is the best single author book on concrete durability that I have seen. Its real strength is not so much its extremely wide coverage of concrete durability, but that it is written in such a way that it is accessible to engineers and designers who are not necessarily experts in ce