1st Edition

Concrete Particulars A Metaphysics of Spatiotemporal Entities

By Daniel Giberman Copyright 2024
    264 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents a novel metaphysics of concrete entities. The author uses the theory developed to address three major topics in the metaphysics of concreta: fundamentality, persistence over time, and phenomenal consciousness.

    The book provides a new theory of what “bundles” particular property instances, or tropes, into material property bearers. The theory is based on two new ideas. The first is that the primitive nature of one sui generis monadic property called markedness bears on the bundling of other properties’ tropes. The second idea is that the geometric and topological features of a given markedness trope help to determine which tropes it bundles. The author argues that this new markedness bundle theory determines all property co-instantiation at the levels of both type and token, positioning markedness tropes as the fundamental concreta. The theory also explains bundling across time, yielding an advantageous account of material persistence. Finally, markedness tropes operate as de facto panprotopsychist property instances: fundamental non-consciousness tropes that uniquely explain where and why consciousness properties are exemplified. The book solidifies the case for markedness through sustained critical analysis of competing theories of fundamentality and persistence, focusing in part on their inability to account for unending mereological and plural structures.

    Concrete Particulars will appeal to scholars and advanced students working in metaphysics and philosophy of mind.

    1. Concrete Particulars and Markedness

    2. The (Meta-)Philosophy of (Meta-)Physics: Some Sociological and Philosophical Observations

    3A. A Default Case for Tropes I: Nominalisms

    3B. A Default Case for Tropes II: Realisms

    4. Ostrich Supertropestantivalism

    5. The Need for a New Trope Bundle Theory

    6. Markedness Bundle Theory

    7. Priority Markedness

    8. Markedness Plurdurantism

    9. Markedness Panprotopsychism


    Daniel Giberman is Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Gothenburg. His research focuses on contemporary metaphysics and related issues in mind and language. His work has appeared in MIND, Philosophers’ Imprint, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, The Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophical Studies.