Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting IV : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR-4), 5-7 October 2015, Leipzig, Germany book cover
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Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting IV
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR-4), 5-7 October 2015, Leipzig, Germany

ISBN 9781138028432
Published September 17, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

The Fourth International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR 2015) was held 5-7 October 2015 in Leipzig, Germany. This conference is a collaborative venture by researchers from the South African Research Programme in Concrete Materials (based at the Universities of Cape Town and The Witwatersrand) and the Material Science Group at Leipzig University and The Leipzig Institute for Materials Research and Testing (MFPA) in Germany.

ICCRRR 2015 continues to seek and to extend a sound base of theory and practice in repair and rehabilitation, through both theoretical andexperimental studies, and through good case study literature. Two key aspects need to be addressed: that of developing sound and easily applied standard practices for repair, possibly codified, and the need to study seriously the service performance of repaired structures and repair systems. In fact, without making substantial efforts to implement the latter goal, much of the effort in repair and rehabilitation may prove to be less than economical or satisfactory.

The conference proceedings contain papers presented at the conference which can be grouped under the six main themes of (i) Concrete durability aspects, (ii) Condition assessment of concrete structures, (iii) Modern materials technology, (iv) Concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting, (v) Performance and health monitoring and (vi)
Education, research and specifications. The large number of high quality papers presented and the wide range of relevant topics covered confirm that these proceedings will be a valued reference for many working in this important field and that they will form a suitable base for discussion and provide suggestions for future development and research. Set of book of abstracts (244 pp) and a searchable full paper CD-ROM (1054 pp).

Table of Contents

Concrete durability aspects

Chloride ingress testing of concrete
D. Dunne, C. Christodoulou, M.D. Newlands, P. McKenna & C.I. Goodier
Concrete corrosion in an Austrian sewer system
C. Grengg, A. Baldermann, M. Dietzel, F. Mittermayr, M.E. Böttcher & A. Leis
One-dimensional scanning of water transport in hardened cement paste during freeze-thaw attack by NMR imaging
Z. Djuric, M. Haist, H.S. Müller, J. Sester & E.H. Hardy
Effects of electrochemical chloride extraction on microstructure of various cement paste systems
N.T.H. Yen, Y. Hiroshi & H. Katsufumi
Study on possibility of estimation of chloride content in coastal reinforced concrete structures using electromagnetic waves
J. Nojima, M. Uchida & T. Mizobuchi
Lithium migration in mortar specimens with embedded cathode
L.M.S. Souza, O. Çopuroğlu & R.B. Polder
Analysis and visualization of water uptake in cracked and healed mortar by water absorption tests and X-ray radiography
B. Van Belleghem, N. De Belie, J. Dewanckele & V. Cnudde
Experimental study on the long-term leaching properties of CSG materials
W. Feng, Z. Liu, J. Jia & F. Ma
Effects of resistivity on corrosion rate measurements obtained from a coulostatic monitoring device
A.N. Scott
Study of residual protection following interruption of impressed current cathodic protection in concrete
D.W. Law & S. Bhuiyan
Deterioration of service reservoirs constructed in accordance with EN 206
R. Brueckner, C. Atkins & P. Lambert
Modelling of chloride diffusion coefficient in concrete with supplementary cementitious materials
K.N. Shukla & R.G. Pillai
Damage risk and development in concrete pavements caused by an Alkali-Silica Reaction
A. Wiedmann, E. Kotan & H.S. Müller
Reinforcement corrosion behavior in bending cracks after short-time chloride exposure
F. Hiemer, S. Keßler & C. Gehlen
Physical model for structural evaluation of R.C. beams in presence of corrosion
A. Cesetti, G. Mancini, F. Tondolo, A. Recupero & N. Spinella
Bond-slip model for corroded steel in concrete
A. Cesetti, G. Mancini, F. Tondolo & C. Vesco
Pull-out tests on R.C. corroded specimens
A. Cesetti, G. Mancini & F. Tondolo
Corrosion resistance of BS 8500 compliant concretes
C. Christodoulou, D. Dunne, C.I. Goodier & R. Yea
Variations of humidity within a relatively large ASR-affected concrete cylinder exposed to a natural environment
H. Kagimoto, Y. Yasuda, S. Kinoshita & M. Kawamura
Influence of electrochemical lithium penetration from various kinds of lithium solution on ASR expansion of concrete
T. Ueda, A. Nanasawa & M. Tsukagoshi
Effect of surface-applied inhibitors on anticorrosion performance of steel bars in sea sand concrete
Z. Wang, S. Di & Z. Liu
Durability design of concrete mixtures for sewer pipe applications: A review of the Life Factor Method
M.W. Kiliswa, M.G. Alexander & H.-D. Beushausen
Moisture exchange in concrete repair system captured by X-ray absorption
M. Lukovic, E. Schlangen, G. Ye & K. van Breugel
Forecasting chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in concrete—effect of realistic reinforcement steel surface conditions
U.M. Angst & B. Elsener
Effect of reinforcement corrosion on serviceability behavior of RC beams and analytical model
L. Hariche, M. Bouhicha, S. Kenai & Y. Ballim
Damage evaluation for freezing-thawing affected concrete by automated panoramic fluorescent microscope
S. Li, G. Chen, G. Ji, W. Xia & D. Zhang
Modelling the service life of concrete until cover cracking due to reinforcement corrosion
E. Bohner, M. Ferreira & O. Saarela
A whole of life approach to concrete durability—the CIA concrete durability series
F. Papworth
On the relationship between the formation factor and diffusion coefficients of Portland cement mortars
Z. Bajja, W. Dridi, B. Larbi & P. Lebescop
Resistivity and water absorption of concrete
C.I. Goodier, C. Xueting, C. Christodoulou, D. Dunne & R. Yea

Condition assessment of concrete structures

An investigative study into the application of Non-Destructive Testing techniques for integrity assessment of RC piles
E. Okwori, P. Moyo & K. Matongo
Studies on the key technical problems of asphalt concrete facing slabs in the upper reservoir of Huhhot Pumped-Storage Plant in North China
S. Xia, Y. Lu, Z. Wang & F. Zhang
Evaluation of sulfate damages in a tunnel concrete segments
F. Moodi, A.A. Ramezanianpour, Q.B. Chenar & M.Z. Esteghamati
In-situ concrete strength assessment based on Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV), rebound, cores and the SonReb method
F. Papworth, D. Corbett & R. Barnes
Impact loads on concrete bridge caps—studying load distribution for recalculation of existing bridges in the ultimate limit state                                                                                            
M. Niederwald, M. Keuser, K. Goj & S. Geuder
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)—innovative method for on-site measurements on chloride contaminated building materials
S. Millar, T. Eichler, G. Wilsch & C. Gottlieb
Enhancing the interpretation of Torrent air permeability method results
R. Neves
Combined Non Destructive Testing for concrete compressive strength prediction
G. Concu, B. De Nicolo, N. Trulli & M. Valdés
Estimation of concrete strength and stiffness by means of Ultrasonic Testing
G. Concu, B. De Nicolo, N. Trulli & M. Valdés
A repair quality control with elastic waves based methods vs. concrete substrate quality
A. Garbacz, T. Piotrowski, L. Courard & B. Bissonnette
Condition assessment of a 100-year-old RC building in Hiroshima
T. Kinose, K. Imamoto, T. Noguchi & T. Ohkubo
A technical review of seven cathodic protection systems in Jersey
J. Drewett, K. Davies & K. Armstrong
Corrosion survey of the bridge deck “Viadotto Colle Isarco”/“Autobahnbrücke Gossensaß” on the Motorway called “Autostrada del Brennero” in North-Italy
R. Giorgini
Mechanical performance of deep beams damaged by corrosion in a chloride environment
L. Yu, R. François, R. Gagné, V.H. Dang & V. L’Hostis
Literature overview on the application and limitations of stress wave propagation theory for conditional assessment of concrete structures and elements
E. Okwori
Concrete cultural heritage in France—inventory and state of conservation
E. Marie-Victoire, M. Bouichou, T. Congar & R. Blanchard
The development of a new Dutch guideline for the conservation of historic concrete (URL 4005)
H.A. Heinemann
Evaluation of moisture and gas permeability of surface treated concrete and its application to historical reinforced buildings in Japan
K. Imamoto, C. Kiyohara, K. Nagai & M. Misono

Modern materials technology

A new restrained shrinkage test for HPC repair materials
A. Reggia, F. Macobatti, F. Minelli, G.A. Plizzari & S. Sgobba
Studies on creep deformation of ultra-rapid-hardening cement-type bonded anchor
S. Ando, T. Tamura, K. Nakano & T. Tanuma
Assessment of the use of Arcelor Mittal electric arc furnace slag as coarse aggregates in concrete production
D. Maharaj & A. Mwasha
Self compacting grout and concrete: How it is produced and why it is needed
H.S. Abdelgader & A.S. El-Baden
Research and development of polymer modified self compacting concrete used for replacement of large area deterioration concrete
X. Kong, G. Chen, S. Li, G. Ji & S. Zhang
Using steel fibered high strength concrete for repairing continuous normal strength concrete bending elements
K. Holschemacher, I. Iskhakov & Y. Ribakov
Investigations on the suitability of technical textiles for cathodic corrosion protection
A. Asgharzadeh, M. Raupach & D. Koch
The evaluation of concomitant use of Metakaolin and Limestone Portland Cement to durability of HPC Concrete
A.A. Ramezanianpour & N. Afzali
Polymer modified high performance concrete as structural repair material of existing structures
K.D. Zavliaris
A new approach for internal curing of high performance concrete to reduce early-age volume variations
P.A. Savva & M.F. Petrou
Real-scale testing of the efficiency of self-healing concrete
K. Van Tittelboom, D. Snoeck, E. Gruyaert, B. Debbaut, N. De Belie, J. Wang & A. De Araújo
Sprayed textile reinforced concrete layers for a durable protection of waterway engineering structures
C.M. Cruz & M. Raupach
Production and fresh properties of powder type self—compacting concrete in Sudan
O.M.A. Daoud & T.M. Kabashi
Utilization of polypropylene fibre reinforced cement composites as a repair material: A review
A. Baricevic, M. Pezer & N. Stirmer
A novel technique for self-repair of cracks of reinforced concrete structures
S. Pareek
The effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors in reducing corrosion in chloride contaminated RC structures
P.A. Arito & H.-D. Beushausen
Protection against biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion—development of a sprayed polymer concrete      
R.S. Holthausen & M. Raupach
Colloidal nanosilica application to improve the durability of damaged hardened concrete
M. Sánchez, M.C. Alonso, I. Díaz & R. González
Combined influence of slag composition and temperature on the performance of slag blends
O.R. Ogirigbo & L. Black

Concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting

The construction of the bridge over the Vaal River in Warrenton—a case study
T. Massingue
Numerical study on effect of ductility in the flexural capacity enhancement of RC beam strengthened with FRP
A. Kashi, M.Z. Kabir & F. Moodi
Study of the crack pattern and its evolution by DIC of RC beams externally reinforced with TRC and CFRP
S. Verbruggen, T. Tysmans, J. Wastiels & S. De Sutter
Intelligent, multifunctional textile reinforced concrete interlayer for bridges
C. Driessen & M. Raupach
Preliminary investigation of flexural strengthening of RC beams using NSM iron-based shape memory alloys bars
H.N. Rojob & R. El-Hacha
Preliminary experimental investigation of reinforced concrete columns confined with NiTi SMA wires
K. Abdelrahman & R. El-Hacha
Chillon Viaduct deck slab strengthening using reinforced UHPFRC: Full-scale tests
D. Zwicky & E. Brühwiler
Chillon Viaduct deck slab strengthening using reinforced UHPFRC: Numerical simulation of full-scale tests
H. Sadouki, E. Brühwiler & D. Zwicky
Strengthening of existing reinforced concrete beams using ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete
A.P. Lampropoulos, S.A. Paschalis, O.T. Tsioulou & S.E. Dritsos
“Integralization” with new UHPC decks for existing motorway bridges
P. Hadl, R.d. Pietra, M. Reichel & N.V. Tue
Structural strengthening of a shop-house for use as a medical centre
C.C. Lim & Y.C. Chua
Overall precision uplift rehabilitation technology for uneven settlement of concrete structure of slab ballastless track
X. Zheng, J. Liu, S. Li, W. Xu, Z. Zhang, Y. Wang, F. Cheng & X. Wen
Axial compression testing of an emergency-retrofitted shear-damaged RC column
K. Nakada, M. Kochi, S. Arakaki, H. Karwand & M.Z. Noori
Rehabilitation of corrosion-aged concrete T-girders with textile-reinforced mortar
T. El-Maaddawy & A. El Refai
Dismantling of damaged PSC damaged suspended span of Varsova Bridge across Vasai Creek on NH-8, Mumbai, India
M.L. Gupta, D.A. Bhide & P.B. Dongre
Repair and retrofitting of two mega liter post tensioned, precast concrete tanks for molasses storage
J.H. Strydom & B.H. Schlebusch
Repair and widening of the Nels River Bridge on road R37 in South Africa
R.G. Miller, R. Nel & E.J. Kruger
Evaluation of repair mortar materials for old monuments in southern India
S.D. Rani, M. Deb, M. Santhanam & R. Gettu
Selection procedures for concrete repair—patch repair and cathodic protection in atmospheric zones
F. Papworth, J. Dyson & M. Marosszeky
Experience with installing an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system on the multi-story car park of the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany
H. Esteves, P. Chess, S. Mayer, R. Stöcklein & R. Adamovic
Application of cathodic protection on 30 concrete bridges with pre-stressing steel: Remaining service life extended with more than 20 years
A.J. van den Hondel, E.L. Klamer, J. Gulikers & R.B. Polder
Towards improved cracking resistance in concrete patch repair mortars
P.A. Arito, H.-D. Beushausen & M.G. Alexander
Reinforcement corrosion in separation cracks after injection with PUR
M. Kosalla & M. Raupach
Maintenance of concrete pavements with thin-layered new concrete
A. Cokovik & R. Breitenbücher
Important factors in the performance, durability and repair of concrete façade elements
A.N. van Grieken
Evaluation of shear bond test methods of concrete repair
V.D. Tran, K. Uji, A. Ueno, K. Ohno & B. Wang
Structural repair approach for reinforcement corrosion in concrete building structure: An application case
G. Gallina, M. Graziosi & A. Imbrenda
Electro Active Repair of concrete for improved durability of conventional repair
R.B. Polder, M.R. Geiker
A quantitative approach to the concept of concrete repair compatibility
B. Bissonnette, F. Modjabi-Sangnier, L. Courard, A. Garbacz & A.M. Vaysburd
The compatibility in concrete repair—random thoughts and wishful thinking
A.M. Vaysburd, B. Bissonnette, K.F. von Fay & R. Morin
Influence of the interface mechanisms on the behavior of strengthened with reinforced concrete or steel existing RC slabs
M. Traykova & R. Boiadjieva
Fundamental approach for the concept of concrete repair compatibility
L. Courard, B. Bissonnette & A. Garbacz
Strengthening/retrofitting of coupling beams using advanced cement based materials
M. Muhaxheri, A. Spini, L. Ferrara, M. di Prisco & M.G.L. Lamperti
Cyclic behaviour of R.C. column with corroded reinforcement repaired with HPFRC jacket
S. Mostosi, A. Meda, Z. Rinaldi & P. Riva
Concrete hinge bearing replacement: A case study of concrete hinge collapse and broader implications for concrete hinge bearings under seismic effects
R.K. Dickson & E.J. Kruger
Seismic reinforcement of the URM by FRP system
O. Simakov, G. Tonkikh, O. Kabancev & A. Granovsky
Influence of surface concrete preparation on adhesion properties of repair materials
M. Skazlic, K. Mavar & A. Baricevic
Management of the M4 Elevated Section substructures
C.R. Hendy, C.T. Brock, A.D.J. Nicholls & S. El-Belbol
Modern technique and concrete technology used to conserve a unique marine heritage breakwater
S. Hold
Some conclusions of durability and behavior of structural rehabilitation solutions applied to deteriorated reinforced concrete elements after ten years of intervention
G. Croitoru & A. Popaescu
Case study for the repair of Berths 4 & 6 in Guernsey
J. Drewett, K. Davies & P. Segers
Southern Europe pipeline: New life of a 1960s pipeline
C. Chanonier, C. Raulet, F. Martin, C. Carde & J. Resplendino
Innovative subsequently applied shear strengthening techniques for RC members
N. Randl & P. Harsányi
Development of a multi-disciplinary graduate course on rehabilitation of structures
T. El-Maaddawy
Design of externally bonded FRP systems for strengthening of concrete structures
T.A. Mukhamediev & V.R. Falikman
Conservation and restoration of exposed cement concrete structures in habitable buildings: A case study of historic cement concrete surfaces at Chandigarh
J.S. Ghuman & J.P. Tarachand
Investigations into the cause and consequence of incipient anodes in repaired reinforced concrete structures
C. Christodoulou, C.I. Goodier & G.K. Glass

Performance and health monitoring

Experimental in-situ investigation of the shear bearing capacity of pre-stressed hollow core slabs
G. Schacht, G. Bolle & S. Marx
Monitoring chloride concentrations in concrete by means of Ag/AgCl ion-selective electrodes
Y.S. Femenias, U.M. Angst & B. Elsener
Structural health monitoring of the Scherkondetalbrücke: A semi integral concrete railway bridge
S. Marx & M. Wenner
Maintaining and monitoring durable cathodic protection systems applied on 30 concrete bridges with prestressing steel
R.N. ter Maten & A.W.M. van den Hondel
Case studies in the practical application of pulse echo technology
D. Corbett
Corrosion rate measurements in concrete—a closer look at the linear polarization resistance method
U.M. Angst & M. Büchler
Impact of chloride redistribution on the service life of repaired concrete structural elements
A. Rahimi, T. Reschke, A. Westendarp & C. Gehlen
Relationships between defects and inventory data of RC bridges and culverts in the Western Cape, South Africa
T.D. Mbanjwa & P. Moyo
Safety assurance of problematic concrete bridges by automated SHM: Case studies
K. Islami & N. Meng
The Tannery bridge: A case study in structural health monitoring and rehabilitation of structures
L. Tassinari, J. Sordet & M. Viviani
Evaluation of concrete structures durability under risk of carbonation and chloride corrosion
L. Czarnecki & P. Woyciechowski
Using existing inspection data to probabilistically estimate the time-to-rehabilitation for concrete bridges exposed to deicing salts and humidity
F. Alogdianakis, D.C. Charmpis & I. Balafas
Orphan sustainable sensor system for monitoring chlorides or CO2 ingress in reinforced concrete
F. Barberon & P. Gegout

Education, research and specifications

Numerical modeling of basic creep of concrete under different types of load
N. Ranaivomanana, S. Multon, A. Turatsinze & A. Sellier
Distributions of bond stress between plain round bars and low strength concrete under cyclic loadings
H. Araki & C. Hong
Damage evaluation of RC columns subjected to seismic loading by energy dissipation using 3D lattice model
M.R. Simão & T. Miki
Influence of aggregate size and the effect of superplasticizer on compression strength
H. Aljewifi, X.B. Zhang & J. Li
Bond of reinforcing bars in cracked concrete
P. Desnerck, J.M. Lees & C. Morley
Improved formulation for compressive fatigue strength of concrete
E.O.L. Lantsoght, C. van der Veen & A. de Boer
Determination of diffusivities of dissolved gases in saturated cement-based materials
Q.T. Phung, N. Maes, D. Jacques, E. Jacops, A. Grade, G. De Schutter & G. Ye
Comparison of residual strengths of concretes with quarzitic, limestone and slag sand constituents after cyclic high-temperature exposure
S. Anders

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