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    480 Pages
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    Concrete repair continues to be a subject of major interest to engineers and technologists worldwide. The concrete repair budget for the UK alone currently runs at some UKP 220 per annum. Some estimates have indicated that, worldwide, in 2010 the expenditure for maintenance and repair work will represent about 85% of the total expenditure in the construction field. It has been forecast that, in the same year in the USA, 50 billion dollars will be spent just for the restoration of deteriorated bridges and viaducts.

    An understanding of the latest techniques in repair and testing and inspection is thus crucial to the international construction industry. This book, with contributions from 34 countries, brings together the best in research, practical application, strategy and theory relating to concrete repair, testing and inspection, fire damage, composites and electro-chemical repair.

    Electrochemical repair

    Rapid electrokinetic nanoparticle transport in concrete 
    H.E. Cardenas & F. Syed

    Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete swimming pools 
    P. Chess & J. Drewett

    Active protection of FRP wrapped reinforced concrete structures against corrosion 
    S. Gadve, A. Mukherjee & S.N. Malhotra

    Electrochemical desalination of concrete and electrochemical soil remediation – Differences and similarities 
    L.M. Ottosen & M. Castellote

    Chloride transport in masonry (brick and cement mortar) in isolated and combined systems 
    I. Rörig-Dalgaard

    Long term behaviour of box girder sections with residual chloride after the application of ECE 
    U. Schneck

    Fire damage and repair

    Approaches for the assessment and repair of concrete elements exposed to fire 
    E. Annerel & L. Taerwe

    Resistance of cracked concrete to fire and high temperatures 
    A. Badr

    Microscopic analysis of the connection between CFRP laminates and concrete at elevated temperatures  
    T.D. Donchev, S. Abouamer & D. Wertheim

    Mechanical and physicochemical properties of lightweight self-consolidating concrete subjected to elevated temperatures 
    H. Fares, A. Noumowe, H.A. Toutanji & K. Pierce

    Loss of performance induced by carbonation of lime-based fire proofing material 
    K.S. Nguyen, C. Baux, Y. Mélinge & C. Lanos

    Improving fire resistance properties of structural concrete members by adding polypropylene fibres 
    L.A. Qureshi & M. Ilyas Sh.

    General repair

    Repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures of industrial buildings from the beginning of the 20th century 
    P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski & M. Kosior-Kazberuk

    How to clean soot deposits indoors? 
    M. Bouichou, E. Marie-Victoire & D. Brissaud

    Joint sealing on a 50 year old concrete tunnel, Santa Barbara Hydro Plant, Mexico 
    A. Garduno & J. Resendiz

    Effects of admixture type on air-entrained self-consolidating concrete 
    N. Ghafoori & M. Barfield

    Remediation of slump flow loss of fresh self-consolidating concrete induced by hauling time 
    N. Ghafoori & H. Diawara

    Study of new methods for restoration and repair of concrete in dams 
    M.H. Ghoshouni, S.M.A.S. Hejazi & B.S. Ghabel

    Active repairs of concrete structures with materials based on expansive cement 
    A. Halicka

    Protection of a WW2 Concrete defence wall at St. Ouens Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands 
    S. Hold

    Restoration of St. Catherine’s breakwater roundhead, Jersey, Channel Islands 
    S. Hold

    Repairing a sinking bridge over Guadalquivir river 
    C. Jurado

    The underpass in O’Donnell street in Madrid 
    C. Jurado

    New bridge in the high velocity train to the northwest of Spain 
    C. Jurado

    Bond strength of cementitious and polymer modified repair materials 
    M.I. Khan, S.H. Alsayed, T.H. Almusallam, Y.A. Al-Salloum & A.A. Almosa

    Restoration of historic hydrotechnical concrete structures
    M. Kosior-Kazberuk & M. Gawlicki

    Cracking resistance of concrete overlays as predicted from the development of shrinkage stress 
    S.A. Kristiawan, A.M.H. Mahmudah & Sunarmasto

    The importance of every detail: Performance analysis of a concrete pavement 
    A.-T. Mircea

    Basalt fibres: Mechanical properties and applications for concrete structures 
    A. Palmieri, S. Matthys & M. Tierens

    Overview upon restrained shrinkage cracking of RC structures 
    C. Mircea

    Repair and restoration of limestone blocks on Agulhas lighthouse – A world heritage structure 
    S.J. Pinker & D. Kruger

    Bacterial concrete – An ideal concrete for historical structures 
    D.B. Raijiwala, P.S. Hingwe &V.K. Babhor

    Microbial precipitation for repairs of concrete structures 
    D.D. Sarode & A. Mukherjee

    Rejuvenating our aging structures – Cumberland street parking garage rehabilitation 
    P. Sarvinis

    Approach for the safe use of coatings for stopping corrosion in chloride bearing concrete: Experiences from long term surveys with installed electrodes 
    U. Schneck

    Sulphate resistance of cements evaluated according to ASTM C1012 and AFNOR P18-837 standards 
    K.K. Sideris & P. Manita

    Performance of “waterless concrete” 
    H.A. Toutanji & R.N. Grugel

    Repair of the reinforced concrete structure of the “Prokop” railway station in Belgrade 
    D. Vasović, T. Vasović & M. Glišić

    Structural assessment of agricultural buildings 
    E. Rodum, Ø. Vennesland, H. Justnes & H. Stemland
    Long-term investigation of alternative reinforcement materials for concrete 
    H.G. Wheat

    Patch repairs

    Improving the bond cohesion of patch repair material and substrate with nano-fibres 
    P. van Tonder, D. Kruger & J.J. Duvenage

    Long term evaluation of concrete patch repairs 
    J. Pretorius & D. Kruger

    Controlling crack in concrete repair materials by using nanofibres as reinforcement 
    P. van Tonder, D. Kruger & J.H. Strydom

    Repair strategy

    The new VIAP way of monitoring and planning in the Iraqi culture 
    A. Al-Khatib

    Application of the new European concrete repair standards BS EN 1504 parts 1 to 10 to a range of reinforced concrete structures 
    J.P. Broomfield

    The schematic program of bridge inspection and condition assessment 
    P. Chupanit, T. Pinkaew & P. Pheinsusom

    Application of a statistical procedure to evaluate the results from potential mapping on a parking garage 
    J.J.W. Gulikers

    Durability and serviceability problems in the Kuwait National Assembly structure and ongoing investigations and repairs 
    M.N. Haque & M. Al-Busaily

    Mass loss evaluation of a roller-compacted concrete dam: Understanding the problem for planning repair intervention 
    A. Joukoski, K.F. Portella, J.C.A. Galvão, E.L. Alberti, M.A. Soares & P. Tümmler

    Existence of deterioration in concrete balconies 
    J. Lahdensivu, I. Weijo & J. Mattila

    Estimating the economic life span of a reinforced concrete building 
    E.S.S. Lam

    Durability model for concrete and concrete repairs under corrosion 
    G. Nossoni & R.S. Harichandran

    Numerical modeling of cathodic protection in concrete structures 
    R.B. Polder & W.H.A. Peelen

    Contextual repairs – A case study 
    P. Sandeford

    Code for management and Rehabilitation of Coastal Concrete Structures (RCCS): Some case studies 
    M.S.M. Tughar & A.F. Aweda

    COIN – and durability of structures 
    Ø. Vennesland, U. Angst & T.F. Hammer

    Structural repair of defects and deterioration to extend service life 
    J.G.M. Wood

    Repair with composites

    Effect of ECC thickness at soffit of concrete beams before strengthening with CFRP 
    A.M. Anwar, K. Hattori & H. Ogata

    Non-linear finite element modeling of epoxy bonded joints between steel plates and concrete using joint elements 
    L. Hariche & M. Bouhicha

    Experimental and analytical investigation of concrete confined by external pre-stressed strips 
    S. Mohebbi, H. Moghaddam, M. Samadi & K. Pilakoutas

    Effect of elimination of concrete surface preparation on the debonding of FRP laminates 
    D. Mostofinejad & E. Mahmoudabadi

    Structural performance of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with PBO Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Mortars (FRCM) 
    L. Ombres

    An experimental study on the effect of steel fibre reinforced concrete on the behaviour of the exterior beam-column junctions subjected to cyclic loading 
    A. Parghi & C.D. Modhera

    Strengthening and repair of reinforced concrete structures using composite material 
    A. Parghi & C.D. Modhera

    High strength ferrocement laminates for structural repair 
    M.J. Shannag

    Bonding characteristics between FRP and concrete substrates 
    H.A. Toutanji, M. Han & J.A. Gilbert


    The potential of terrestrial laser scanning for detecting the deterioration of building facades 
    F. Al-Neshawy, S. Peltola, J. Piironen, A. Erving, N. Heiska, P. Salo, M. Nuikka, A. Kukko & J. Puttonen

    Monitoring the chloride concentration in the concrete pore solution by means of direct potentiometry 
    U. Angst, C.K. Larsen, Ø. Vennesland & B. Elsener

    The detection of micro-cracks in concrete by the measurement of ultrasonic harmonic generation and inter-modulation 
    P.R. Armitage, L.V. Bekers & M.K. Wadee

    Permeability testing of site concrete: A review of methods and experience 
    R.A. Barnes

    A low frequency electromagnetic probe for detection of corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete 
    J.B. Butcher, M. Lion, C.R. Day, P. W. Haycock, M.J. Hocking & S. Bladon

    Investigation of cracking in foundation bases affected by DEF using underwater ultrasonic probes 
    M.G. Grantham

    A ferromagnetic resonance probe 
    S.L. Sherrat, L.J. North, N.J. Cassidy, P. W. Haycock & S.R. Hoon

    Predicting service life of reinforced concrete structures based on corrosion rate measurements 
    D.W. Law, T.C.K. Molyneaux, F. Blin & K. Wilson

    Rehabilitation planning and corrosion surveys of bridge decks from the soffit: Enhanced opportunities for corrosion assessment under traffic 
    U. Schneck

    Delamination detection of FRP sheet reinforced concrete specimens using a microstrip patch antenna 
    S.K. Woo, Y.C. Song & H.C. Rhim


    Carmelo Majorana, Michael Grantham, Valentina Salomoni