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    Global Climatic Change (GCC) is changing the way we manage and maintain our concrete infrastructure. For the last 15 years CONSEC conferences have strived to bring experts on a common platform to discuss and disseminate international expertise with respect to performance of concrete under severe conditions. These conferences have closely followed the evolution of research in this area and have brought forward critical advances that are now been adopted worldwide. CONSEC’10 paid particular attention to new trends. Not only traditional themes, such as performance under severe environments and loading, concrete construction, codes and design, and maintenance and repairs, are included. Attention is also given to sustainability, high performance specialized materials, new NDT methods, and emerging fields such as structural health monitoring and sensing.

    The contributions in Concrete Under Severe Conditions show a clear accent on developing new technologies to reverse the trend in our decaying concrete infrastructure in both developed and emerging economies. This requirement has to be balanced with our need for sustainability, ecological preservation and environmental protection through the use of recycled materials and industrial by-products. Concrete Under Severe Conditions demonstrates the need for a continued dialogue and active cooperation between both developed and emerging economies to fully understand and deal with extreme environmental and loading issues on concrete infrastructure, and will be of interest to academics, engineers and professionals involved in concrete and concrete infrastructure.

    VOLUME 1

    Keynote lectures

    Durability and safety of concrete structures in the nuclear context
    J.-M. Torrenti & G. Nahas

    Diagnosis of alkali-aggregate reaction—polarizing microscopy and SEM-EDS analysis
    T. Katayama

    Accelerated vs. natural corrosion experimental results for remaining life stage forecasting
    A.A. Torres-Acosta

    Honoree sessions (Invited Papers)

    The impact of tropical urban environment on the durability of RC
    in Iberoamerican countries
    O.M. Trocónis de Rincón, M. Sánchez, V. Millano, R. Fernández, E. Anzola de Partidas,
    I. Martínez, N. Rebolledo, M. Barboza, J.C. Montenegro, R. Vera, A.M. Carvajal,
    R. Mejia de Gutiérrez, J. Maldonado, C. Guerrero, E. Saborio-Leiva, C. Villalobos-Gonzalez,
    J.T. Pérez-Quiroz, A. Torres-Acosta, P. Castro-Borges, E.I. Moreno, T. Pérez-López,
    F. Almeraya-Calderón, W. Martinez-Molina, M. Martínez-Madrid, M. Salta,
    A.P. de Melo, G. Rodríguez, M. Pedrón & M. Derrégibus

    Electrical resistance tomography approach for localizing reinforcing bars in concrete
    K. Karhunen, A. Seppänen, A. Lehikoinen, P.J.M. Monteiro & J.P. Kaipio

    Experimental simulation of surface cracking in concrete structures affected by AAR
    G. Nery, P. Helene, D. Cusson & J.C. Margeson

    Sodium sulfate weathering in the residential concrete foundation
    N. Yoshida, Y. Matsunami, M. Nagayama & E. Sakai

    A required condition of thaumasite formation in marine environments
    T. Nozaki, S. Ogawa, H. Hirao, K. Kono & K. Yamada

    Qualification of repair materials by mechanical and durability properties
    C.C. Ferraro, A.J. Boyd & C.A. Ishee

    Concrete durability and sustainability as influenced by resistance to fluid ingress and selection of cementitious materials
    R.D. Hooton

    Special NDT session

    Nondestructive evaluation of horizontal cracks in RC slabs by impact elastic-wave methods
    T. Kamada, S. Uchida, K. Nakayama, H. Mae & T. Tamakoshi

    Stress evaluation in concrete members using ultrasonic propagation velocity
    Y. Oshima, A. Okamura & H. Kawano

    Evaluation of chloride ion content in concrete structures using near-infrared spectroscopic technique
    T. Yamamoto, M. Kohri & T. Ueda

    Improving performance prediction of corroding concrete bridges with field monitoring
    D. Cusson, Z. Lounis & L. Daigle

    Nondestructive quality evaluation of surface concrete with various curing conditions
    I. Kurashige & M. Hironaga

    Monitoring of macrocell corrosion rate in existing structures
    S. Miyazato

    Electrochemical behavior of steel bar in concrete under tidal environment
    Y. Akira, M. Iwanami, T. Yamaji, Y. Shimazaki & M. Ishinaka

    The use of electrical resistivity as a NDT for the specification of concrete durability
    C. Andrade & R. d’Andrea

    Several factors affecting the anodic polarization curve of steel bars embedded in mortar
    H. Hamada, Y. Sagawa, T. Ikeda & R. Morikawa

    Durability monitoring on RC structures using “Shirasu concrete” in marine environment
    T. Yamaguchi, K. Takewaka & S. Mori

    Detection of reinforcement corrosion with a new non-destructive test method using induction heating
    K. Kobayashi & N. Banthia

    Surface resistivity profiles on marine substructures to assess concrete permeability
    F.J. Presuel-Moreno, A. Suarez, I. Lasa & M. Paredes

    Performance under severe environment

    Deterioration processes

    Risk of stress corrosion cracking of prestressing steels in contact with galvanized components
    J. Mietz, A. Burkert, J. Lehmann & G. Eich

    Chloride ingress in pre-tensioned prestressed concrete beams and the effect of corrosion on their structural behaviour
    B. Cousin & B. Martín-Pérez

    Evaluation of the risk of cracking in thin concrete walls due to hydration heat
    C. Zanotti, A. Meda, G. Plizzari & S. Cangiano

    Frost scaling of blast-furnace slag mortar with sodium monofluorophosphate
    K. Sisomphon, O. Copuroglu & A.L.A. Fraaij

    Improving the frost resistance of short-fiber-mixed shotcrete by hollow microspheres
    F. Taguchi, M. Takahashi, N. Kishi, Y. Kurihashi & H. Mikami

    Strains and stresses in concrete due to saline and non-saline freeze-thaw loads
    V. Penttala

    Experimental investigations concerning combined delayed ettringite formation and alkali-aggregate reaction
    R.-P. Martin, J.-C. Renaud & F. Toutlemonde

    Analysis of AAR preventive methods: Petrographic analysis and accelerated bar method
    C.F.C. Silva, E.C.B. Monteiro & A.D. Gusmão

    A brief description of alkali-aggregate reaction occurrence and prevention in Brazil
    L. Sanchez, S. Kuperman & P. Helene

    The natural pozzolana ‘Rhenish trass’ and its effect on ASR in concrete
    U. Müller, P. Bürgisser, F. Weise & B. Meng

    Chemical changes and carbonation profiles of carbonated cement pastes at 80°C for different relative humidities
    E. Drouet, S. Poyet, P. Le Bescop & J.M. Torrenti

    Influences of carbonation on heavy metal diffusivity in cement hydrates
    K. Kawai, T. Sato & Y. Miyamoto

    Carbonation of mortar with mineral admixtures and relation with physical properties
    J.L. Gallias, K. Dizayee & A. Bessa

    Influence of type of deicing chemical and cement on salt scaling of concrete
    T. Oyamada, S. Hanehara, T. Fujiwara & T. Takahashi

    Deteriorate forms and defective events on concrete surface damaged by de-icing chemical attacks
    Y. Takashina

    Influence of casting direction on chloride-induced rebar corrosion
    U. Angst, C.K. Larsen, Ø. Vennesland & B. Elsener

    Co-effects of initial and exposure environments on chloride penetration
    H. Yokota, W. Xue & W. Jin
    The effect of the corrosive environments over high strength concrete
    C. Magureanu, C. Negrutiu & B. Heghes

    Influence of concrete cracking on the corrosion of steel reinforcement
    V. Jiménez-Quero, P. Montes-García & T.W. Bremner

    Influence of local steel corrosion on shear failure mechanism of RC linear members
    K. Watanabe, J. Niwa & M. Tsunoda

    Effect of corrosion on the tensile properties of steel bars in cracked HPC containing CNI
    H.Z. Lopez-Calvo, T.W. Bremner, M.D.A. Thomas & P. Montes-García

    Corrosion resistance of lightweight concrete made of ternary mixtures
    E.P. Reyes-Díaz, J.G. Osuna-Alarcón, F. Almeraya-Calderón & C. Gaona-Tiburcio

    Reinforced concrete beams deterioration in tropical marine environment: DURACON-Campeche
    H.T. Pérez, M.R. Sosa, L.R. Dzib, J. Reyes, R. Camacho, O. Troconis-Rincón & A. Torres-Acosta

    Remaining shear strength in reinforced concrete beams deteriorated by corrosion
    B. Guevara, C. Juarez, G. Fajardo & P. Castro-Borges

    Experimental evaluation of the structural behaviour of corroded prestressed concrete beams
    Z. Rinaldi, S. Imperatore, C. Valente & L. Pardi

    Deterioration due to combined cyclic actions and reinforcement corrosion of R.C. structures
    L. Giordano, G. Mancini & F. Tondolo

    Failure analysis of reinforced concrete due to pitting corrosion of reinforcing bar
    B.S. Jang, B.H. Oh & S.Y. Jang

    Corrosion initiation state of rebars in concrete subjected to chloride penetration
    G.M. Sadiqul-Islam & T. Sugiyama

    Corrosion propagation in RC structures—state of the art review and way forward
    M.B. Otieno, H.D. Beushausen & M.G. Alexander

    Quantification of water penetration into concrete through cracks to rebars by neutron radiography
    M. Kanematsu, N. Tuchiya, T. Noguchi & I. Maruyama

    Behaviour of a crack submitted to a fluid penetration
    C. Rouby, A. Féraille-Fresnet & A. Ehrlacher

    Use of entrained air concrete exposed to chlorides in non-freeze thaw environments: Effects on plastic concrete properties
    J. Thesen & R. El-Hacha

    Study of CEM I and low pH cement pastes leaching in multi-ionic underground water
    A. Dauzères, P. Le Bescop, P. Sardini & C. Cau Dit Coumes

    Diffusion and adsorption properties of lead in cement hydrates
    K. Kawai, H. Kikuchi & T. Sato

    Influence of specimen type with RILEM CDF and ASTM C 672 on scaling under same temperature
    M. Takahashi & S. Miyazato

    Heat deterioration on fracture properties of concrete
    Y. Kitsutaka & K. Matsuzawa

    Thermal behaviour of concrete with layer of fireproofing materials exposed to fire
    K.S. Nguyen, C. Lanos & Y. Mélinge

    Heat and moisture movement and explosive spalling in concrete under fire environment
    T. Noguchi, M. Kanematsu, J.W. Ko & D.W. Ryu

    Fire resistance of high performance RC column with nylon and polypropylene fiber
    C.G. Han, M.C. Han, R.P. Ferron & D. Han

    Spalling under fire of ultra-high performance fibre concrete: Effect of polymer fibers
    L. Missemer, E. Ouedraogo, Y. Malécot, D. Rogat & C. Clergue

    Properties of fibre reinforced concrete after various degrees of heatloading
    L. Bodnárová, R. Hela & J. Válek

    Meso-scale analysis of mortar deteriorated by acid
    Y. Oiwa, Y. Sato & T. Miura

    Study of concrete alteration in sewer systems by biogenic sulfuric acid
    T. Chaussadent, F. Boinski, J. Herisson & E. van Hullebusch

    Simplified resistance evaluation of cementitious materials to sulfuric acid
    K. Kawai, H. Morita & Y. Matsui

    Service life prediction

    Performance-based approach for durability of concrete containing flash metakaolin as cement replacement
    R. San Nicolas, M. Cyr & G. Escadeillas

    Modelling of reinforcement corrosion—simulation and time dependence
    J. Harnisch, J. Warkus & M. Raupach

    Inclusion of GCC in analytical solutions of service life models for concrete
    J.M. Mendoza-Rangel & P. Castro-Borges

    The time to commencement of reinforcement corrosion in marine environments
    R.E. Melchers

    A probabilistic approach for modelling calcium leaching in concrete structures
    T. de Larrard, F. Benboudjema, J.-B. Colliat, J.-M. Torrenti & F. Deleruyelle

    Prediction method of concrete deterioration by electrochemical inspection
    K. Toda, T. Nishido & K. Uji

    Relationship between electric resistivity and diffusion coefficient of chloride ion in mortar
    H. Minagawa, M. Hisada & A. Ehara


    Durability of light-weight self compacting concrete with expanded clay aggregate
    M. Hubertova & R. Hela

    Freeze-thaw durability of Portland cement and silica fume concretes
    A. Badr

    The influence of intergrinding of cement and fly ash on concrete durability
    B. Czarnecki, W. Johnston & W. Dobslaw

    Surface layer study of concrete containing metakaolin
    K. Kolář, P. Reiterman, T. Klečka, M. Dudíková & P. Huňka

    Durability of high performance concrete in cold climate and exposure to deicing salts
    B. Czarnecki & R.L. Day

    Capillary absorption and concrete durability
    L. Juárez, P. Cano-Barrita, C. Robles, P. Castro-Borges & A.A. Torres-Acosta

    Field performance of structures and materials

    Concrete behaviour in four different atmospheres in Michoacan, Mexico
    W. Martínez Molina, E.M. Alonso Guzmán, F.A. Velasco Avalos, C. Lara Gómez, H.L. Chávez García, A.A. Torres-Acosta & X. Chávez Cárdenas

    Validation and improvement of procedures for performance testing of anti-graffiti agents on concrete surfaces
    K. Malaga & U. Mueller

    New possibilities of cooling towers diagnostics and repairs for increasing a service life
    J. Bydzovsky, A. Dufka & Z. Snirch

    Field experience of UHPFRC durability in an air cooling tower
    F. Toutlemonde, V. Bouteiller, A. Deman, G. Platret, A. Pavoine, B. Duchesne, L. Lauvin, M. Carcasses & M. Lion

    Structural behavior of monitored harbors during several tide and temperature loading cycles
    H. Yáñez-Godoy, F. Lanata & F. Schoefs

    Durability of fly ash concrete in a concrete harbor structure
    V. Årskog & O.E. Gjørv

    Effect of corrosion on time-dependent reliability of steel sheet-pile seawalls in marine environment conditions
    H. Yañez-Godoy, J. Boéro, G. Thillard & F. Schoefs

    Durability of silica fume concrete in Aursundet Bridge
    V. Årskog, O. Sengul & O.E. Gjørv

    The French National Project CEOS.FR: Assessment of cracking risk for special concrete structures under THCM stresses
    A. Sellier, C. La Borderie, J.M. Torrenti & J. Mazars

    Experimental modeling of high thermal gradients in steam injection wells
    R.F. Correia, E.M.R. Fairbairn, R.D. Toledo-Filho & C.R. Miranda

    Monitoring of “Zarzuela Racecourse” structure by means of no-destructive techniques for durability assessment
    A. Castillo, C. Andrade, I. Martínez, N. Rebolledo, L. Fernández Troyano, G. Ayuso, J. Cuervo, J. Junquera & C. Santana

    VOLUME 2

    Performance and application of specialized materials


    Slag cements and frost resistance
    V. Årskog & O.E. Gjørv


    Effect of type of fine aggregate on the resistance of concrete to sulfuric acid attack
    T. Ayano & T. Fujii

    Development of lightweight aggregate concrete with high resistance to water and chloride-ion penetration
    X.M. Liu, K.S. Chia & M.H. Zhang

    Improved durability of concrete due to SAP
    H.W. Reinhardt & A. Assmann

    A study on NOx purification by porous concrete with several kinds of aggregates and void contents
    T.S. Xiang, T. Nakazawa, F. Imai & K. Onoue


    Textile reinforced mortar for shear strengthening of RC beams
    T.H. Almusallam, Y.A. Al-Salloum, S.H. Alsayed & H.M. Elsanadedy


    Impact safety of structural UHPC elements—combined numerical and experimental approach
    M. Noeldgen, E. Fehling, W. Riedel & K. Thoma

    Comparative performances on the resistances of HPC and RPC to penetration of water and Cl−
    K.V. Harish, D.S. Sabitha, J.K. Dattatreya & M. Neelamegam

    Development of low-shrinkage high-performance concrete with improved durability
    D. Cusson & J. Margeson
    Effect of autogenous shrinkage of UHSC on bending behavior of RC column
    I. Maruyama & M. Teshigawara

    Ultrasonic monitoring of shrinkage development of HPC under isothermal conditions
    S. Staquet, C. Boulay, N. Robeyst & N. De Belie

    Sulfuric acid resistance of belite-based cement concrete mixed with GGBFS
    S. Yoshida, F. Taguchi, T. Nawa & H. Watanabe

    Performance of self compacting concrete with different quantities of FA and limestone
    M. Skazlić

    Self-compacting concrete for in loco molding walls system for low cost housing
    R. Alencar & P. Helene

    Fundamental study on self-repairing concrete using a selective heating device
    T. Nishiwaki, H. Mihashi & Y. Okuhara

    Self-healing concrete
    R. Vandine, C. West & M.R. Hansen

    Validation of an accelerated carbonation model for limestone aggregate concrete
    R. Solís-Carcaño & E.I. Moreno


    Crack damage mitigation of shear-dominant RC beams patching—repaired with SHCCs
    W.S. Park, H.D. Yun, S.W. Kim, S.Y. Nam, J.H. Cha & K. Rokugo

    Limiting crack width in RC beams by the use of ultra high toughness cementitious composites
    X.F. Zhang & S.L. Xu

    Thermal properties of aramid-fiber reinforced cement composite
    E. Vejmelková, P. Konvalinka & R. Černý

    Supplementary materials

    Combined use of Class F fly ash and lithium salt for the reduction of alkali-silica reactivity
    N. Ghafoori & M.S. Islam

    Sustainable binder for severe environment: Magnesium-based cementitious material
    F. Qiao, Z. Ding & Z. Li

    Utilisation of slag from steel industry as an aggregate in concrete
    I. Netinger, D. Bjegović & M. Jelčić

    Durability of RC structures using GGBS under the complex deterioration condition
    J. Matsumoto, K. Takewaka, T. Yamaguchi & M. Umeki

    Effect of silica fume and GGBS on shrinkage in the high performance concrete
    F. Ghassemzadeh, M. Shekarchi, S. Sajedi, M. Khanzadeh & S. Sadati

    Comparing chloride diffusion in nine months concrete specimens containing zeolite and silica fume pozzolans
    F. Pargar, M. Shekarchizadeh & M. Valipour


    Mechanical behavior of steel fiber reinforced refractory concretes 1
    R.D. Toledo-Filho, V.G.O. Almeida, E.M.R. Fairbairn & L.F.L. Rosa

    Effect of steel fiber on explosive spalling and permeability of high performance concrete after exposure to high temperature
    G.F. Peng, X.J. Duan, X.C. Yang & T.Y. Hao

    Wood fibres as reinforcement in a low environmental-impact cementitious material
    M.G. Sierra-Beltran & E. Schlangen


    High strength stainless steel 14301 for prestressed concrete structures protection
    M.C. Alonso, M. Sánchez, E. Mazario, F.J. Recio, H. Mahmoud & R. Hingorani

    Corrosion resistant steel reinforcement—laboratory and field testing
    M. Serdar, D. Bjegovic & I. Stipanovic-Oslakovic

    Stainless steel performance in chloride contaminated concrete
    A. Ramírez-Rentería, G. Serrano-Gutiérrez & A. Torres-Acosta

    Effect of the chromite precipitates on the corrosion performance of SSR
    A. Bautista, F. Velasco, S. Guzmán & G. Blanco

    Evaluation of galvanized steel under the action of chloride ions and/or carbonation
    D. Linares & M. Sánchez

    Maintenance and repair

    Conditions assessment

    Reliability of existing bridges under severe seismic and wind loading
    A. Mandić, J. Radić & Z. Šavor

    Diagnosis and rehabilitation of a Mexican Pier
    A. del Valle-Moreno, A. Torres-Acosta, M. Martínez-Madrid, D. Vázquez, R. Hernández, M. Fabela, W. Molina-Martínez & E. Alonso-Guzmán

    Experimental study on the long-term durability after repairing by desalination
    H. Koga, H. Watanabe & Y. Takeuchi

    Repassivation of steel rebars after an electrochemical chlorides removal treatment by simultaneous application of calcium nitrite
    M. Sánchez & M.C. Alonso

    The effect of chloride depletion on the corrosion state of steel in alkaline environment
    T. Eichler, B. Isecke, G. Wilsch, A. Faulhaber & K. Weidauer

    Analysis of sorted powder samples for the assessment of deteriorated concrete
    R. Felicetti

    Moisture transport within building materials
    J. Skramlik & M. Novotny

    RH measurements for assessing moisture conditions in concrete structures
    F. Pruckner & O.E. Gjørv

    Surface treatments

    The effect of using surface penetrate materials (silane type) to control the scaling of wheel-guard concrete on highway bridges
    H. Endoh & F. Taguchi

    Effect of concrete surface hydrophobation against chloride penetration
    G. Liu, O.E. Gjørv & V. Årskog

    Effect of w/c on the behavior of hydrophobic concrete coatings in a tropical environment
    O. Troconis-Rincón, J. Bravo, M. Sánchez, D. Contreras, M. Aboulhosn, C. Morales, V. Millano & Y. Hernández

    Water repellent treatments—the importance of reaching a sufficient penetration depth
    A. Johansson-Selander, J. Trägårdh, J. Silfwerbrand & M. Janz

    Elimination of biological covering on concrete: Tests in situ of different techniques
    M. Bouichou, E. Marie-Victoire, A. François, F. Bousta & G. Orial

    Preventing chloride ingress in concrete with water repellent treatments
    A. Johansson-Selander, J. Trägårdh, J. Silfwerbrand & M. Janz

    Sensing and monitoring

    A fundamental study on non-destructive measurement of chloride concentration in concrete by Prompt Gamma-ray Analysis
    I. Ujike, S. Okazaki, Y. Yamada & H. Matsue

    Wireless measurement of electrochemical potentials of steel reinforcement in concrete structures
    K. Reichling & M. Raupach

    Development of a remote monitoring strategy for building foundations affected by AAR
    G. Nery, P. Helene, D. Cusson & J.C. Margeson

    Application of electrochemical and novel techniques

    Self-corrosion of steel in concrete by electrochemical measurements and X-ray tomography
    J. Goebbels, M. Beck, B. Isecke, A. Burkert & R. Bäßler

    Suppression of ASR due to electrochemical supply of lithium from DFRCC anode system
    T. Ueda, T. Kameda, T. Maeda & A. Nanasawa

    Application of bacteria in repairing the concrete cracks—A review
    R. Narayanasamy, N. Villegas-Flores, F. Betancourt-Silva, J. Betancourt-Hernández & N. Balagurusamy

    Corrosion mitigation

    Inhibiting behavior of nitrites in corrosion of reinforcing steel in micropore solutions
    P. Garcés, E. Zornoza, P. Saura & C. Andrade

    Performance under severe loading


    Behaviour of anchor rods under creep and fatigue tests
    F. Delhomme & G. Debicki

    Cyclic behavior of RC hollow bridge piers with corroded rebars
    D. Cardone, G. Perrone & S. Sofia

    An experimental study regarding static and dynamic behaviors of RC pier models
    T. Okamoto, I. Hirasawa & Y. Ito

    Reduced service life of concrete sleepers due to inadequate design
    K. Giannakos


    Mechanical and physico-chemical characteristics of self-consolidating concrete exposed to elevated temperatures
    H. Fares, S. Rémond, A. Noumowé & A. Cousture

    Remediation of high temperature effects on self-consolidating concrete
    N. Ghafoori & H. Diawara

    Monitoring the explosive spalling process of HSC by means of acoustic emission method
    M. Ozawa, H. Morimoto, S. Uchida & T. Kamada

    Energetic consideration on strength decrease of concrete immersed in liquid
    K. Onoue & H. Matsushita

    On shotcrete mechanical behavior past severe heating
    P. Bamonte, P.G. Gambarova, M. Marazzi & A. Rinaldi

    On the influence of high temperature on the dynamic behaviour of HPFRCC
    E. Cadoni, A. Caverzan & M. di Prisco


    Seismic performance of RC columns with low-environmental impact friction-welding mechanical anchor bars
    T. Matsuka, K. Sakai, M. Suzuki & N. Takahashi

    Connection solutions for precast concrete columns subjected to earthquake loading
    V. Popa, D. Cotofana & R. Pascu


    Flexural response of RC beams subjected to impact loadings
    K. Fujikake, S. Soeun & B. Li

    Fiber Bragg grating arrays for impact damage monitoring in concrete
    V. Sotoudeh, B. Moslehi, R.J. Black, L. Oblea, G. Chen & P.W. Randles

    Experimental validation of an anisotropic delay damage model for impact on reinforced concrete structures
    M. Chambart, F. Gatuingt, R. Desmorat & D. Guilbaud


    Effect of the composition on concrete behaviour under high triaxial loading
    X.H. Vu, Y. Malécot & L. Daudeville

    Mechanical behaviour of very light concrete under severe triaxial loading
    X.H. Vu, Y. Malécot, L. Daudeville & L. Zingg

    Steel-concrete bond-slip influence on behavior of RC structures
    L. Davenne, A. Boulkertous & A. Ibrahimbegovic

    Dynamic model of a clamped elastic rectangular plate for spreadsheet application
    J.M. Rambach


    Life cycle assessment

    Life-cycle maintenance strategies for deteriorating RC buildings
    C.K. Chiu & T. Noguchi

    Use of novel cements and concretes

    Pervious concrete development in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
    M.R. Hansen & C. Phillips

    S-TBL assessment for new concrete materials
    Y. Kato & M. Henry

    Recycled and supplementary materials

    Performance of concretes prepared with blended cements made in Romania
    D. Georgescu, A. Apostu & R. Pascu

    Properties of HPC containing supplementary cementing materials
    E. Vejmelková, P. Konvalinka, R. Černý, M. Ondráček & M. Sedlmajer

    Required usage of supplementary cementitious materials in concrete
    L.J. Malvar

    Silicoaluminate cementitious materials, chemical durability and strength
    O. Burciaga-Diaz, R. Arellano-Aguilar & J.I. Escalante-Garcia

    Low carbon rice husk ash—A sustainable supplementary cementing material
    K.V. Harish & P.R. Rangaraju

    Control of thermal cracking in mass concrete with blast-furnace slag cement
    S. Miyazawa, K. Koibuchi, A. Hiroshima, T. Ohtomo & T. Usui

    Effect of slag on chloride transport and storage properties of HPC
    Z. Pavlík, M. Pavlíková, L. Fiala, H. Benešová, J. Mihulka & R. Černý

    Monitoring the setting of concrete containing high cement substitution by supplementary cementitious materials
    M.I.A. Khokhar, S. Staquet, E. Rozière & A. Loukili

    Development of a prefoam-type air-entraining admixture for fly ash concrete
    M. Kitatsuji, H. Aoyama, K. Saito & T. Endo

    Hydration process of RHA and SF in cement paste by means of isothermal calorimetry
    N. Van Tuan, G. Ye, K. van Breugel, Z. Guo & B.D. Dai

    Effect of silica fume on carbonation of reinforced concrete structures in Persian Gulf region
    S. Sadati, F. Ghassemzadeh & M. Shekarchi

    What controls the durability of geopolymer binders and concretes?
    J.L. Provis & J.S.J. van Deventer

    LWA absorption and desorption: The influence on transport properties
    J. Castro, J. Weiss, R. Henkensiefken, T. Nantung & D.P. Bentz

    Performance of cement paste partially replaced by micronized sand
    Y. Wang, G. Ye & K. van Breugel

    Mechanical strength of hydraulic cement with addition of 2 & 4% of sugar cane bagasse
    R. Romero, M.A. Baltazar, D. Nieves, E. Maldonado, G. Fox, H. Hernández, U.R. Bañuelos & R. Hernández

    Reduction of CO2 emissions by using sugar cane bagasse ash as partial cement replacement
    E.M.R. Fairbairn, T.P. Paula, R.D. Toledo-Filho, G.C. Cordeiro,B.B. Americano & M.M. Silvoso

    Corrosion inhibitors for concrete from cactus extracts
    A. Torres-Acosta

    Effects of recycled coarse aggregate replacement levels on the mechanical properties of RAC
    H.D. Yun

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