1st Edition

Condensed Silica Fume in Concrete

By V.M. Malhotra Copyright 1987

    As the first of its kind, this book presents a balanced view of the effect of condensed silica fume on the physical, chemical, mechanical, and durability aspects with respect to cement paste, mortar, and concrete. It discusses the nature and types of condensed silica fume, physical characteristics, product variation and problems involved in its handling and transportation.

    1. Production and Types of Condensed Silica Fume 2. Physical Characteristics and Product Variation 3. Handling and Transportation 4. Reactions in the Cement-Silica Fume-Water System 5. Portland Cement-Silica Fume Pastes 6. Portland Cement-Silica Fume Mortars 7. Properties of Fresh Concrete 8. Properties of Hardened Concrete 9. Durability Aspects of Condensed Silica Fume Concrete 10. Applications 11. Standards 12. Condensed Silica Fume in Cement: Biological Considerations


    V.M. Malhotra