1st Edition

Condition Monitoring in Thermal Power Stations Case Studies

By Hemant Bari, Jignesh Thaker Copyright 2025
    320 Pages 425 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Condition monitoring (colloquially, CM) is the process of monitoring machinery to identify a significant change which might be indicative of underlying aberration. Condition Monitoring in Thermal Power Station: Case Studies covers 25 case studies of all major areas of thermal power station which have suffered a lot of machinery condition issues. It covers the information about how machine vibrations can be brought down to the acceptable limits via employment of condition monitoring techniques. It includes the detection methodology for condition monitoring deviations of all areas in a plant and suggested remedies.


    • Covers pre-maintenance history to work execution through analysis and having the results with post condition monitoring data
    • Uses actual machine maintenance photos for better understanding and visualization of case studies
    • Provides knowledge of each condition monitoring technique through all case studies
    • Helps reader to replicate the idea of case study diagnosis into plant/machinery of any type of industry
    • Illustrates real problems and real solutions for the practical issues

    This book is aimed at professionals and researchers in plant engineering and maintenance, thermal power plants, and condition monitoring.

    1.     Introduction

    2.     Case Study 1: Coal Mill 2AB: Main Reducer Gearbox Bearing Deterioration – May 2020

    3.     Case Study 2: Booster Fan 01 (FGD): Fan Bearings Looseness – April 2020   

    4.     Case Study 3:Coal Mill 1CD: Gearbox Intermediate Gear Damage – September 2019

    5.     Case Study 4:Coal Mill 1EF: Gearbox Input NDE Bearing Damage – September 2019

    6.     Case Study 5: Coal Mill 2CD: Output Gear Shaft Crack Detection – July 2019

    7.     Case Study 6: Booster Fan 01 (FGD): Fan Blade Crack Detection – May 2019

    8.     Case Study 7: PA Fan 2B: Fan Bearing Deterioration – April 2019

    9.     Case Study 8: Turbogenerator 01: In-situ Balancing – January 2019   

    10.  Case Study 9: SAC Compressor 2B: Motor Bearings Deterioration – July 2018

    11.  Case Study 10: Coal Mill 2AB: Pinion Gear Reversal – February 2018

    12.  Case Study 11: ID Fan 2A: Hydraulic Coupling Bearing Deterioration – October 2017

    13.  Case Study 12: Coal Conveyor 4A (CHP): Gearbox Input Bearing Damage – August 2017

    14.  Case Study 13: Coal Mill 2EF: Gearbox Foundation Deterioration – August 2017

    15.  Case Study 14: CW Pump 02: Motor Bearing Looseness – April 2017

    16.  Case Study 15: Diesel Locomotive 02: Alternator Bearings Deterioration – August 2015

    17.  Case Study 16: Stacker Reclaimer 01 (CHP): Motor Foundation Deterioration – June 2015

    18.  Case Study 17: PA Fan 2B: Motor Foundation Deterioration – November 2014

    19.  Case Study 18: Condensate Extraction Pump 2B: Pump Resonance – August 2014

    20.  Case Study 19: ID Fan Motor Trail (at test bench): Motor Bearing Damage – June 2014

    21.  Case Study 20: HP Pump C (AHP): Motor Rotor Bar Damage – June 2014

    22.  Case Study 21: DC Seal Oil Pump 1A: Motor Foundation Deterioration – July 2013

    23.  Case Study 22: Gas Turbine 01 (BSES Kerala Plant): Misalignment of Generator – October 2012

    24.  Case Study 23: ID Fan 1B: Motor Bearing Looseness – January 2011

    25.  Case Study 24: Boiler Feed Pump 1B: Misalignment of Booster Pump – January 2011

    26.  Case Study 25: Coal Mill 1CD: Main Motor Bearing Damage – June 2008


    Hemant Bari is a Deputy General Manager in the Department of Maintenance Planning - Condition Monitoring Cell at Adani Dahanu Thermal Power Station (ADTPS). Presently, he is associated with data collection and analysis of all Condition Monitoring activities being executed during routine and overhaul period at ADTPS. He has completed the specialization course on Machine Diagnostic and Condition Monitoring from IIT Delhi after completing his BE in Production Engineering from University of Mumbai. He has completed Vibration Analysis Level Three from Mobius Institute, Australia and certified with level 02 for Ultrasound Technology (Structure and Airborne) from USA. He has completed PGDBM in Business Management from Emeritus University, Singapore. He is a level 2 certified NDT expert from ASNT for LPT, MPT, UT, PAUT, and TOFD techniques. In addition, he is certified with Thermography and Oil Analysis level 01 certification. Mr. Hemant is a Board Member of Condition Monitoring Society of India and Life member of Tribology and Acoustical society of India. He has more than 16 years of experience in the field of various Condition Monitoring Techniques such as Vibration analysis, Motor Current analysis and Wear debris analysis. He has published more than 38 papers and presented at various National and International Condition Monitoring forums. In addition, he has conducted more than 65 one/two-day workshops on Basics of Vibration with hands on practice, Oil Analysis, Thermography and Basics of NDT techniques with Power Plant case studies at various Industries, IITs and reputed Engineering Institutes/Universities in India.

    Jignesh Thaker is Deputy Dean Academics and Associate Professor at Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (FEST), Adani University. He has completed his Ph.D. and Post-graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat. He is passionate teacher, innovative thinker, researcher, and expert practitioner in learning and delivering the new technologies for organizational growth and sustainability. He is the technical lead/mentor at Adani Institute Innovation Hub (AIIH) where he is leading the effort to maximize students’ potential, skill, and knowledge to create/build a robust leadership pipeline of young leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees to accomplish the vision and goals in line with its values and culture, and to drive the growth and sustainability of all its existing and new businesses.Dr. Jignesh has over more than 15 years of industrial, research and academic experience in the field of Fluid-Thermal Engineering. He has published more than 30 articles in reputed journals, books and conferences at International and National platforms. He is endorsed PhD supervisor and guiding two doctoral students in the field of Fluid-Thermal Engineering. In addition to that, Dr. Jignesh is associated with Adani Group industries in terms of various consultancy projects, industrial training and internships for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry practitioners.