1st Edition

Confabulations : Storytelling in Architecture

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    Confabulation is a drawing together through storytelling. Fundamental to our perception,

    memory, and thought is the way we join fractured experiences to construct a

    narrative. Confabulations: Storytelling in Architecture weaves together poetic ideas,

    objects, and events and returns you to everyday experiences of life through juxtapositions

    with dreams, fantasies, and hypotheticals. It follows the intellectual and creative

    framework of architectural cosmopoesis developed and practiced by the distinguished

    thinker, architect, and professor Dr. Marco Frascari, who thought deeply about the

    role of storytelling in architecture.

    Bringing together a collection of 24 essays from a diverse and respected group of

    scholars, this book presents the convergence of architecture and storytelling across a

    broad temporal, geographic, and cultural range. Beginning with an introduction framing

    the topic, the book is organized along a continuous thread structured around four

    key areas: architecture of stories, stories of architecture, stories of theory and practice

    of stories. Beautifully illustrated throughout and including a 64-page full colour section,

    Confabulations is an insightful investigation into architectural narratives.

    List of Figures.  About the Contributors.  Foreword Jack Davis  Introduction Paul Emmons and Luc Phinney  Part 1: Architecture of Stories  1. Glass and Clay Elaine Scarry  2. The Fabulous Ox in Fengshui's Fabrication of Site Qi Zhu  3. The "Uncharted Tides" Angeliki Sioli  4. Macaronically Speaking Manuela Antoniu  5. Il Mantecato Franco Pisani  Part 2: Stories of Architecture  6. Buildings Remember David Leatherbarrow  7. Object Talks Izumi Kuroishi  8. Suspended Ceiling Stories Federica Goffi  9. Saul Steinberg's Stories of Dor Andreea Mihalache  10. The Enlightening Radiance of Shadows Hooman Koliji  11. Architecture Sub Rosa Tracey Eve Winton  Part 3: Stories of Theory  12. Language and Architectural Meaning Alberto Pérez-Gómez  13. Walls of Gender Claudio Sgarbi  14. Architecture's Two Bodies Donald Kunze  15. Camillo Sitte's Winged Snail Marcia Feuerstein  16. Strange Tales of Architectural Evolution Matthew Mindrup  17. Dialetti Architecttonici Michaelangelo Sabatino  18. Miming a Manner of Architectural Theory Lisa Landrum and Ted Landrum  Part 4: Practice of Stories  19. Linear Stories in Carlo Scarpa's Architectural Drawings Carolina Dayer  20. In Medias Res Jonathan Foote  21. The Function of Fiction in Fabrication Louise Pelletier  22. The Laughing Girls Marc Neveu  23. Mi Punge Vagezza Rebecca Williamson  24. Confabulatores Nocturni Brian Ambroziak and Andrew McLellan  Bibliography.  Index


    Paul Emmons is a registered architect and professor at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech where he directs the PhD program in Architecture + Design Research.

    Marcia Feuerstein is an architect and associate professor at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech. Her research investigates links between theory, practice, and performance in architecture.

    Carolina Dayer is an architect in her native country Argentina and recently received her PhD degree from Washington Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech. She currently teaches at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. Her research and personal practice focuses on multivalent forms of architectural drawing.