2nd Edition

Conference Interpreting A Student’s Practice Book

By Andrew Gillies Copyright 2024
    320 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Conference Interpreting: A Student’s Practice Book brings together a comprehensive compilation of tried and tested practical exercises which hone the sub-skills that make up successful conference interpreting.

    Unique in its exclusively practical focus, this book serves as a reference for students and teachers seeking to solve specific interpreting-related difficulties. By breaking down the necessary skills and linking these to the most relevant and effective exercises, students can target their areas of weakness and work more efficiently towards greater interpreting competence. This second edition includes a comprehensive update of the text, with new exercises and revised example speeches throughout, as well as three entirely new chapters on Activation, Voice and Early Simultaneous Exercises.

    Split into four Parts, this book includes a detailed introduction offering general principles for effective practice drawn from the author’s own extensive experience as an interpreter and interpreter-trainer. The second ‘language’ section covers language enhancement at this very high level, an area that standard language courses and textbooks are unable to deal with. The last two sections cover the key sub-skills needed to effectively handle the two components of conference interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. 

    This book is not language-specific and, as such, is an essential resource for all interpreting students, regardless of their language combination.


    About this book

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    Part A: Practice

    How to practise

    Practice material




    Part B: Language

    General knowledge

    Improving your passive languages

    Improving your active languages

    Part C: Consecutive interpreting



    Active listening and analysis





    Split attention

    Part D: Simultaneous interpreting

    Early simultaneous exercises

    Split attention

    Time lag/Décalage





    Stress management



    Andrew Gillies is a freelance interpreter working for EU and European institutions in Brussels, Paris and Munich, as well as a number of commercial clients.

    "Andrew Gillies' book offers a fount of useful, practical and fun exercises which students can do, individually or collectively, to develop specific skills. A great book for teachers and students alike to dip into." 

    Roderick Jones, author of Conference Interpreting Explained

    "Andrew Gillies' book offers a much-needed mine of exercises, advice and inspiration for students of conference interpreting – and their trainers. Without over-complicating the skills and dedication needed to acquire professional competence, this book makes it clear that learning is a long-term process and provides a range of both tried and tested and innovative (and even fun) solutions to the issues all trainee interpreters face. The different skills that must be mastered are described and exercises recommended, always with explanations as to why this would work and how. Gillies draws on his own wide experience as a professional and a trainer and has put together a compilation that is sourced widely from the world of conference interpreting, providing students with the means to enhance their training and gain greater understanding of what is really required to succeed in this profession. A treasure trove for all those eager to progress on the path to expertise." 

    Alison Graves, Head of Training at the European Parliament

    "If someone were to ask me what book I would want with me if stranded on a desert island, and if I had to train interpreters, the answer would be easy: Conference Interpreting: A Student’s Practice Book by Andrew Gillies."

    Barry S. Olsen, ‘One Interpreting Practice Book to Train Them All’, InterpretAmerica

    "Conference Interpreting: A Student’s Practice Book is a wide-ranging, diverse compilation of resources that students and trainers of all levels will want to have on their bookshelf and consult as the need arises. […] I consider the book to be a major contribution to interpreter training."
    Michelle Hof, The Interpreter Diaries

    "This is a book which may be used not only by the interpreting student and their trainer (a basic glossary of interpreting terms is included), but also by practising interpreters wanting to improve a certain skill or to add a language. […] As a reference book that you often dip into to top up your skills (think Continuous Professional Development), it comes as both a very convenient and sometimes entertaining and convivial must."

    Emmanuelle Rivière and Rachel Malcom

    , ITI Bulletin

    "Gillies’ Conference Interpreting is once again a must-read book by student interpreters."

    Sovannarith Lim

    , Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (Vol. 37:2)