1st Edition

Conflict And Arms Control An Uncertain Agenda

By Paul Viotti Copyright 1986
    ISBN 9780367158286
    336 Pages
    Published October 19, 2020 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780367008413
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    Published April 18, 2019 by Routledge

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    This book addresses concerns in arms control, including prospects of an expanding military presence in space, problems in maintaining the nuclear non-proliferation regime, the failure to negotiate effective strategic and theater arms control agreements, and the implications of "nuclear winter."

    Part 1: Nuclear Weapons, Deterrence, and Arms Control 1. Nuclear Weapons in Search of a Role: Evolution of Recent American Strategic Nuclear and Arms Control Policy 2. The Reagan Administration: Negotiating Arms Control with the Soviet Union 3. Nuclear Arms Limitation Policy: Building a Consensus 4. Strategic Uncertainty and the Nuclear Winter: Implications for Policy 5. The Enduring Dilemmas of a Divided Europe: Prescriptions, Problems, and Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament in Western Europe 6. The 1985 Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference: Positive Steps or Damage Limitation? Part 2: Managing U.S.-Soviet Conflict Relations 7. The Superpowers and Crisis Prevention: Taking Stock 8. Berlin and Conflict Management with the USSR 9. The U.S.-USSR Standing Consultative Commission: Description and Appraisal 10. Documents on U.S.-Soviet Conflict Relations 11. A Quarter Century of Soviet Compliance Practices Under Arms Control Commitments 1958–1983 12. Soviet Noncompliance with Arms Control Agreements Part 3: Arms Control and Military Programs in Space 13. Permissible Scope of Military Activity in Outer Space 14. Outer Space Treaty, 1967 15. Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, 1972, and Protocol, 1974 Part 4: Alternative Approaches to Arms Control, Disarmament, and Peace 16. Sources of Skepticism About Arms Control 17. Arms Control: What's Wrong with the Traditional Approach? 18. Non-Military National Defence: Analytical and Practical Uses 19. Peace as a Road to Disarmament 20. The Self as a Force for Human Survival 21. Elements of a General Theory of Arms Control

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