1st Edition

Confucian Way

By Li Fu Chen Copyright 1987

    First published in 1987. The teachings of Confucius have sustained the East for over 2,500 years. As set forth in the Four Books, Confucianism stresses morality, love of peace, justice, honesty, virtue, moderation in all things and sincerity as the means of self-fulfilment. Chen arranges into one compact volume the essential principles for human conduct propounded in Confucius's Four Books, and to make them easily accessible to Western readers for the first time.

    Chapter I Introduction; Chapter II The Investigation of Things; Chapter III The Extension of Knowledge; Chapter IV The Sincerity of Thoughts; chapter V The Rectification of Hearts; chapter VI The Cultivation of the Person; chapter VII The Regulation of the Family; chapter VIII The Government of the State; Chapter IX The Pacification of the World; Chapter X Conclusion;


    Li Fu Chen