1st Edition

Confucius and the Modern World

By Lai Chen Copyright 2019
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book represents the cutting edge of theoretical works on Confucianism. Starting from Confucianism’s comeback in modern China and ending with the proposal of the new philosophical concept of “multiple universality” in the face of the world culture, the author conducts an in-depth analysis and discussion of many facets of the relationship between Confucianism, Confucian traditions and the modern world culture.

    It has a focused theme and a strong sense of contemporaneity, and responds to the current challenges confronting Confucianism from the perspective of modern culture. The chapters not only elucidate the Confucian position in the face of challenges of global ethics, dialogues on human rights, and ecological civilization, but also provide a modern interpretation of classical Confucian ideas on education, politics and ritual politics as well as an analysis of the development of modern Confucianism. All in all, this work is a comprehensive exposition of the Confucian values and their modern implications.

    Confucius and Modern China

    Whose Justice and What Ethics?
    —Confucian Ethics and a Global Ethic

    Confuciansim and Power Discourse

    The Confucian Tradition and Public Intellectuals

    Ecological Orientation and Modern Interpretation of the Confucian Doctrine of Benevolence

    Confucian Ritual Study and Modern Society

    The Confucian Views on the Dialogue between Confucius and Jesus
    —Noumenon and Origin

    Confucianism and Modern East Asia

    Confucian Ethics and China’s Modernization

    Modern Chinese Culture and the Predicament of Confucianism

    The Three Themes on Early Chinese Political Philosophy

    On Moral Politics
    —The Idiosyncrasy of Confucian Political Philosophy

    On the Educational Thought of Confucianism

    Towards Real World Culture
    —Multi-element Universalism in the Era of Globalization




    Chen Lai, Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Tsinghua University, is dean of the College of Chinese Ancient Studies at Tsinghua University. His research focuses on Chinese philosophy, especially Confucianism, covering the period from Pre-Qin Dynasty to modern times. His major works include Ancient Religion and Ethics, Pursuing Modern Chinese Philosophy, Study on Wang Yangming’s Philosophy, and  Benevolence Ontology.

    "Confucius and the Modern World is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Confucian thought and the revival of Confucianism in modern times." - Lai Chen, Reading Religion