1st Edition

Conjunctions and Interjections in Modern Standard Arabic

By Abdulkareem Said Ramadan Copyright 2019
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    Conjunctions and Interjections in Modern Standard Arabic is a grammar for Modern Standard Arabic introducing conjunctions and interjections from the most basic to the most advanced, with drills for each grammatical point. Skill in the use of conjunctions and interjections is essential for acquiring proficiency in expressing relationships of causation, order, time sequence and other relationships among events and ideas.

    Each chapter presents the grammar of conjunctions and interjections in clearly organized tables with examples of each use. An additional section presents multiple drills for practice and functional use.

    Aimed as a textbook for students for all four years of university Arabic, and for independent learners.


    1- العطف Conjunction/ Syndetic coordination

    2- الإضافة Addition

    3- التشبيه Simile

    4- التخصيص Specification

    5- الاستدراك Amendment Particle/ Disjunctive

    6- الوجوب واللزوم Necessity

    7- الترتيب Order/ Assorting

    8- الإمكانية Possibility

    9- الاسم الموصولRelative Pronoun

    10- الزمان والاستمراريةTime and continuity

    11- الأدوات والوسائل Tools/ Means

    12- الحال The circumstantial accusative/ Adverb of manner

    13- السبب والتعليل Reason and reasoning

    14- الاستثناء Exception

    15- المقارنة Comparison

    16- التوكيد Emphasis

    17- التخيير Selection /Preference

    18- تكرار النفي Negation Repetition

    19- المفاجأة Surprise/ Suddenness

    20-متفرقات Miscellaneous

    21- أسماء الأفعالInterjections

    22- الإجابات Answer key

    23- Glossary


    Abdulkareem Said Ramadan is Associate Professor of Arabic, Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. He earned his PhD in Arabic and Applied Linguistics at the University of Damascus where he also earned an MA in Arabic Syntax and Morphology and a BA in Arabic Language and Literature. He was the coordinator of the Arabic program at the Arabic Language Center at the University of Damascus, where he taught Arabic as a second language. He has taught at the Middlebury College Arabic School, Washington University in St Louis, and the University of Virginia, where he coordinated the Arabic program.