1st Edition

Connections Activities for Deductive Thinking (Introductory, Grades 2-4)

By Bonnie L. Risby Copyright 2006
    32 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    These imaginative puzzles are the pinnacle of this classic series designed to sharpen deductive reasoning skills and strengthen the ability to sort through information by formulating connections. Created with the classroom teacher in mind, these puzzles are both intriguing and easy to fit into lesson plans for the gifted and talented, as well as many main course curriculums. Designed for teachers frustrated with complicated logic exercises that are beyond the scope of one class period, Connections are formatted for success within 50-minute pullout programs.

    Each puzzle includes an introduction, clues, a grid, and an illustration. Many educators have found Connections the best exercise to introduce deductive reasoning skills while enhancing enthusiasm. Exercises are simple to use and gradually present ever-increasing challenges. The thinking skills introduced dovetail easily into other aspects of the curriculum. Capture students' attention and challenge their intellectual talents with this first-rate series.

    The size of the grids is an indication of difficulty. This book is the most advanced in this series. For easier deductive thinking grids, check out Connections (Introductory), Connections (Beginning), and Connections (Intermediate).

    Grades 6-8

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    Bonnie Lou Risby grew up in the Illinois woodlands atop the limestone bluffs across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. These woods were her playground where she and her siblings camped out, played detective, scout, hunter, etc. and enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors in every season.