1st Edition

Connections in Steel Structures Behaviour, strength and design

Edited By R. Bjorhovde, J. Brozzetti, A. Colson Copyright 1988
    412 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book contains technical papers, presented at the International Workshop on Connections and the Behaviour, Strength and Design of Steel Structures, on topics including local analysis of joints, modeling of load-deflection behaviour, methods of frame analysis, and design requirements and codes.

    1. Introductory Notes Session 1: Local Analysis of Joints 2. Bolted and welded connections in steel structures 3. Strength of connections in bending compared to ultimate behaviour rather than elasto-plastic theory 4. Experimental study of the non-linear behaviour of beam-to-column bolted joints 5. Prediction of moment-rotation behaviour of semi-rigid beam-to-column connections 6. Experimental analysis of end plate connections 7. Bolted end-plate connections in steel structures 8. Strength and behaviour of in-plane weak axis joints and of 3-D joints 9. Analysis of joints between structural hollow sections 10. Strength of welded connections with hollow section bracings and I or H sections as chord 11. Numerical simulation of the behaviour up to collapse of two welded unstiffened one-side flange connections 12. Discussion of Local Analysis Papers Session 2A: Mathematical Models 13. Finite element modelling of connections 14. Three-dimensional physical and mathematical modeling of connections 15. Mathematical model for semi-rigid joints under cyclic loads 16. Moment-rotation relation of top- and seat-angle with double web-angle connections 17. Moment-rotation relation of single/double web-angle connections 18. Modelling of column-base behaviour 19. On the non-linear behavior of joints in steel frames 20. Semi-rigid connections in frames, trusses and grids 21. Flexibility formulae and modelling of joint behaviour in girders made of rectangular hollow sections 22. Discussion of Mathematical Modelling Papers Session 2B: Classification 23. Structural properties of connections in steel frames 24. Semi-rigid connections in isolation and in frames 25. Standardised method for measuring three-dimensional response of semi-rigid joints 26. Discussion of Classification Papers Session 3: Frame Analysis 27. Frame analysis including semi-rigid connections and P-Delta effects 28. Non-linear analysis of plane frame structures with semi-rigid connections 29. Nonlinear inelastic analysis of flexibly-connected steel frames 30. A finite element for the analysis of semi-rigid frames 31. Discussion of Frame Analysis Papers Session 4: Frame Stability and Simplified Methods 32. Column base plate connections 33. Simplified design approach for end-restrained columns in frames 34. Influence of semi-rigid connections on the overall stability of steel frames 35. Influence of semi-rigid and partial strength joints on the behaviour of frames 36. Large scale tests on column subassemblages and frames 37. Simplicity in flexibly-connected frame analysis 38. Simplified design of flexibly-connected building frames 39. Discussion of Papers on Frame Stability and Simplified Methods Session 5: Design Requirements 40. LRFD connection design in the USA 41. Structural steel connections 'in Canada: Current requirements and future trends 42. Practical considerations in the design of frames with PR connections 43. Observations on the seismic behaviour of steel connections after the Mexico earthquakes of 1985 44. Modified Eurocode 3 design recommendations for hollow section lattice girder joints 45. The response of steel structures with semi-rigid connections to seismic actions 46. Discussion of Design Requirements Papers Session 6: Data Base Organisation 47. Needs, concepts and organization: A discussion 48. Data sheet format presentation 49. Classification of connections


    R. Bjorhovde, J. Brozzetti, A. Colson