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Connectivity in Antiquity
Globalization as a Long-Term Historical Process

ISBN 9781845539474
Published November 30, 2010 by Routledge
175 Pages

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Book Description

Today's politicians argue that the more 'connected' societies are the less danger they pose to global stability. But is this a 'new' idea or one as old as history itself? Trade routes as far back as prehistory were responsible for the exchange of ideas as well as goods, leading to the rapid expansion of states and empires. 'Connectivity in Antiquity' brings together a team of influential scholars to examine the process of globalization in antiquity. The essays examine metallurgy, social evolution, economic growth and the impact of religious pilgrimage, and range across the eastern Mediterranean, Syria, the Transjordan, south Yemen, and Egypt. 'Connectivity in Antiquity' will be of value to all those interested in the relationship between antiquity and modern globalisation.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ancient Network Societies? ( A ystein LaBianca and Sandra Arnold Scham )|Section One: The 'Space of Flows' in Antiquity:|1. Grand Narratives, Technological Revolutions and the Past: Deep-Time Studies of Metallurgy and Social Evolution in the Eastern Mediterranean ( Thomas E. Levy, UCSD )|2. Emerging State Connectivity: Dynamic Urban and Economic Growth in Third Millennium BCE West Syrian Societies ( William Collins, UC Berkeley )|3. Trade Pulsations, Collapse and Reorientation in the Ancient World ( William R. Thompson, Indiana University )|Section Two: Cognitive Globalization in History:|4. The Globalizing Effects of Hajj in the Medieval and Modern Eras ( Bethany J. Walker, Oklahoma State University )|5. Connectivity: Transjordan during the Persian Period ( Paul J. Ray, Jr., Andrews University )|6. The Organic Globalization and Socialization of Civilization ( Sheldon Lee Gosline, Sangri-La Press )|Section Three: Antiquity and the Power of Identity:|7. Connectivity in the Longue Duree: Hadramis from South Yemen in an Indian Ocean World ( Leif Manger, University of Bergen )|8. Perceptions of Antiquity and the Formation of Modern Resistance Identities ( Sandra Arnold Scham )|9. Foreign Self and Familiar Other: The Impact of "Global" Connectivity on New|Kingdom Egypt ( Jenny Cashman, Oxford University )|10. Comments and Conclusions ( Manuel Castells, UC Berkeley )

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