1st Edition

Consciousness and the Great Philosophers What would they have said about our mind-body problem?

Edited By Stephen Leach, James Tartaglia Copyright 2017
    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    Consciousness and the Great Philosophers addresses the question of how the great philosophers of the past might have reacted to the contemporary problem of consciousness. Each of the thirty-two chapters within this edited collection focuses on a major philosophical figure from the history of philosophy, from Anscombe to Xuanzang, and imaginatively engages with the problem from their perspective.


    Written by leading experts in the field, this exciting and engaging book explores the relevance of the history of philosophy to contemporary debates and therefore is essential reading for students and scholars studying the history of philosophy, contemporary philosophy of mind and consciousness, or both.


    Plato David Skrbina

    Aristotle Lenn E. Goodman

    Plotinus Suzanne Stern-Gillet

    Vasubandhu / Xuanzang Dan Lusthaus

    Dharmakīrti Mark Siderits

    Avicenna Nader El-Bizri

    Aquinas Edward Feser

    Descartes John Cottingham

    Locke Matthew Stuart

    Spinoza Genevieve Lloyd

    Leibniz Tim Crane

    Berkeley Tom Stoneham

    Hume P.J.E. Kail

    Kant Tobias Schlicht

    Hegel Richard Dien Winfield

    Schelling Sebastian Gardner

    Schopenhauer Robert J. Wicks

    William James Owen Flanagan & Heather Wallace

    Nietzsche Rex Welshon

    Frege Darragh Byrne

    Husserl John J. Drummond

    Russell Philip Goff

    Collingwood Stephen Leach

    Wittgenstein Oskari Kuusela

    Heidegger Denis McManus

    Ryle Julia Tanney

    Sartre Joseph S. Catalano

    Merleau-Ponty Shaun Gallagher

    Quine Alex Orenstein

    Anscombe Rachael Wiseman

    Derrida Simon Glendinning

    Rorty James Tartaglia

    Postscript: The Golden Key




    Stephen Leach is Senior Research Assistant in Philosophy at Keele University, UK. He is the author of The Foundations of History: Collingwood’s Analysis of Historical Explanation (2009).

    James Tartaglia is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Keele University, UK. He is the author of Philosophy in a Meaningless Life (2016).

    "An impressive, wide-ranging, and extremely useful collection of essays on what the Great Philosophers would have had to say about the contemporary problem of consciousness. I found it both helpful and often fascinating."
    Michael Tye, University of Texas at Austin, USA