Consciousness  book cover
1st Edition


Edited By

Frank Jackson

ISBN 9781855219526
Published February 26, 1998 by Routledge
440 Pages

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Book Description

Brings together some of the most important research publications on the philosophical problem of consciousness. It includes a detailed introduction that surveys the leading issues in the current debate.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part 1 Phenomenal Feel, Functionalism, and Representation: The inverted spectrum, Sydney Shoemaker; Goodbye to transposed qualia, Robert Kirk; The subjective qualities of experience, Michael Tye; Self-knowledge and 'inner sense': lecture III: the phenomenal character of experience, Sydney Shoemaker; A representational theory of pains and their phenomenal character, Michael Tye. Part 2 Qualia and Physicalism: The Knowledge Argument: What Mary didn't know, Frank Jackson: A challenge to physicalism, Richard Warner; Could love be like a heatwave, Janet Levin; Jackson on physical information and qualia, Terence Horgan; Reduction, Qualia and the direct introspection of brain states, Paul M. Churchland; Phenomenal knowledge, Earl Conee. Part 3 Qualia and Physicalism: Absent Qualia and Zombies: Absent qualia are impossible - a reply to Block, Sydney Shoemaker; Are absent qualia impossible?, Ned Block; From physical explicability to full-blooded materialism, Robert Kirk; Form, function and feel. What must be added to get consciousness of?, William G. Lycan; Conscious experience, Fred Dretske; Consciousness and concepts I Robert Kirk; Consciousness and concepts II, Peter Carruthers. Part 4 Making Physical Sense of Consciousness: Physicalism, consciousness and the antipathetic fallacy, David Papineau; Lost the plot? Reconstructing Dennett's multiple drafts theory of consciousness, Kathleen Akins; The message is: there is no medium, Daniel Dennett; Should a materialist believe in qualia?, David Lewis. Part 5 Pessimism: Can we solve the mind-body problem?, Colin McGinn.

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Frank Jackson