1st Edition

Conservation and Environmentalism An Encyclopedia

Edited By Robert C. Paehlke Copyright 1995

    Focusing on both problems and solutions, this authoritative reference work maintains a healthy balance between science and the social sciences in its coverage of all aspects of the environment. The book is arranged alphabetically and is divided into three major sections: Ecology, Pollution, and Sustainability. The list of 240 contributors reads like a who's who of the world's leading conservation and environmental professionals.

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    A; Abbey, Edward; Acid Precipitation: Aquatic Impacts; Acid Precipitation: European Experiences; Acid Precipitation: Legislative Initiatives; Acid Precipitation: Terrestrial Impacts; Adams, Ansel; Africa: Environmental Problems; Agenda 21; Agent Orange; Agricultural Land Protection; Agriculture: Environmental Impacts; Agroforestry; Air Pollution Abatement; Air Pollution: Impacts; Air Pollution: Regulation (U.S.); Alachlor Controversy; Alaska: Park, Wilderness, and Resource Issues; Albright, Horace; Algonquin Provincial Park; Alligators; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Alternatives; Aluminum; American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists; Amicus Journal; Amphibians: Conservation and Habitat; Anarchism and the Environment; Ancient Forests; Animal Rights; Anthropocentrism; Appropriate Technology; Aquaculture; Arctic; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Army Corps of Engineers (U.S.); Arsenic; Asbestos; ASEAN Haze; Asian Environmental Thought; Aswan High Dam; Audubon, John James; Audubon Society; Australia: Resource Use Conflicts; Australian Conservation Foundation; Automobiles: Impacts and Policies; B; Bacillus thuringiensis; Backcasting; Bailey, Liberty Hyde; Bald Eagle; Baleen Whales; Bamaka Convention; Bambi; Basal Convention; Bats: Conservation and Habitat; Bears: Conservation and Habitat; Beaufort Sea; Benefit-Cost Analysis; Berger Inquiry; Bhopal; Bicycle Transportation; Bierstadt, Albert; Big Thicket; Bioaccumulation; Biodepletion; Biodiversity; Biodiversity: Farmscapes; Biodiversity: Plants; Bioregion; Biosphere Day; Biosphere Reserves; Birding; Bison: Conservation and Habitat; Black Forest; Bookchin, Murray; Breeder Reactors: Environmental Problems; Brower, David; Brown, Bob; Brown, Lester; Brundtland, Gro Harlem; Buffalo; Bureau of Land Management; Burford, Anne McGill; Burroughs, John; Bush, George; Butterflies: Conservation and Habitat; C; Cadmium; California Condor; Calvert Cliffs; Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; Canadian Environmental Protection Act; Canadian Nature Federation; Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Tax; Caribou; Carmanah Valley; Carolina Parakeet; Carr, Emily; Carrying Capacity; Carson, Rachel; Carter, Jimmy; Case Law; Channelization; Chavis, Benjamin F., Jr.; Chemiepolitik (Germany); Chernobyl; Chesapeake Bay: Pollution and Fisheries; Chimpanzees; Chipko Movement; Chlorine; Cites; Citizens' Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste; Class Actions; Clayoquot Sound; Clean Air Act; Clean Water Act; Clearcut; Clements, Frederick E.; Climate Warming; Climax Theory; Club of Rome; Coal: Environmental Impacts; Coastal Debris and Cleanup; Coastal Marshes, Conservation of; Coastal Zone Management; Cogeneration; Cole, Thomas; Colorado River; Columbia River Basin; Commission of Conservation; Common Law and the Environment; Common Property Resource Management; Commoner, Barry; Community Right-to-Know; Comparative Risk; Composting; Condor; Conservation Biology; Conservation Foundation; Conservation Movement; Conserver Society; Contingent Valuation; Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; Coral Reefs; Corridors (Wildlife); Cost-Benefit Analysis; Costle, Douglas; Cougars: Conservation and Habitat; Council on Environmental Quality; Courts and the Environment; Cousteau, Jacques-Yves; Crocodilians; Cropping Systems: Environmental Implications; D; Daniels, Farrington; Danube River; Darling, Jay Norwood “Ding”; Darwin, Charles; Ddt; Debt-for-Nature Swaps; Decentralization; Deep Ecology: Emergence; Deep Ecology: Meanings; Deep-Well Injection; Defenders of Wildlife; Deforestation; Delaney Clause; Demand-Side Management; Department of Energy (U.S.); Department of the Interior (U.S.); Desertification; Dinosaur National Monument; Dioxins and Furans; Discounting the Future; Dolphins and Porpoises; Donora, Pennsylvania; Douglas, Marjory Stoneman; Douglas, William O.; Drift Nets; Ducks Unlimited; E; Eagle; Earth Day; Earth First!; Earth Summit; Eastern Europe: Environmental Problems; Echo Park Dam; Ecoanarchism; Ecofeminism; Ecological Economics; Ecological Feminism; Ecological Niche; Ecological Reserves; Ecological Restoration; Ecologist; Economic Growth and the Environment; Ecophilosophy and Ecopsychology; Ecosocialism; Eco-Spirituality; Ecosystems; Ecotourism; Ecotoxicology; Edge, Rosalie; Ehrlich, Paul; Elephants: Conservation and Habitat; Elton, Charles; Emerson, Ralph Waldo; Employment and Environmental Protection; Endangered Species Act (U.S.); Energy Crisis; Energy Efficiency; Energy Efficiency in Agriculture; Energy Probe; Environment; Environment Canada; Environment and Development; Environment: European Usage; Environmental Action; Environmental Aesthetics; Environmental Assessment (Canada); Environmental Case Law: Australia; Environmental Case Law (Canada): Common Law Causes of Action; Environmental Case Law: European Community; Environmental Case Law: Great Britain; Environmental Case Law: New Zealand; Environmental Case Law: United States; Environmental Conservation; Environmental Defense Fund; Environmental Diplomacy; Environmental Economics; Environmental Education; Environmental Ethics; Environmental Ethics; Environmental Groups: Western Europe; Environmental History; Environmental Impact Assessment; Environment Impact Assessment (Canada); Environmental Justice Movement; Environmental Mediation; Environmental Movements: Less-Affluent Nations; Environmental Policy Institute; Environmental Protection Agency; Environmental Protection in Wartime; Environmental Refugees; Environmental Tobacco Smoke; Environmentalism; Epa; Epidemiology; Erosion; Eskimo Curlew; European Community: Fifth Environmental Action Programme; Eutrophication; Everglades of South Florida; Evolution; Exotic Species; Extinction; Exxon Valdez; F; Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act; Federalism and Environmental Protection: Canada; Federalism and Environmental Protection: United States; Feral Species; Fernow, Bernhard E.; Fertilizers; Fifra; Fish Farming; Fish Tumors; Fisheries Act (Canada); Fisheries Conservation; Florida Panther; Fluoride; Foe; Food Additives; Food Chains; Forest Fires and Conservation; Forest Fragmentation and Bird Habitats; Forest Regeneration/Reforestation; Forest Service (U.S.); Forestry, History of; Former Soviet Union; Fragmentation; Franklin Dam; Freshwater Wetlands; Friends of the Earth; Frogs; G; Gaia Hypothesis; Garrison Diversion; Gas Chromatograph; Genetic Diversity; Georgescu-Roegen, Nicholas; Giant Panda; Global ReLeaf; Global Warming; GNP and the Environment; Gorillas; Grand Canyon; Grasslands; Great Britain: Environmental Problems; Great Lakes; Great Whale Project in Quebec; Green Economics; Green Parties; Green Parties: Australia; Green Party: Germany; Green Plan (Canada); Green Products; Green Revolution; Greenhouse Effect; Greenpeace; Grinnell, Joseph; Groundwater Pollution; Group of Seven; Gypsy Moths; H; Habitat Fragmentation, Patches, and Corridors; Habitat Loss in North America; Hardin, Garrett; Hawk Shooting; Hayes, Denis; Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility Siting; Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies; Heavy Metals; Herbicides; Hetch Hetchy Dam; Heyerdahl, Thor; Hhw; Hopewell, Virginia (Kepone) Spill; Household Hazardous Wastes; Hudson River School; Hwtf; Hydrocarbons; Hydroelectricity; I; Ibt; Ickes, Harold L.; Ijc; Incineration; Indigenous People and the Environment (New Zealand); Indoor Air Pollution; Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories; Insecticides; Instrumental Value; Integrated Pest Management; Interdisciplinarity; International Joint Commission; International Tropical Timber Organization; International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources; International Whaling Commission; Intrinsic Value; Ionizing Radiation; Irrigation Impacts; Iucn; Izaak Walton League; J; James Bay; Japan; Jeffers, Robinson; Jensen, Jens; Jevons, W. Stanley; Jobs and the Environment; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Johnson, Robert Underwood; K; Kelly, Petra; Kennedy, John F.; Kenyan Green Belt Movement; Kepone Spill; Keystone Species; Krutch, Joseph Wood; L; Labor and the Environment; Lake Baikal; Lake Pedder; Land Ethic; Land-Use Planning; Landfill; Landscape Ecology; Laterization; Law of the Sea; Leaching; Lead; Lead in Soils; League of Conservation Voters; Least-Cost Utility Planning; Legislation: Australia; Legislation: Canada; Legislation: European Community; Legislation: Great Britain; Legislation: United States; Leopold, Aldo; Life-Cycle Analysis; Limits to Growth; Lizards; London Smog; Long Range Transport; Love Canal; Lovins, Amory B.; Lrtap; M; Mackenzie Valley Pipeline; Malthus, Robert Thomas; Man and the Biosphere Program; Manatees; Marine Birds; Marine Mammals; Marsh, George Perkins; Marshall, Bob; Mass Spectrometry; Mather, Stephen; McCloskey, Michael; Mediterranean Sea, Protection of; Mercury; Mexico; Migratory Birds Convention; Mineral King Canyon; Mining and Smelting: Historic Impacts; Mishan, E.J.; Monarch Butterfly Migration; Montreal Protocol; Moran, Thomas; Mother Earth News; Muir, John; Multiple Use Forestry; Mumford, Lewis; Municipal Solid Waste: Incineration; Municipal Solid Waste: Landfill; Muskie, Edmund S.; Mutation; N; Nader, Ralph; Naess, Arne; NAFTA and the Environment; National Audubon Society; National Environmental Policy Act (U.S.); National Forests (U.S.); National Park Service (U.S.); National Parks: Australia; National Parks: Canada; National Parks: United States; National Security, Reconceptualizing; National Wildlife Federation; Natural Resources Defense Council; Nature; Nature Conservancies; Nature Fakers; Nature Study Movement; Nelson, Gaylord A.; Nepa; New Forestry; New Zealand: Anti-Nuclear Foreign Policy; NIMBY Syndrome; No-Till Agriculture; Noise Pollution; Non-Utility Generation; Nonrenewable Resources; Not-in-My-Back-Yard; Nitrous Oxides; Nuclear Electric Power; Nuclear Power; Nuclear Testing; Nuclear Waste; Nuclear Weapons Production; Nuclear Weapons Testing; Nuclear Winter; O; Occupational Health; Occupational Safety and Health Act; Odor Pollution; Odum, Eugene; Office of Technology Assessment; Offshore Drilling; Ogallala Aquifer; Oil Shale; Oil Spills; Old Growth Forests; Oldman River; Olmsted, Frederick Law; Olson, Sigurd F.; One-Child Family (China); Opec; Orangutans; Organic Agriculture; Organochlorines; Osborn, Fairfield; OSHAct and OSHA; Ota; Our Common Future; Ozone Depletion; Ozone Pollution; P; Packaging; Paley Commission; Panda; Paper Mills; Parks and Park Policy; Parrots; Particulates; Passenger Pigeon; PCBs; Peregrine Falcon; Permaculture; Permafrost; Persistent Organochlorine Compounds; Pesticides; Peterson, Roger Tory; Peterson, Russell W.; Phosphates; Pinchot, Gifford; Piping Plover; PIRGs; Pollution; Pollution Prevention; Pollution Probe; Population Control; Porpoises; Postmaterialism; Postmodernism and the Environment; Powell, John Wesley; Predators; Primates: Conservation and Habitats; Prigogine, Ilya; Public Opinion and the Environment (U.S.); Pulp and Paper Mills; R; Race and Environmental Protection; Radiation; Radical Environmentalism; Radioactive Fallout; Radon; Rafferty-Alameda Dams; Rails-to-Trails; Rainforest Action Network; Rainforests; Rangelands (U.S.); Raptors; Reagan, Ronald; Recycling; Redwoods; Reforestation; Regulation; Reilly, William; Religion and Environmental Protection; Reptiles: Conservation and Habitat; Reserve Mining Controversy; Resource Accounting; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; Resource Management; Resource Management Act (New Zealand); Resourcism; Restoration Ecology; Rhine River; Rhinoceros: Conservation and Habitat; Right-to-Know: Community (U.S.); Right-to-Know: Workplace (U.S.); Rio Conference (1992); Risk Analysis; Risk Assessment; Road Salt; Rodale, J.I.; Roethke, Theodore; Ruckelshaus, William D.; Russia; S; Safe Drinking Water Act; Sagebrush Rebellion; Sahabat Alam Malaysia; Saint-Basile-Le-Grand; Schumacher, E.F.; Sea Otters; Sea Turtles; Seabirds; Seals; Sears, Paul; Sedimentation; Seton, Ernest Thompson; Seveso; Shorebirds; Sierra; Sierra Club; Silkwood, Karen G.; Slash-and-Burn Agriculture; Smog; Smoking and the Environment; Snail Darter; Snakes; Snow as Habitat; Snyder, Gary; Social Ecology; Soft Energy Paths; Soil Conservation; Solar Energy; Solar Energy Research Institute; Soviet Union; Spotted Owl; St. Lawrence River; Standard Setting; Stein Valley; Stewardship; Stockholm Conference; Strip Mining of Coal: A History; Strong, Maurice; Subsidence; Superfund; Superinsulated Houses; Supersonic Transport; Sustainability; Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable Development; Sustained Yield Forestry; Synthetic Fuels; T; Tasmanian Wilderness Society; Tellico Dam; Tennessee Valley Authority; Thoreau, Henry David; Three Mile Island; Throwaway Mentality/Society; Tigers: Conservation and Habitat; Tobacco Smoke in the Environment; Tolba, Mostafa K.; Top Predators in Canada: An Overview; Toxic Pollutants, Transport and Fate; Toxic Substances Control Act; Toxic Wastes in International Trade; Toxicology; Trace Analysis; Trade and the Environment; Tradeable Emission Permits; Tragedy of the Commons; Trail Smelter Investigation; Train, Russell; Transmission Lines; Transport and Fate of Pollutants; Treaty of Waitangi (New Zealand); Tritium; Tropical Deforestation; Tropical Rainforests; Turtles; U; Udall, Stewart L.; Unep; Ungulates; Union of Concerned Scientists; United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; United Nations Environment Programme; Uranium Mining: Environmental Impacts; Uranium Mining: Occupational Health; Urban Design; Urban Forestry; Urban Form; V; Values Party (New Zealand); Values Party (New Zealand); W; Water Allocations and Shortages (U.S. West); Water Pollution Abatement Technologies; Waterfowl: Conservation and Habitat; Watt, James G.; Web of Life; Weinberg, Alvin Martin; Western Canada Wilderness Committee; Western Europe: Pollution; Wetlands; Whales; White, Gilbert; Whole Earth Image; Wild Bird Trade; Wilderness; Wilderness Act; Wilderness Society; Wildlands Project; Wildlife Conservation Society; Wildlife Protection: History; Willingness-to-Pay; Wind Energy; Wolf: A Conservation Challenge; Wolverine; Wolves; Women and the Environment; Wood Buffalo National Park; World Bank; World Commission on Environment and Development; World Conservation Union; World Resources Institute; World Wildlife Fund; WorldWatch Institute; Wwf; Xerces Society; Y; Yellowstone National Park; Yosemite National Park; Z; Zahniser, Howard; Zero Population Growth; Zoos: Institutions in Transition


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