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1st Edition

Conservation of Books

Edited By

Abigail Bainbridge

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ISBN 9780367754907
March 23, 2023 Forthcoming by Routledge
712 Pages 139 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Conservation of Books is the highly-anticipated reference work on global book structures and their conservation, offering the first modern, comprehensive overview on this subject.

The volume takes an international approach to its subject. Written by over 70 specialists in conservation and conservation science based in 19 countries, its 26 chapters cover traditional book structures from around the world, the materials from which they are made and how they degrade, and how to preserve and conserve them. It also examines the theoretical underpinnings of conservation: what and how to treat, and the ethical, cultural, and economic implications of treatment. Technical drawings and photographs illustrate the structures and treatments examined throughout the book. Ultimately, readers gain an in-depth understanding of the materiality of books in numerous global contexts and reflect on the practical considerations involved in their analysis and treatment.

Conservation of Books is a quintessential reference work for book conservators and anyone working with books, such as collection managers, librarians, curators, dealers, collectors, historians, and related professionals. It is also an indispensable text for students to complement hands-on training in this field.

Table of Contents

1 Foreword, Abigail Bainbridge; Section 1: Book Structure & History; 2 The Birth of the Codex, Georgios Boudalis, Julia Miller, Minah Song; 3 Eastern Mediterranean Bindings; 3.1 Coptic Bindings, Georgios Boudalis, Francisco H. Trujillo; 3.2 Ethiopic Bindings, Marco di Bella, Nikolas Sarris; 3.3 Islamic Bindings, Kristine Rose-Beers, Karin Scheper, Amélie Couvrat-Desvergnes, Nil Baydar; 3.4 Armenian Bindings, Yasmeen Khan, Tamara Ohanyan; 3.5 Byzantine Bindings, Georgios Boudalis, Nikolas Sarris; 3.6 Syriac Bindings, Karin Scheper, François Vinouard; 3.7 Georgian Bindings, Maria Kalligerou; 3.8 Samaritan Bindings, Julia Poirier; 3.9 Jewish Bindings, Julia Poirier; 4 South-Asian Bindings; 4.1 Indic Bindings, Amélie Couvrat-Desvergnes; 4.2 Tibetan Bindings, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny; 4.3 Kashmiri Bindings, Jasdip Singh Dhillon; 4.4 Sikh Bindings, Jasdip Singh Dhillon; 5 East Asian Bindings; 5.1 Chinese Bindings, Robert Minte, Emma Lau; 5.2 Korean Bindings, Minah Song; 5.3 Japanese Bindings, Kyoko Kusunoki, Mito Matsumaru; 6 Southeast Asian Bindings; 6.1 Upper Mainland Southeast Asian Bindings, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny; 6.2 Indonesian Bindings, Karin Scheper; 7 European Bindings; 7.1 Manuscripts in the pre-printing era, Elodié Lévêque; 7.2 Printed books, Roger S. Williams, Melissa Tedone; 7.3 Stationery bindings, Holly Smith, Katerina Williams, Sonja Schwoll; 7.4 Albums & scrapbooks, Jane Rutherston, Olivia Primanis; 8 North American bindings (present-day Canada and United States), Julia Miller, Consuela Metzger; 9 Latin American Bindings, Martha Elena Romero Ramírez, María Ángela Silvetti; Section 2: Bookbinding Materials and their Degradation; 10 Introduction to Bookbinding Materials and their Degradation, Abigail Bainbridge; 11 Materials and Identification; 11.1 Papyrus, Marieka Kaye; 11.2 Skins, Samuel Johns, Tuuli Kasso; 11.3 Textiles, Joanne Hackett; 11.4 Paper; 11.4.1 Introduction, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny, Abigail Bainbridge; 11.4.2 East Asian handmade paper, Minah Song; 11.4.3 Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian handmade paper, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny, Amélie Couvrat-Desvergnes; 11.4.4 Handmade Papers of Central Asia, Western Asia (Middle East), and North Africa, Fiona McLees; 11.4.5 European handmade paper, Abigail Bainbridge; 11.4.6 Machine-made paper, Kimberly Kwan, Abigail Bainbridge; 11.5 Paper-based boards, Anne Hillam; 11.6 Wood, Roger S. Williams, Tristram Bainbridge; 11.7 Birchbark, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny; 11.8 Palm leaves, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny; 11.9 Metals, Erin Hammeke; 11.10 Adhesives, Bronwen Glover, Mito Matsumaru; 11.11 Manuscript Media, Cheryl Porter; 11.12 East Asian Manuscript and Printing Inks, Minah Song; 11.13 Pre-industrial Western printing inks, c.1450–1850, Elizabeth Savage, Linda Stiber Morenus; 12 The Ten Agents of Deterioration, Caroline Bendix, Tiffany Eng Moore; 13 Polymers and their Degradation, Norman Billingham, Barry Knight, Paul Garside, David Mills; Section 3: Approaches to Conservation; 14 Introduction to Approaches to Conservation, Melissa Tedone; 15 Decision-making, William Bennett, Lauren Moon-Schott; 16 Conservation in Context, Lauren Moon-Schott, Fiona McLees; 17 Previous Treatments, Lauren Moon-Schott; 18 Social, Cultural, and Religious Considerations in Conservation Decision-making, Fletcher Durant, Bethany Goodman; Section 4: Preventive Conservation; 19 Introduction to Preventive Conservation, Fletcher Durant; 20 Boxing, storage, and transportation; 20.1 Boxing of books, Bridget Mitchell, Abigail Bainbridge; 20.2 Storage of books, Bridget Mitchell, Abigail Bainbridge; 20.3 Transportation of books, Lang Ngo; 21 Exhibition, Alexa McNaught-Reynolds; 22 Digitisation, Jessica Pollard, Samantha Cawson; Section 5: Techniques of Conservation; 23 Introduction to Techniques of Conservation, Melissa Tedone; 24 Conservation Documentation, Alberto Campagnolo; 25 Material-based Treatments; 25.1 Papyrus Treatment, Marieka Kaye; 25.2 Parchment treatment, Élodie Lévêque, Cédric Levière; 25.3 Leather treatment, Jennifer Anderson; 25.4 Paper treatment, Abigail Bainbridge, Kimberly Kwan, Tiffany Eng Moore, Kristine Rose-Beers; 25.5 Media treatment, Kristine Rose-Beers; 25.6 Conservation Treatment Concerns for Printing Inks on Paper, Linda Stiber Morenus; 25.7 Board treatment, Roger S. Williams, Tristram Bainbridge; 25.8 Metal treatment, Zora Sanders, Camilla Zanon Paglione; 26 Structural repairs; 26.1 Internal Features and Components; Holly Smith, Liz Ralph; 26.2 Board reattachment and spine repair, Karen Vidler, Abigail Bainbridge, Arthur Green; 26.3 Binding structure, functionality, and integrity, Sonja Schwoll, Andrea Pataki.

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Abigail Bainbridge ACR is a book conservator and Director of Bainbridge Conservation. She has taught extensively on the degree programmes at West Dean College, Camberwell College of Art, and City & Guilds of London Art School. She has an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Abigail is an Icon accreditation assessor and mentor, sits on the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Heritage Science Expert Working Group, and was Treasurer then Chair of the Icon Book & Paper Group for eight years.