1st Edition

Constitutional Law for the Criminal Justice Professional

By Carl J. Franklin Copyright 1999

    Written in a simple, straightforward manner, this book will help today's criminal justice student better understand con law issues as well as the complicated development of constitutional rights and law. In its simple, easy to understand format, this book is a must for both current criminal justice professionals and students studying to enter the profession.
    Constitutional Law for the Criminal Justice Professional covers search and seizure, arrest and civil rights as well as the judiciary, first amendment, due process and the judicial system.
    By an author with more than ten years experience as a police officer, another seven years as an attorney (both prosecuting and defending criminal cases), and more than seven years teaching law, this book is a valuable source of knowledge and understanding. It helps today's criminal justice student and professional be better prepared for tomorrow's needs.

    Introduction to Constitutional Law
    Why is the Constitution So Important?
    A Brief History of the U.S. Constitution
    Article III-The Judiciary
    Organization of the Courts
    Judicial Power
    Judicial Review
    First Amendment-Religion and Expression
    Religion: An Overview
    Freedom of Expression: Speech and Press
    Rights of Assembly and Petition
    Fourth Amendment-Search and Seizure
    History and Application of the Fourth Amendment
    Arrests and Other Detentions
    Searches and Seizures Pursuant to Warrant
    Execution of Warrants
    Warrantless Searches and Exceptions to the Warrant Requirements
    Electronic Surveillance Under the Fourth Amendment
    Enforcing the Fourth Amendment
    Fifth Amendment-Rights of Persons
    Indictment by Grand Jury
    Double Jeopardy
    Self-Incrimination:From Voluntariness Standard to Miranda
    Due Process Under the Fifth Amendment
    Sixth Amendment-Rights of Accused in Criminal Prosecutions
    Speedy Public Trial
    Right to Trial by Impartial Jury
    Right of Notification and Confrontation
    Assistance of Counsel
    Eighth Amendment-Further Guarantees in Criminal Cases
    Excessive Bail
    Cruel and unusual Punishments
    Other Issues Under the Eighth Amendment
    Fourteenth Amendment-Due Process and Equal Protection
    Due Process of Law
    Procedural Due Process
    Appendix A: The Constitution of the United States of America
    Appendix B: Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America
    Case Listings


    Carl J. Franklin