1st Edition

Constitutive Models for Rubber VI

    Recent developments in order to represent the material behaviour of filler-reinforced elastomers under realistic operating conditions are collected in this volume. Special topics are finite element simulations and methods, dynamic material properties, experimental characterization, lifetime prediction, friction, multiphysics and biomechanics, reinforcement, ageing, fracture and fatigue as well as micro- and macromechanical approaches. Constitutive Models for Rubber VI is of interest to research and development engineers in the industry, and to postgraduates and researchers in all disciplines of engineering and materials science.

    Accelerated ageing of polychloroprene for marine applications
    V. Le Saux, Y. Marco, S. Calloch, P.Y. Le Gac & N. Ait Hocine

    Consideration of environmental influences on fatigue tests of elastomer components
    J. Spreckels, U. Weltin, M. Flamm & T. Steinweger

    Fatigue life prediction of aged natural rubber material
    C.S. Woo, W.D. Kim, B.I. Choi, H.S. Park, S.H. Lee & H.C. Cho

    Computational methods FEM implementation - FE-Implementation of the concept of representative directions
    M. Freund & J. Ihlemann

    Numerical prediction of mechanical behavior of single walled carbon nanotube/rubber composites
    S.K. Georgantzinos, G.I. Giannopoulos, N.K. Anifantis & P.A. Kakavas

    Ansys user defined material implementation of van der Waals model
    H.S. Pathak

    Filler-reinforced rubber under transient and cyclic loadings: Constitutive modeling and FEM-implementation for time domain simulations
    M. Rendek & A. Lion

    A computational contact model for nanoscale rubber adhesion
    R.A. Sauer

    Continuum mechanical models
    Permanent and voluminal strain induced by isotropic ductile damage formulation in forming processes of filled-elastomer materials
    R. Figueredo & A. Cherouat

    An approach to the continuum description of the behavior of particulate elastomeric composites
    L.A. Golotina & L.L. Kozhevnikova

    A phenomenological finite strain framework for the simulation of elastic polymer curing
    M. Hossain, G. Possart & P. Steinmann

    Experimental and theoretical investigations of the viscoelastic behaviour of cellular rubber
    N. Koprowski, M. Johlitz & S. Diebels

    A micro-sphere model for rubbery polymers with continuously evolving chain—ODF
    C. Miehe

    Algorithm of constant definition for a visco-elastic rubber model based on cyclic experiments, stress relaxation and creep data
    A.G. Pelevin, B. Lauke, G. Heinrich, A.L. Svistkov & A.A. Adamov

    Structural-phenomenological modelling of softening and recovery of mechanical properties of elastomer nanocomposite
    A.L. Svistkov, A.G. Pelevin, A.A. Adamov, B. Lauke & G. Heinrich

    A phenomenological model for the material behaviour of elastomers due to multi network chains
    C. Ziegler

    Dynamic properties and vibration
    An experimental study of magneto-sensitive natural rubber components applied in a vibration isolation system
    A. Alberdi, N. Gil-Negrete, F.J. Nieto & L. Kari

    Representation of dynamic elastomer behavior with focus on amplitude dependency
    H. Baaser & G. Hohmann

    Viscoelastic properties of filler reinforced elastomers
    M. Klüppel & J. Fritzsche

    Simulation of self-heating of dynamically loaded elastomer components
    V. Mehling & H. Baaser

    Efficient dynamic modeling of rolling tyre tread blocks
    P. Moldenhauer & M. Kröger

    Fitting a viscoplastic time-domain model to equivalent viscoelastic materials data
    A.H. Muhr

    On the modelling of the frequency dependence of the material behaviour of elastomers with emphasis on the coefficient of thermal expansion
    J. Peters, O. von Estorff & M. Achenbach

    Experimental determination of the mechanical properties of naturally aged rubber
    I. Petrikova & B. Marvalová

    Modelling and simulation of dynamically loaded elastomer-mounts under predeformation
    J. Retka & A. Lion

    The visco-elastic behaviour of elastomers at large pre-strains
    N. Suphadon, A.G. Thomas & J.J.C. Busfield

    Experiments and characterisation
    Dynamic characterization of elastomers using impact testing
    P.-E. Austrell & A.K. Olsson

    Dynamic mechanical analysis of prestrained highly-filled elastomers
    A. Azoug, R.M. Pradeilles-Duval, A. Constantinescu & R. Nevière

    Volume change in stretched crystallisable rubbers
    J.-B. Le Cam & E. Toussaint

    Influence of temperature on durability behavior of carbon black filled natural rubber
    P. Charrier, T. Ramade, D. Taveau, Y. Marco & S. Calloch

    Multi-axial viscoelastic deformation of carbon-black filled EPDM rubber
    D.S.A. De Focatiis, F. Abraham & C.P. Buckley

    Mechanical characterization of rubber from one heterogeneous test
    T. Guélon, E. Toussaint & J.-B. Le Cam

    Experimental characterization and parameter identification of inelastic effects in filled rubber materials
    S. Hoffmann, M. André, T. Schmidt & E. Haberstroh

    Flocculation kinetics in the light of jamming physics: New insights into the Payne-effect in filled rubbers
    S. Richter, M. Saphiannikova & G. Heinrich

    Mechanical and structural characterization of rubber under one-, two-and three-dimensional load
    K. Schneider & A. Schöne

    Stress relaxation behaviors of filled rubbers under various deformations
    T. Tada, T. Mabuchi, K. Muraoka, K. Urayama & T. Takigawa

    Fatigue and lifetime
    Beyond Miner’s rule for the fatigue of elastomers: Experiments and modelling
    A. Jardin, J.-B. Leblond & D. Berghezan

    Constitutive and numerical modeling of the fatigue behavior of a filled rubber
    J. Grandcoin, A. Boukamel & S. Lejeunes

    Lifetime prediction of rubber products under simple-shear loads with rotary axes
    R. Klauke, T. Alshuth & J. Ihlemann

    Rubber component fatigue life evaluation based on FE-modelling and material testing
    R. Lillbacka, E. Johnson & M. Bellander

    Fatigue design and test on Chevron rubber springs used in rail vehicles
    R.K. Luo, W.J. Mortel, A.D. Spinks & X.P. Wu

    Towards a new fatigue life characterization based on heat build-up measurements?
    Y. Marco, V. Le Saux, S. Calloch, C. Doudard, P. Charrier & N. Ait Hocine

    Identifying the damaging events in a multiaxial duty cycle
    W.V. Mars

    The effect of pre-stressing on the equi-biaxial fatigue life of EPDM
    N. Murphy, J. Hanley & S. Jerrams

    Extended Wöhler curve to predict fatigue life of elastomeric components
    M. Rabkin & Th. Brüger

    Hyperelasticity with volumetric damage
    E. Verron, G. Chagnon & J.-B. Le Cam

    Modelling friction and abrasion in rubber
    J.J.C. Busfield

    Wet and dry friction of elastomers in advanced simulation compared to experiment
    L. Busse & M. Klüppel

    Compression of rubber disks between frictional surfaces
    A.N. Gent, F.M. Discenzo & J.B. Suh

    The mechanics of sliding friction between a rigid indenter and a rubber surface
    P. Gabriel, Y. Fukahori, A.G. Thomas & J.J.C. Busfield

    Fracture and crack propagation
    Energy release rate of small cracks under finite multiaxial straining
    M. Aït-Bachir, E. Verron & W.V. Mars

    In-situ SEM study of fatigue crack growth mechanism in carbon black-filled natural rubber
    S. Beurrot, B. Huneau & E. Verron

    Applying infrared thermography to determine heat sources at the crack tip of rubber specimens
    J.B. Le Cam, X. Balandraud, M. Grédiac, M.P. Moutrille & T. Pottier

    Structural influence on crack propagation behaviour in elastomeric materials
    T. Horst & G. Heinrich

    Discrete modelling of fracture processes in rubber material
    C. Morgner, M. Kaliske & G. Geißler

    The influence of the test properties on dynamic crack propagation in filled rubbers by simultaneous tensile- and pure-shear-mode testing
    R. Stoček, G. Heinrich & M. Gehde

    Industrial applications
    Appraisal of nonlinear plasticity models for filled rubber using benchmark tests
    H.R. Ahmadi, A.H. Muhr, T. Dalrymple & S. Govindarajan

    Temperature dependence of midsole materials
    K. Brückner, S. Odenwald & J. Heidenfelder

    Anisotropic hyperelastic models in Abaqus
    S.M. Govindarajan & J.A. Hurtado

    Investigation on the optimal specimen design for planar-biaxial materials testing of soft materials
    J. Helfenstein, M. Hollenstein & E. Mazza

    Layout process of pre-stressed rubber suspension bushings
    J. Jagusch & A. Firla

    Effect of plate technology and orientation on flexographic line deformation
    T.V. Korochkina, J.A. Cherry, T.C. Claypole & D.T. Gethin

    Thermo-mechanical finite element analysis of a viscoelastic model
    A. Matsuda, Y. Mizutani & H. Shinkai

    Micro- and macromechanical approaches
    Simulation of phantom elastomeric polymer networks
    V. Galiatsatos

    A micro-continuum-mechanical material model for failure of rubber-like materials
    H. Dal, M. Kaliske & L. Nasdala

    Meso-scopic 3D-finite element analysis of filled elastomer
    K. Akutagawa, S. Hamatani & H. Heguri

    Changes in the orientation state of polymer molecules in the space between filler particles
    L.A. Komar, A.L. Svistkov, G. Heinrich & B. Lauke

    Modelling the effects of various contents of fillers on the relaxation rate of filled rubbers
    L. Laiarinandrasana, A. Jean, D. Jeulin & S. Forest

    A microstructure-based model of the stress-strain behaviour of filled elastomers
    H. Lorenz & M. Klüppel

    A multiscale approach to model the mechanical behaviour of heterogeneous hyperelastic membranes
    L. Meunier, L. Orgéas, G. Chagnon & D. Favier

    Dynamic mechanical properties of strongly stretched polymer chains and networks: Different molecular models
    V. Toshchevikov, G. Heinrich & Yu. Gotlib

    Multiphics and biomechanics
    A direction dependent approach to the modeling of shape memory polymers
    M. Böl & S. Reese

    Modeling of myocardial splitting due to deep penetration
    C. Forsell & T.C. Gasser

    Magnetoelastic anisotropic elastomers in a static magnetic field: Constitutive equations and FEM solutions
    H.S. Tuan & B. Marvalová

    Identification of strain energy function for magneto elastomer from pseudo pure shear test under the variance of magnetic field
    S. Ishikawa, F. Tsumori & H. Kotera

    Experiment and material model for soft tissue materials
    M. Staat, S. Sponagel & N.H. Nguy˜ên

    Quantitative structural analysis of filled rubber by AFM
    I. Morozov, B. Lauke & G. Heinrich

    Role of the interphase on reinforcement of filled rubbers: Influence of temperature,carbon black content and strain
    A. Robisson & B. Chartier

    Non-linear elastic behavior of carbon black filler aggregates in rubber-like elastomers
    R. Dargazany & M. Itskov

    Stress softening
    Temperature dependence of Mullins softening-healing phenomena: An outline for theoretical description based on experiments
    A.F.M.S. Amin & A. Lion

    A micro-mechanical model for the anisotropic Mullins effect in filled rubber-like elastomers
    R. Dargazany, M. Itskov & G. Weinhold

    Experimental observation of induced anisotropy of the Mullins effect in particle-reinforced silicone rubber
    G. Machado, G. Chagnon & D. Favier


    Gert Heinrich, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany. Michael Kaliske, Institute for Structural Analysis, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Alexander Lion, Institute of Mechanics, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Neubiberg, Germany. Stefanie Reese, Institute of Solid Mechanics, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany.