1st Edition

Constructing Capitalism The Reemergence Of Civil Society And Liberal Economy In The Post-communist World

Edited By Kazimierz Z. Poznanski Copyright 1992
    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is an appraisal of the transformation that has taken place in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The book addresses two central issues: how has the state socialist system of party monopoly and central planning dissolved? And how are these societies recreating a communist antithesis - civil society and free markets? The contributors attribute the collapse of state socialism to ideological erosion, combined with economic deterioration resulting from improperly defined property rights.

    Part 1 Regional political economy: mind and body - ideology and economy in the collapse of communism, Leszek Kolakowski; two-tiered Stalinism - self-destruction of the system, Valerie Bunce; political economy of the East European Soviet trade - rethinking the past and searching for the future, Josef C.Brada. Part 2 Reconstruction of markets: property rights perspective on changes in Eastern European and Soviet economies, K.Poznanski; ownership forms and co-ordination mechanisms - reformed socialism and normative implications, Janos Kornai; divestment of state capital in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Jozef van Brabant. Part 3 Dilemmas of democratization - the reconstruction of citizenship - reverse implication in Eastern Europe, George Kolankiewicz; from social idea to real world - clash between new possibilities and old habits, Mira Marody; main paradoxes of the democratic change in Eastern Europe, Jadwiga Staniszkis; epilogue - markets and states in the transformation of East European and Soviet societies, K. Poznanski.


    Kazimierz Z. Poznanski