1st Edition

Consumer Services and Economic Development

By Colin C. Williams Copyright 1997
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Consumer Services have been viewed as parasitic activities, dependent on other sectors of the economy for their viability and vitality. Yet local economic policy is now looking towards consumer services to solve severe economic problems. The rapid expansion of the service sector is now a principal feature of contemporary global economic restructuring.
    Consumer Services and Economic Development evaluates the contributions that consumer services can make to local economic development and revitalisation. A broad range of consumer service industries are examined in turn: tourism, sports, universities, retailing and cultural industries. Detailed local case studies illustrate the role, impact and effectiveness of consumer services in economic regeneration in a number of different contexts: the global city, contrsting urban areas and rural localities.
    With many localities in the advanced economies suffering from severe deindustrialisation and weak producer service growth, this book highlights the need for a fundamental rethink of both the function of services and of economic development theory and practice in general.

    1. Introduction Part I: Motors of Local Economic Development: A Global Perspective 2. Does Manufacturing Matter? Deindustrialization and Tertiarization in the Global Economy 3. Producer Services and Economic Regeneration 4. Consumer Services: A Motor for Local Economic Development? Part II: The Role of Specific Consumer Service Industries in Regenerating British Localities 5. Tourism and Economic Regeneration 6. Sport and the Rejuvenation of Local Economies 7. Universities and Local Economic Development 8. Retailing and Economic Development 9. Cultural Industries and Local Revitalisation Part III: Locality Case Studies 10. Glasgow: A City of Culture? 11. Beyond Steel City: Consumer Services and Economic Development in Sheffield 12. Corporate City: The Role of Consumer Services in the Rejuvenation of Leeds 13. Consumer Services and Rural Regeneration: A Case Study of the Fens 14. London: The Role and Character of Consumer Services in a Global City 15. Conclusion: Rethinking Consumer Services and Local Economic Development


    Colin C. Williams is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Development and Planning at Leeds Metropolitan University.

    'Clearly written and well edited, the volume ought to provide an invaluable source for researcher and students interested in the nature of policy change in this dynamic and rapidly growing area of political life in the EU.' - Neil Ward, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    'Consumer Services and Economic Development represents a welcome and affordable addition to the available texts on service industires and regional and local economic development, and relevant undergraduate reading lists.' - Town Planning Review, Vol 69, No.2, April 98

    'Consumer Services and Economic Development will become an influential book among researchers and practitioners of local economic development...It is well written and authoriative across a broad range of literature, ideas and case studies..should provide numerous fruitful avenues for reserch in the field of tourism.' - Research, Vol 25, No.3, 1998

    'The book is well written and easy to read, but it is well suited as a textbook for courses which explore aspects of retailing and consumer sources.' - Environment and Planning Review.