Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 5  book cover
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Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 5

ISBN 9780367446116
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
300 Pages

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Book Description

This volume chronicles the proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Toronto, Canada, June 2006. Wettability is of pivotal importance in many and varied arenas, ranging from mundane to micro-and nanofluidics to lithography to biomedical. It should be underscored that in the last years there has been burgeoning interest in replicating the so-called "Lotus Leaf Effect" to create superhydrophobic surfaces. This volume contains a total of 19 papers covering many facets of contact angle, wettability, and adhesion. All manuscripts were rigorously peer-reviewed and revised and edited before inclusion in this book. Concomitantly, this volume represents an archival publication of the highest standard.

This book (5th volume in the series) is divided into three parts: Part 1 - Contact Angle Measurements and Solid Surface Free Energy; Part 2 - Relevance of Wetting in Cleaning and Adhesion; and Part 3 - Superhydrophobic Surfaces. The topics covered include fundamental aspects of contact angle and its measurement, solidification contact angles of micro-droplets, microscopic wettability of wood call walls, dynamic vapor-liquid interfacial tension, surface free energy of polymeric materials, surface cleanliness evaluation from wettability measurements, wettability parameters affecting surface cleanability of stainless steel and textiles, wetting and adhesion in fibrous materials, wettability and adhesion of coatings, adhesion of hydrophobizing agents, modulation of surface properties of polymers, graft efficiency and adhesion, relevance of interfacial free energy in cell adhesion, various approaches to create superhydrophobic surfaces, and adsorption of surfactants on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Contact Angle Measurements and Solid Surface Free Energy 1. Effects of surface structure on the behavior of a heated contact line 2. Apparent solidification contact angles of micro-droplets deposited on solid surfaces 3. Microscopic wettability of softwood tracheid cell walls: Effects of wall sculpturing, sap solutes, and drying 4. The effect of binary fatty acids systems on partitioning, IFT and wettability of calcite surfaces 5. Mechanistic modeling of dynamic vapor-liquid interfacial tension in complex petroleum fluids 6. Influence of ambient humidity on the apparent surface free energy of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) Part 2: Relevance ofWetting in Cleaning and Adhesion 7. Wettability measurements and cleanliness evaluation without substantial cost 8. Wettability parameters controlling the surface cleanability of stainless steel 9. Functional topcoats on coated textiles for improved or self-attained cleanability 10. Wetting and adhesion in fibrous materials: Stochastic modeling and simulation 11. Adhesion of hydrophobizing agents: A comparison of values determined by contact angle and the JKR approaches 12. Wettability aspects and the improvement of adhesion of UV curable powder coatings on polypropylene substrates 13. Modulation of the surface properties of reactive polymers by photo-Fries rearrangement 14. Effect of grafting efficiency on peel strength, contact angle, particle size and viscosity of butyl acrylate–PUD hybrid adhesives for plastic laminates 15. Cell adhesion to polystyrene substrates: Relevance of interfacial free energy Part 3: Superhydrophobic Surfaces 16. Superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces obtained by chemical etching 17. Effect of temperature on superhydrophobic zinc oxide nanotowers 18. Superhydrophobic properties of silver coated copper 19. Surfactants adsorption at hydrophobic and superhydrophobic solid surfaces

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Mittal, Kash L.