Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 6  book cover
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Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 6

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Kash L. Mittal

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ISBN 9789004169326
Published September 30, 2009 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

The topic of wettability (measured in terms of contact angle) is of tremendous interest from both fundamental and applied points of view, Wettability plays an essential role in many industrial processes, so an understanding of factors dictating wettability and how to modulate it is of paramount importance. In the last years there has been an explosive interest in superhydrophobic surfaces (i.e., surfaces with water contact angle of 150° or higher) because of their relevance/importance in many areas ranging from self-cleaning windows to nanofluidics. Also recently there has been heightened activity in the field of electrowetting.
Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion, Volume 6 is divided into four parts: Part 1: Fundamental Aspects; Part 2: Wettability Control/Modification; Part 3: Superhydrophobic Surfaces; and Part 4: Surface Free Energy and Relevance of Wettability in Adhesion. The topics covered include: a guide to the equilibrium contact angles maze: fundamental aspects of wetting of rough and chemically heterogeneous surfaces: work of adhesion for rock-oil-brine systems; Is the world basic?; wettability control/modification using various approaches; superhydrophobic surfaces and ways to impart superhydrophobicity; adsorption on superhydrophobic surfaces; solid surface energy determination; surface modification of different materials; relevance of wettability and adhesion aspects in a variety of reinforced composites. In essence, this volume reflects the cumulative wisdom of many active and renowned researchers and provides a commentary on contemporary research in the fascinating world of contact angles and wettability. This volume and its predecessors (5 volumes), containing bountiful information, will be of much value to anyone interested/involved in controlling wetting phenomena and their applications.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Fundamental Aspects
A Guide to the Equilibrium Contact Angles Maze
A. Marmur
Kinetics of Triple Line Motion during Evaporation
M. E. R. Shanahan and K. Sefiane
What Can We Learn from the Vibration of Drops Deposited on Rough Surfaces? Wetting Transitions Occurring on Rough Surfaces
E. Bormashenko, G. Whyman and R. Pogreb
Length Scale Effects in Wetting of Chemically Heterogeneous Surfaces
N. Anantharaju, M. V. Panchagnula and S. Vedantam
Effects of Water Adsorption on Silicon Oxide Nano-asperity Adhesion in Ambient Conditions
D. B. Asay, A. L. Barnette and S. H. Kim
Work of Wetting Associated with the Spreading of Sessile Drops
C. W. Extrand
Effect of Line Tension on Work of Adhesion for Rock–Oil–Brine Systems
D. Saini and D. N. Rao
Is the World Basic? Lessons from Surface Science
K. L. Mittal and F. M. Etzler
Part 2: Wettability Control/Modification
Reversible Transition from Hydrophobicity to Hydrophilicity of Photon Responsive Surfaces: From Photochromic Molecules to Nanocrystals
A. Athanassiou
Femtosecond Laser-Induced Surface Structures on Platinum and Their Effects on Surface Wettability and Fibroblast Cell Proliferation
E. Fadeeva, S. Schlie, J. Koch, B. N. Chichkov, A. Y. Vorobyev and C. Guo
A Novel Design of Water- and Oil-Repellent Surface Modifier Having Double-Fluoroalkyl Groups
T. Kawase, S. Ohshita, C. Yoshimasu and T. Oida
Toward Superlyophobic Surfaces
W. Ming, B. Leng, R. Hoefnagels, D. Wu, G. de With and Z. Shao
The Porosity and Wettability Properties of Hydrogen Ion Treated Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
H. S. Salapare III, G. Q. Blantocas, V. R. Noguera and H. J. Ramos
Part 3: Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Superhydrophobicity: Localized Parameters and Gradient Surfaces
G. McHale, S. J. Elliott, M. I. Newton and N. J. Shirtcliffe
Design of Superhydrophobic Paper/Cellulose Surfaces via Plasma Enhanced Etching and Deposition
B. Balu, J. S. Kim, V. Breedveld and D. W. Hess
Superhydrophobic Aluminum Surfaces: Preparation Routes, Properties and Artificial Weathering Impact
M. Thieme, C. Blank, A. Pereira de Oliveira, H. Worch, R. Frenzel, S. Höhne, F. Simon, H. G. Pryce Lewis and A. J. White
Aqueous and Non-aqueous Liquids on Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Recent Developments
M. Ferrari
Part 4: Surface Free Energy and Relevance of Wettability in Adhesion
Comparison of Apparent Surface Free Energy of Some Solids Determined by Different Approaches
E. Chibowski and K. Terpilowski
Surface Free Energy of Viscoelastic Thermal Compressed Wood
M. Petriˇc, A. Kutnar, B. Kriˇcej, M. Pavliˇc, F. A. Kamke and M. Šernek
Modification of Sugar Maple Wood Board Surface by Plasma Treatments at Low Pressure
V. Blanchard, B. Riedl, P. Blanchet and P. Evans
The Effect of a Plasma Pre-treatment on the Quality of Flock Coatings on Polymer Substrates
T. Bahners, G. Hoffmann, J. Nagel, E. Schollmeyer and A. Voigt
Adhesion Properties of Wood–Plastic Composite Surfaces: Atomic Force Microscopy as a Complimentary Analysis Tool
G. S. Oporto, D. J. Gardner and D. J. Neivandt
Wettability Behavior and Adhesion Properties of a Nano-epoxy Matrix with Organic Fibers
W. H. Zhong, Y. Fu, S. Jana, A. Salehi-Khojin, A. Zhamu and M. T. Wingert
Enhancing the Fiber–Matrix Adhesion in Woven Jute Fabric Reinforced Polyester Resin-Based Composites
A. A. Kafi and B. L. Fox
Scratch and Hydrophobic Properties of Al Alloy Surface by Combination of Transparent Inorganic and Silane-Based Coatings
A. R. Phani, P. De Marco and S. Santucci

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